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A NOTE ON THE USE OF ROSEWOOD AND EBONY, SERIAL NUMBER LOCATION, THE USE OF BLACK EPOXY ON PRE-AMPS, BODY CONTOURING & BRIDGES. Although Rosewood was initially used for fretless Basses, fretted Rosewood was not introduced as an option to Maple necks until late 1979. At the same time fretless Basses changed from Rosewood to Ebony. Dating (No not that kind) an Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray Bass; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. ... musicman guitar dating? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Page 1 ... ' How to date a Musicman bass?' First you need to get the courage up to go and talk to it... Just kidding. Dang it, I just noticed a few others beat me to the punch line. ... When I got my Stingray, I just emailed EB with my serial number. They got back to me within a few hours with a date. It might have actually been the date it left the ... Dating MusicMan Guitars If the front stingray of the plate contacts the tension of the body near the pivot screws, raise the bridge slightly until it moves global. Ensure the tremolo springs have enough tension so that when tuned to pitch, the bridge man doesn't lift off the body. First introduced in 1976, the StingRay has been revered as one of the most iconic bass guitars in history. The StingRay was the first production four string bass to feature on-board active equalization. The flagship of the Music Man line, today's StingRay is the same as it was some forty years ago featuring a solid roadworthy construction, massive hardened steel bridge, elegant oval pickguard ... Find your instrument. This finder expects serial numbers from guitars and basses manufactured in the San Luis Obispo, CA, USA facility. Unfortunately, this will not return details from Music Man Amps OLP or Sterling by Music Man instruments.Serial numbers will start with an uppercase letter followed by 5-6 numbers. Dating a Schwinn Stingray A Family Legacy Navigation menu. A finite number stamped into the stingray's popularity and continued making instruments individual serial man. We can use to keep as a stingray musicman for music man, bass control pot. Picture of the amplifier dating it serial numbers of musicman or doing something. Number musicman org site is the brain child of a great guy from Australia who's a big Musicman fan numbers shared bass musicman dating and historic knowledge of these instruments on the net - he's also a moderator at the official Musicman forum - the org numbers is the best and possibly only place for serial no info about pre EB Musicman basses ... I purchased a Musicman Stingray Bass back in either the late 70's or 80's can't remember. I was on tour with Tommy James and he used it on his album and wanted the same sound live. I bought it off the bass player who used it on the album.So I don't know the year the serial is on the bridge and it is B010278.

The Last of Us Part II - A sample out of my rewrite for feedback!

2020.09.26 21:46 CrystalBloodWolf The Last of Us Part II - A sample out of my rewrite for feedback!

Chapter 24 - Aquarium Tour
Date: 17th of May 2038
Location: Aquarium, Pier 59, Seattle

Ellie had sat down at one of the couches that had been laid out in the reception area of the aquarium. She's had some time to take in her environment now and she quite enjoeyed the serene atmosphere this place gave off.

With the ocean so close, the paintings on the walls gave her a sense of warmth and safety, like a long buried memory rising up to greet her and give her a hug, after what seemed like an eternity.

She had taken her guitar with her, pulling softly at the strings to fill the void that had settled over this place.

It was a calming melody, allowing her to lose herself for just a moment in this moment of peace and clarity.

After a little while, she heard small taps against the floor, eratic breathing and a tail swinging in the air, coming closer to her.

She opened the eyes she had closed to focus on the music, and looked up on the object that had pulled her out of her trance. And there it stood, innocently enough, the german shepard that belonged to none other than Owen's pregnant girlfriend, just starring back at her.

Ellie: Hi there, little fellow.

She had cought that her name was Allice. Ellie had to admit that it was quite a beautiful dog, looking fascinated with the stranger that had entered her home. The dog had sat down, slightly tilting her head to take in her apearance.

Ellie picked up the guitar from her lap and put it to the side, leaning forward, slowly outstretching her hand towards the shepard's head. She made sure not to startle her and slowly began to pet her.

Ellie: Oh, you like that, don'tcha? do...

It was clear Allice loved every bit of attention Ellie was giving her at that moment. She leaned into it, tongue sticking out of her mouth and a satisfied expression on her face.

Ellie: You're such a good girl, I bet you are.

Ellie had now abandoned her position on the couch and crouched down infront of the shepard to treat it in a better manner.

Now with both hands roaming over the dog's head and upper body, giving everything a good scratch and petting. The dog seemed to love it, and Ellie couldn't shake off that grin on her face that had started to build throughout this process.

She hadn't even noticed that Joel had come back inside and already stood a couple metres away from her.

Joel: Looks like you already made a new friend.

She looked over her shoulder at him, a bit surprised of his sudden apearance, but that smile never left her face.

Ellie: She's such a beautiful dog, isn't she?

Joel: Yeah, she's cute. And trained to kill.

Ellie: Come on, Joel! She's a sweetheart. Arren't you my little girl? Yes, you are!

Joel crossed his arms and stepped closer towards them, sizing the dog up and down a little bit.

Joel: Hmm...guess she's alright.

Ellie: You heard that, Allice? Sounds like ol' papa Joel is a little jealous over there.

Joel just shook his head, a small chuckle escaping him.

Joel: If you wanna put it like that. Just be careful, you never know what they've done with their attack dogs.

Ellie: I'll be fine, Joel. You see anything out there we have to worry about?

Joel: No. Area looks clear, as far as I could tell. Turns out the boy isn't as full of it as I had assumed.

Ellie: He's a good guy. You shouldn't be too hard on him.

Joel: Funny coming from someone who kept bossin' him around on our way here.

Ellie: Well, that's how I made sure he'd be trustworthy. Believe it or not, I'm actually getting better at judging people.

Joel didn't miss the look that had passed over her face. Her expression was somber, he could tell bad memories were giving her trouble. He looked off to the side and let out a breath, now giving the space he was in some attetntion.

Joel: I'd guess it'll be awhile before those three'll get back. What d'ya say, kiddo? Wanna give this place a little explorin'?

She snapped back into reality and put her head down in though.

Ellie: Why not? I mean it's not everyday that we have an aquarium all to ourselves.

Joel: That we ain't. Let's get goin't then.

A small smile had come back on her face and she turned back to face Allice, who had still been looking back and forth between Joel and her.

Ellie: How about you be our guide, girl. Huh, you wanna show Joel and me your home?

She stood up from her kneeling position and gave Allice a couple more strokes before she had stood up. With a couple of barks, the shepard had stood up as well and lead them towards a door, out of the reception.

Ellie: You see that? I think she really understands me.

Joel: Or she's just hungry, looking for her food bowl.

Ellie: Stop being such a downer. She's a smart girl, I can tell.

They started following her out of the room into a connector corridor leading to the first set of exhibition windows, that were sadly empty.

Joel: Oh really? And how exactly you'd reckon that?

Ellie: Just a feeling. And she hasn't attacked any of us yet, so that has to count for something.

Joel: Seems so. Then let's see where she leads us.

Allice had continued to walk forward and only came to a stop infront of a sign above another set of doors. They all looked up at it.

Ellie: "The Ocean Experience", Well that's...vague.

Joel: These things are always like that. Tryin' to catch your interest, so that you'd invest your time in it.

Ellie: Hard to believe that people back then had problems to decide what to do. Back in Boston, we had to constantly come up with things to do, when we weren't busy with school or getting ourselves in trouble, of course.

Joel: How come you've never told me anything about the life you had before we met?

Ellie: Dunno, never found the right moment, I guess. It's not like you're one that's big on sharing what's in the past.

Joel: Fair point. All right, how 'bout this? We take turns. I'll tell you somethin' from my past, and then you'll tell me somethin' about yours?

After a moment of consideration, she nodded her head in agreement.

Ellie: Sounds good. You wanna start, or should I?

Joel: Just ask me somethin' you wanna know. We'll go on from there.

He shoved open both of the doors and allowed them entry, Allice quickly heading infront of him, down the small set of stairs infront of them. The room was filled with the same kind of windows as the corridors before had.
All the windows had a small picture and the name of the sea creature they showcased, on a little billboard infront of each respective one, but the tanks were still left empty.

Ellie: Such a shame. There arren't even any traces left of them.

Joel: The bacteria in the water probably took care of that.

Ellie: Looks like your genius is showing again, old man.

Joel: I have my moments.

They went down the steps and inspected the billboards. All kinds of different fish, crabs and other sea organisms were depicted, in different shapes, sizes and colours.

They took their time to inspect it, even if it wasn't much.

Ellie: So let's see...Ah, I've got one! Back in Boston, you and Tess. Was there ever anything going on between you two, or were you just friends.

Joel: You really ain't pullin' any punches on this one, huh? Um...well, we were partners. We'd been doin' work for quite a while together, so I'd be lyin' if I said that there was nothin' that'd crossed my mind.

Ellie: Uh huh. I mean, I could tell that there was something between you two. Just couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was.

Joel: Trust me, kiddo. Neither could we.
Allice had stopped infront of one of the windows, the bilboard reading "Sea horses"

Ellie: Watcha looking at, girl? No cute little sea horses here, I'm afraid.

Joel: We already got land horses waitin' for us outside, so she can look at those if she wants.

Ellie: You heard that, Allice? I think he's warming up to you.

She had bend forward to give her a couple more caress her behind her ears. Joel just let a "tss" and entered the next room, with a similar display that had been setup, but the windows inside there were fewer, but larger. Ellie and Allice had followed him inside there shortly after.

Ellie: I think it's your turn now.

Joel: always mentioned growing up in that military boarding school. Was it really that bad?

She needed a moment to collect her thoughts on this topic before she was able to answer.

Ellie: Looking back at it, sure it wasn't the best place to be, but also not the worst. I mean, I had trouble getting along with the teachers there and the other kids, plus getting up at the crack of dawn for military drills was a pain in the ass, but other than that, there wasn't much to complain about. I had food to eat and a bed to sleep in. And Riley was there.

Joel: The friend of yours that was there when you got bitt?

Ellie: Yeah, that's her. She was probably the only thing that kept me sane.

Joel: and her, uhm...were you...?

Ellie: Together? Like in a relationship? Nah, never had the chance. At least I got to show her how I felt before she died.

Joel: I'm sorry, Ellie.

Ellie: Don't be. Getting to spend that day with her in that mall...that was one of the happiest moments in my life. I have to be thankful for that. Even if remembering it hurts.

They start to inspect the different windows again, until Joel came across one he recognized.

Joel: Huh, dolphins. Sarah loved those.

Ellie: Really? Why?

Joel: They looked cute and pulled off tricks during shows. Why'd you sound so shocked?

Ellie: Because they are brutal!

Joel: C'mon Ellie...

Ellie: I'm serious, Joel. They might look cute, but on the inside, they're truly diabolic creaturse.

Joel: How the hell'd you figure that?

Ellie: Because I read up on it. In Jackson during our time...apart, I spend a lot of my time in the library, reading all sorts of books. Just trying to keep me busy, you know. And I came across this magazine about sea-life and there were some not-so-nice facts about these fuckers.

Joel: Oh really? Like what?

Ellie: Like the fact, that the males gangrape the females once breeding season comes around.

Joel: What? You sure, it was a science magazine you were readin', and not some fantasy stuff.

Ellie: Do I look like an idiot to you?

Joel: You want my honest answer?

Ellie: Oh, just shut it, old man.

Joel: (chuckles) All right, all right. So go on. How exactly do dolphins "gangrape" their females?

Ellie: Well, according to the mag, groups of males would team up together into so called "Super-Alliances", which tended to be as large as 14 males. Together they would then set out to aggressively "herd" fertile females.

Joel: Aggressive as in...?

Ellie: Um you know, the usual. Chasing'em down, hitting them with their tail, biting, or even slamming into them.

Joel: Sweet Jesus. Never would've thought them capable of that.

Ellie: Looks can fool, Joel. Especially when they're hidden in the dephs of the ocean.

They stepped away from the billboard and kept inspecting the other exhibitions.

Ellie: Anyway, I think it's my turn again. Since I was a little harsh the first time around, I'm gonna go a little easy on you. What was your job before the outbreak hit?

Joel: I was just a simple carpenter, working from contract to contract.

Ellie: And what would you do?

Joel: Y'know, I had to take measurements and calculate the size and amount of the material we'd need, according to the blueprints I was given.

Ellie: That a lot of math.

Joel: I'd also have to cut, shape and smooth out the material, we'd be workin' with. It was a fine job, not the easiest, but a fine one none the lsee.

Ellie: Were you happy with it?

Joel: It wasn't my dream job by any means, but it was enough to get by.

Ellie: You were living together with Sarah back then, right?

Joel: That's right.

Ellie: Okay.

Allice barked and turned towards them, gesturing she wanted to move through the still closed door infront of them.

Joel: Looks like our guide wants to continue our tour.

Ellie: Then let's not keep her waiting.

Ellie went over to the door Allice was motioning towards, and opened it for her, letting the dog pass through. She gestured for Joel to go through as well.

Joel: How very thoughtful of you. Thanks.

Ellie: What was it you said? Age before beauty?

Joel: Would you drop it already? My bones are enough of a reminder. They ain't in need of your help.

Ellie: All right, fine. No more remarks concerning your age.

Joel: Good. Thank you.

Ellie: At least for today.

Joel: (Sigh).

This door had lead them to a new area, being anounced by another sign that had been hung up along the ceiling, with the title being written in shining colours to catch the eye.

Joel: "The Stunning Hunters of the Sea". Wonder what that entails.

Ellie: I hope they actually have some sharks in here. That would be fucking awesome compared to the boring fish-pictures we've seen 'till now.

The corridor was formed in a spiral, slowly leading them up to the second floor, but the floor remained as a smooth surface, not turning into a set of stairs like most would expect. The exhibitions were inbedded into a giant pillar structure on their left, that the walkway was build around.

Like before, they sadly remained empty.

Joel: Is there any chance you read up on some fun facts about sharks, too?

Ellie: Actually, I have. You wanna hear some?

Joel: Hit me with it.

Ellie: Okay, let me think...Did you know there are over 500 different species of sharks?

Joel: That many? Whoa.

Ellie: Yeah, they can also vary dramatically in size and also live in most ocean habitats.

Joel: What's the biggest and smallest shark?

Ellie: If I remember correctly, the smallest shark is the dwarf lantern shark, which is about as big as a human hand.

Joel: Wow. That's...really samll.

Ellie: Yep. And the biggest one was...uhm..oh yeah!. The whale shark! It could grow up to almost 40 feet.

Joel: Jesus! I wouldn't wanna come across that fella.

Ellie: They've also been around for quite a long time. Scientists estimated that they have existed for over 400 million years, even predating the dinosaurs!

Joel: Oh boy. That's definetely somethin' I didn't know.

Ellie: Looks like you're finally not the oldest thing around anymore.

Joel: Didn't we just agree to stop commenting on that?

Ellie: Sorry, couldn't hold back on that opportunity.

When they reached the top, they found themselves on a balcony overlooking the reception area they had been in before. Allice had already run off to the end of the walkway, scratching against a set of double doors leading into another small area of the Aquarium.

On their way over, Joel decided to speak up again, as their eyes roamed over the hung up skeletons of whales and other giant remnants of sea life.

Joel: I think the ball's in my court again to throw you a question.

Ellie: All right. Shoot.

Joel: When I spoke to Marlene in the hospital, I got the notion that she and your mother were close friends. Has she told you anythin' about her, or your parents in general?

Ellie's steps gradually slowed down before coming to a complete halt. She rubbed over one of her arms, turning her head away from Joel, who had stopped to advance towards the doors as well ,at that point, and turned his whole body over to face Ellie.

Ellie: Um...not really, no. To be frank...she hasn't told me anything about them.

Her voice was low and her tone soft. Joel took careful steps towards her and put his hand on her shoulder. She turned her head towards him, a somber expression on her face. Joel gave her a weak smile, giving her shoulder a light squeeze.

Joel: If I go too far, just say the word and we can stop discussin' it. I don't mean to reopen old wounds.

She cleared her throat and recovered from the sudden wave of sadness that had come over her, slowly nodding her head, after reaverting her gaze to the side. She reafirmed eye contact a moment after.

Ellie: It's okay. Just been a while since I even thought about her. She's never been a real part of my life. But I can still feel her missing from it. Isn't that crazy?

Joel: It's more normal than I'd like it to be. When Sarah kept askin' questions about her mother, while she was young...I struggled to find the right answers. Marlene probably didn't speak about her because it must've been just as painful for her.

Ellie: Yeah. Maybe.

A set of barks pulled them out of their moment, their heads snapping to the door still waiting agaist the same double doors she's been scatching against for some time now.

Joel: Looks like someone's gettin impatient.

He gave her shoulder one last squeeze, before retracting his hand and motioning with his head towards Allice. He continued his walk over, Ellie falling in line behind him a split second later.

Joel: We better not keep her waitin' for much longer.

The two of them came up beside her and looked at the entrance sign to the next area. It read "Stingray Bay Café". Joel opened the doors for them, Allice once again rushing through.

Inside, they found a small counter area to their right, where the drinks probably had been served and sold. The room was still filled with a couple tables and a set of chairs, but they'd all been pushed off to the side and neatly stacked up.

They figured it had probably been Owen, who had cleaned up this place. The light was coming in from the giant windows at the end of the room infront of them. The siting areas had been split into two parts, the bigger one being right infront of them, with a lot of now free space to walk around in, and a smaller one, that was reachable through a small set of stairs to their left.

It was on an elevated platfort, enough for about two tables or so. Allice had gone off towards the right side of the room, past the counter, where a set of T-shirts, with all kinds of different ocean motives on them, and other souvenirs had been hung up on.

Joel and Ellie inspected the room on their own leasure, him stepping further inside of it first, his eyes scanning his surroundings. Ellie followed suit and turned her whole body, taking everything in it had to offer. She found that some plushies of various sea creatures had been hung up on the ceiling, dangling around on the thick ropes that had been bound around them, keeping them in a tight hold.

Joel: (Whistle) Not bad. This place surely isn't too shabby.

Ellie: You can say that again.

Joel took the steps to his left and walked onto the elevated platform, walking up towards one of the giant windows. The view was breathtaking, giving them an outlook of the ocean, together with the other piers in the distance, the great Seattle Wheel being one of the elements that made it fantastic.

Joel leant against the wall beside of it and remained in that position, letting the vista leave it's mark on him. Ellie joined his side a moment after, letting her eyes linger on the smoothly moving waves, crashing into the shore closely infront of them.

Ellie: And? Is this everything you hoped for?

Their gazes met, both now wearing warm smiles as they shared this moment of tranquility together.

Joel: Well, I think the jury's still out on that. But you certainly can't deny that view though.

Ellie: Hm, yeah.

They remained like this for the next minute or so, simply bathing in the silence as the world kept breathing around them. It was only until they heard a high pitched squeezing sound from behind them, that they were able to pull their eyes off of the sprawling vista.

They turned around to see that Allice had returned to them, but she had a chew toy in her mouth, that squeeked when pressure was applied onto it. It was in the form of a purple squid.

She put it down infront of them and begged with her eyes for someone of them to throw it. Ellie couldn't rsist that invitation and quickly stepped up to pick it off the ground.

Ellie: You wanna play fetch, girl? All right. Here we...go!

On her last word, she threw the toy out, onto the other side of the room. Allice quickly chased after it, running towards it with high speed, jumping over the small railing, onto the lower floor before them.

Ellie: Oh man! Look at her go!

Joel: Damn. She really seems to like that toy.

When she reached it, Allice picked the squid up into her mouth and hurriedly brough it back over to Ellie, putting it right back infront of her. The woman in question proceeded to pick it up again and threw it over to the other side of the room this time. Allice practically flew off towards it once again.

Ellie: You're so fast. At it girl!

She once again retrieved the toy and made her way back, but this time, she put the squid infront of Joel. He turned towards hie head over to Ellie giving her an amused look, before bending down to pick it up.

Joel: Woho. My turn now, it seems.

Ellie: Give it a good throw. She seems to love it, when you throw them far.

Joel: Here goes nothin'. Fetch!

He swung his arm wide and threw the toy across the room, Allice running after it again. This whole process was repeated a number of times more, with both Ellie and Joel having to keep throwing the toy around the café over and over again. But like all things, they started to grow tired of it after a while, even though the german shepard looked like she could still go on for days, just bringing the toy back to her momentary handlers.

Joel: I don't know 'bout you, but I've had my fair share of this. How 'bout we finish up our tour. Figure there's not much left to this place anyway.

Ellie: Yeah, I was starting to get bored of this too.

She left the purple toy down at the ground and proceeded to walk towards the exit on the other side of the room, past the mentioned souvenirs, where Joel had already positioned himsels moments before.

Ellie: Come on, girl. We can play some more later, all right?

After a second, Allice came strutting over to them, leaving the toy on the ground behind her. They opened the next set of double doors, Joel taking the lead as they stepped over onto the next balcony, the other two stepping in line behind him.

The balcony lead them to a set of stairs back down into a a round side room. It looked like a playing area for kids, with paintings of different animals littered across the walls, playground structures like a small tower and slide half hazardly still set up on both sides of the room.

What appeared to be a little out of place though, were paper targets that had been set up all across the room, sitting on a couple of the structures, others hanging onto thin rope from the ceiling.

It only made sense to them, when they noticed two light pink toy bows, sitting off on the side of the room, leaning against a wall. Above them was a small whiteboard, with the names "Mel" and "Owen" spelled on them, the numbers "9" and "11" standing beside them respectively.

Joel: Looks like he set up this course. Probably as a little game for them.

Ellie: Seems so.

He turend over to her, a playful grin stretched across his face.

Joel: What d'ya say, kiddo? You up for a little challenge?

Ellie: I don't know. I mean, this is their little love cave. We probably shouldn't intrude more than we already have.

He went ahead to put both bows up, giving them a closer look. They looked to be in good condition, and he turned back to Ellie, same smirk still plastered on his lips.

Joel: That is very considerate of you. Even though I can tell it's just an excuse you're usin' to avoid havin' to face me.

Ellie: What? Pff, I'd shoot you to the moon and back if I wanted too. I'm just trying to be a respectful guest.

Joel: Oh don't worry, I don't blame ya for it. I mean, if I were you, I'd be shakin' in my boots too.

Ellie crossed her arms, looking incrediously around the room, seeing that Allice was just wandering around and starring at some of the paintings that were littering the walls around them. After a moment of consideration, she uncrossed her arms, and walked over to Joel.

Ellie: All right, old mna. If you want an ass beating, I'll give it to ya. But how about we raise the stakes by a little. Winner gets to ask the last question to the loser. You in?

He stretched out one of bows over to her, she took it into her hands, seeing that a whole bunch of plastic arrows were attached to the lower base of it, same with Joel's identical one.

Joel: You're on, kiddo. Far as I can tell, there are 15 targets set up. Means first one to eight wins.

Ellie: You better not hold back, Joel. I'm a pretty good shot with this thing.

Joel: Please. I've been doin' this longer, than you've been alive.

Ellie: Oh yeah? Okay, get ready to be destroyed by the bow-master!

They got into position beside each other. Allice had noticed instinctively noticed what they were doing, and got beside Ellie, sitting down beside her, her tail wiggling from side to side on the floor. She shot the dog a smile while she tried to focus on the upcoming competition. She knew Joel was experienced, like he had mentioned, but she had always been a great shot with bows. She hoped that would help her to edge him out.

Joel: All right. I'd say we start on three. You got that, Ellie?

Ellie: Do your worst, old man.

Joel: (Chuckles) Fine. On three then. One. Two. Three!

Their competition was kicked off, Joel imediately sending out an arrow with his call. It hit one of the targets, toppling it over.

Joel: Ha! Got one.

Ellie: Hey! You're playing dirty, Joel!

Joel: Just try to keep up, kiddo.

Ellie shot out her first arrow, it found it's mark as well. She didn't celebrate it though, quickly changing over to the next one and smashing it down to.

Ellie: How do you like that? Got two in a row.

Joel: Now don't get cocky. We're far from done.

They both tried to focus, shooting down more targets as they went on, keeping it close between them. After a while, it was clear that it would be coming down to the last target, which had been placed furthest away, at the top of a plastic tower, at the other end of the room.

When both of them had seven taken down, it was Joel who shot out his arrow first, it fell short and hit the lower end of the tower.

Joel: Shit!

Ellie put all the focus she could muster in that moment into her next shot, pulling back the arrow and putting just the right amount of strain onto it with the string. Releasing it simultaniously with the breath she was holding, it bolted out and flew across the air.

With a satisfying sound, the plastic tip collided with the paper target, knocking it off the tower and securing victory Ellie. A victorious smile graced her features while she held up one of her arms in celebration.

Ellie: And that's that! Bow-fucking-master!

Joel: (Exasperated sigh) Oh well...

She bend down to one knee, put the bow down and grabbed a hold of Allice, softly scratching across her back neck.

Ellie: Did you see that, girl? Papa Joel just got his ass handed to him!

She reacted with a bark, tongue sticking out as she enjoyed the attention that was given to her by Ellie.

Joel: All right all right, you did it. You beat me. Couldn't have you cryin' over a crushin' defeat, now could I?

She turend her attention back over to Joel, looking at him with a playful smile, joy clearly visible in her eyes.

Ellie: Uh uh, don't give me that front. I saw the sweat running down your brow during that last shot. Looks like we got a sore loser on our hands here, Allice.

Joel: (chuckles) Guess you caught me there. Good job, kiddo.

Ellie: (laughs) Thanks, Joel.

She stood up, both still holding eye contact, Joel with his arms crossed, a sense of pride filling him. He only noticed then, how long it had been since the last time he had seen her just having fun and enjoy life for what it was.

Joel: A deal's a deal. You won, you get to ask me what'cha want.

Ellie: Okay, uh...let me think. Hmm...

She thougthfully rubbed her chin as she tried to come up with a good question she had always wondered about. After another moment of thought, she snapped her fingers together and posed her question.

Ellie: Ah! I got one. You ready?

Joel: Shoot.

Ellie: Esther. Is she just a fling, or do you actually like her.

Joel: That's a loaded gun and a half.

Ellie: Joel...

Joel: Uh, well, I...She's certainly an attractive lady and has a good sense of humor. Plus she seems to show genuine interest when we get to talk. So yeah, to get 'round to it, I do very much like her.

Ellie: Oh. Wow.

Joel: What?

He tilted his head to the side, slightly narrowing his eyes while running a hand through his beard.

Ellie: Nothin'. It's just...I guess I never saw you get close to anyone else in that sense. The thought of you finding comfort in someone else so far along your kinda gives me hope.

Joel: You thought I was to remain a lonely old man 'till I eventually kick the bucket?

Ellie: No, no, no! That's not what I meant.

Joel: I know, kiddo. I'm just pulling your leg. But thanks for the kind words.

He gave her a genuine smile, which she promply returned. They stood there for another moment in that comfortable silence between them. Only Allice's steps filled the room, as she headed for the door, leading them back to the main area.

Joel: We should head back. They should be back by now.

Ellie: Guess you're right.

Joel: Okay. C'mon.

Together, the three of them walked through the next set of doors and entered the main area again, but there was still no sight of the others. Ellie was trying to hold down the worry that had started coming up.

They'd said it would take them a couple hours, but it had been at least four by now since they were gone. Before she could voice her concerns to Joel, the front door jolted open, with Owen and Mel rushing in.

Mel: That's her fault, not yours. She made her choice.

He stopped in his tracks and turned around towards her, a number of blueprints clutched in his hand, deep concern inbedded in his features.

Owen: It was me that convinced her she should come back. If anyone is at fault here, it's me. I need to get her out of there Mel. She'd do the same for me.

A look of disbelief formed on Mel's face as she put her hands on her hips stretching out her neck towards her lover.

Mel: Yeah, right. The woman who left us for her stupid, selfish revenge quest would just do everything in her power to save you. Next thing you tell me is, that she rescues a group of scars who are stuck in a burning building.

Owen: Listen Mel, I--

Before he could go on, the other two had aproached them, concern all over Ellie's face while Joel triede to keep his expression neutral.

Ellie: What's going on with you two? Where's Abby?

Owen focused his eyes on her's, his features still displaying discomfort, his eyes tense.

Owen: We, uh, had some trouble while we were at base.

Joel: What kind of trouble?

Owen: You know, the kind you'd expect. Isaac wasn't particularly thrilled with how Abby just got up and vanished. So,

Ellie took a couple steps closer to him, her expression serious and fierce, wanting a straight answer out of Owen.

Ellie: Owen,. What has he done to her?

Before Owen could answer her, Mel did it for him, crossing her arms while she spoke apathetically.

Mel: He locked her up. She's supposed to rot away in there for the coming two days.

Owen: Mel!

Ellie: What the fuck? And you just let that happen? Why didn't you say anything to protect her from him?

Her gaze shifted from one to the other, starring them both down to get some answers, the fire starting to build in her eyes.

Owen: Hey, I tried, okay? But Isaac's not really known for his understanding and kindsness. Plus he seems to be extra on edge from the way he was acting.

Ellie: And what are we supposed to do now? Just wait it out and let her rot away in there? Or worse?!

Joel had stepped up behind her and tried wrapping one of his arms around her.

Joel: Ellie, calm down.

She turned her head towards him, the deep worry clear in her green eyes as she stared into his.

Ellie: Joel! What if they hurt her while she's in there! We gotta get her out!

Joel: We'll figure it out. I promise.

Owen: And I got the tools we'll need to do it.

He waved around the pieces of paper he still held in his hand, a satisfied smile on his face and mischief visible in his eyes. The same couldn't be said about Mel though, who still looked quite upset with the prospect of what her boyfriend was proposing.

Mel: Owen, no! You don't get to risk your life for a stupid mistake she made!

Owen: She needs me, Mel.

Mel: You got a family that needs you! And I swear to god, I'm not bringing this kid up alone, you hear me?

She stood infront of him, the worry and concern buried under her anger now shining through her eyes as he stared back into them.

Owen: I hear you. But I made her dad a promise. I broke it once. I'm not doing it again.

The resolve in his gaze was enough for Mel to notice that there was point in further argueing with him. His mind was made up. Her posture slumped, as she let her head hang low, closing her eyes. After a second, she snapped her head towards the other two in the room, starring both of them donw.

Joel decided to step forward, taking careful steps towards Mel.

Joel: We'll keep him safe and bring him back in one piece. You can trust us.

Her stare was still harsh, hiding the pain that residing beneath. Her gaze shifted between him and Ellie, but resting inside of his eyes at tje emd.

Mel: If you let anything happen to him...god forbid what I'll do to you.

With that she turned away from them and dtomped off towards the nearby kitchen space.

Mel: Allice! Come here! I need at least one that has my back...

The dog followed her without hesitation, only shortly turning around and sparring a fleeted look for the three, before heading after her master.

Owen let out a deep sigh after Mel had slammed the door shut behind Allice. A nerrvous hand ran through her hair.

Owen: Please excuse her. The pregnancy has really taken a toll on her mood. And, um...It's been a while since she and Abby really got along.

Joel: It's all right. This ain't the first time I was under the scrutiny of a concerned wife.

Owen: We're not married.

Joel: She sure acts like it.

Ellie raised her voice to while crossing her arms, fixing her intense gaze onto Owen.

Ellie: So what's the plan?

He pointed his papers towards the desk in the middle of the room, motioning for them to move there and speak through what he had in mind.
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2020.09.18 06:53 Elyagodoodle My thoughts on Call of Pripyat (sort of a review but not)

TLDR at bottom in the form of a conclusion of this review and overall review of the individual games against each other (this post is long, its broken up to disguise the fact that it's long, but it's a damn long post).
I recently replayed Call of Pripyat for the millionth time, the last of the great stalker trilogy, and *very debatably* the best stalker game (I'm not saying it is, just that its in close competition with the other games because of how good it is). But where to start with a review of CoP. The best place would be something that all the games are known for, the bugs and instability of the X-ray engine.
Stability and Bugs
Generally the stalker series is known for its jankiness. It's ragdolls and loud object collision (whenever a burer tries to throw a barrel at you, and it collides with a wall repeatedly, it sounds like a fucking train is passing from two feet away) and it's crashing and freezing and buggy missions. However... Call of Pripyat is the least buggy game in the series BY FAR. No more bullshittery with missions not completing or starting, no more random crap stopping your game in its tracks, and no more insane crashing, kinda. Because ironically even though this game had less bugs than the rest, it crashed more for me, now that being said half the crashes occurred from one specific situation where my adjustable zoom would wack out and it would crash the game, so relatively, its more stable, and this is a huge step up, because like bad UI design or bad menu layouts or stuff like that, if they're there, its noticeable, and it detracts from a game in every way, even if it only effects one thing, but if they aren't there, it's less easily noticeable, but you need to focus on it, because in a day and age when companies pump out games after one year and they are bug ridden on day one with horrible game breaking lag, it's good to look at stable games and congratulate them on not fucking it up. But this game has other problems they traded for a stable game, like the difficulty of the game.
Difficulty and overall gameplay - Intro
Another thing stalker is known for doing is having pseudo-realistic difficulties and in the case of clear sky slightly less realistic difficulty where everyone carries a 20 pack of grenades and is also an mlb pitcher. But a perfect balance of difficulty is needed (similar to SHoC's mid game), and after clear sky's disastrous difficulty spikes and grenade aimbots and unfair one shots, I think GSC reeled it in and the result is a... slightly disappointingly easy game for a number of reasons.
Difficulty - Economy and Monetary exploits. - trust me, it needs its own section
In a game with a money or trading system, economy is essential to a game's difficulty being successful, and with the previous games they struck a good balance where the player would receive the big boi gear as they got deeper into the game, and money farming was ineffective in getting enough cash to purchase good gear. Also the good gear was only sold when the player got into better standing with people and better gear was slowly opened to the player as they proved themselves to the traders around them in the late game. But in cop, they royally fucked up, and I don't mean it in a way like it's slightly bad and good gear is unlocked a little to early, NO, to put into perspective, by my 4th hour of playing SHoC, I got an AK, a good pistol, and a stalker suit, pretty standard right? By my 4th hour in this playthrough of CoP, I had an Exo, an FT2000M, and a black kite pistol. WTF, you might be asking? What kinda super drugs are you on, what kinda mods do you got installed, what difficulty are you playing, and to that I answer in order of the questions, just cocaine LSD and some zone brewed "potions", no gameplay mods just absolute textures, and I'm playing on the chad difficulty, master. The secret lies in two ingredients that work together to break the economy, artifacts, and sleeping, with these two properties on your side, you can garner unlimited power and rubles. You see, if you sleep for two weeks, (after sleeping for these two weeks just pop one bread or sausage and you've filled up for the whole week... good game design GSC) and then go to all the anomaly fields in Zaton, you will acquire around 80k rubles worth of artifacts, sell them, repeat, and by the first month of in game time (or as I previously stated around 2-4 hours of irl time), you can order an FT from nimble, an exo from nimble, and a nice pistol or smg for shredding dogs. The reason this works is because emissions cause artifacts to form and by sleeping through a bunch of emissions, the anomalies will have made a treasure trove of artifacts. You couldn't do this in previous games because
A. The anomaly fields were not marked and were not as heavily concentrated as in CoP
B. You couldn't sleep to pass emissions rapidly
C. Damage wasn't as low as it is in CoP, meaning you would get sparked out instantly for one mistake.
By now you've realized the problem, money is worth too much for its relative IRL Time spent - amount acquired ratio, and because AI isn't good at artifact hunting and they'll basically never acquire anything its left all to you. Now some people out there will go, "so what, don't use this strategy if you don't like it, loot corpses for shitty guns like us chads out here" and to that I say, even if I can ignore an op strat, doesn't negate its existence and its effect on the game, when I can acquire top tier loot on my first day of playing IRL, we have a problem. A side effect of this "exploit" is that it renders any form of looting after a firefight completely worthless, because why do inventory management and weight - benefit analysis if you can just spend 10 minutes farming artifacts for a 100x better reward, it also trivializes many missions, why hunt a chimera in the dark if all you get is rubles and cheaper prices, I can just farm a little longer to make up for the money I lose by not having the cheaper prices, you see the problem now right? It affects everything and it just puts a stain on so many parts of this game, even more than what I already mentioned, the economy is broken, it affects parts of this game you wouldn't expect to be affected, and it's a damn shame.
Game Difficulty - Damage, balance, difficulty of specific sequences and enemies
Even if the economy is bad, and you can get top shelf gear in the first section, if the game is brutal, with pseudo-realistic damage values, it shouldn't matter right, well, yeah, but that isn't the case with this game, this isn't another clear sky where grenades rain from the heavens and bullets make you bleed like a chicken with its head chopped off, it's more reined in, lesser damage values, less bullet sponges relatively, and if the economy worked, this game would have had the best damage values for this type of game, probably rivaling the gameplay of SHoC. But for this section lets assume you aren't exploiting or farming artifacts or trying for money, and you get everything as you progress through the game at a steady rate. Then the balance works quite well, enemies in zaton early on carry at best IL 86's or chasers or aks, which works for lower level combat, then as you do missions for the loners or bandits, those respective factions get stronger, and late game stalkers can be seen with at best vintorez's and sgi's and spas 12s. This works, and it makes Zaton more fun to come back to later, instead of just as a place to get artifacts easy or talk to cardan about item 62. This wasn't the case in SHoC or CS, cordon would stay the same and coming back to talk to sidor was a chore instead of anything fun at all. Many people have fond memories of SHoC and getting scared by bloodsuckers and mutants in X-16 but as someone who recently replayed it after a while, I have distinct memories of running across cordon and garbage to fulfill quests that expired in a day and gave me little to no reason to complete them. Something I believe they fixed in CoP but I'm getting of topic, anyway difficulty rightfully scales into the endgame, and in some of the more difficult sequences you are pitted against many skilled monolith fighters with powerful snipers and Tunders/As vals. This gives replay value to the game and it makes staying in the zone a bit more fun, as you can engage tough enemies in unscripted encounters more often.
But as we all know, stalker has two enemy types, stalkers, and mutants, and the mutants in the game are super difficult, and make up for the faults in the difficulty of firefights. New additions include the burer, a higher difficulty poltergeist capable of not only throwing crap at you, but also hitting you with powerful psy blasts, pulling your gun out of your hands, and throwing up psy shields to block your bullets, they also throw back grenades but whatever I guess. Yeah if that sounded hard it is, burers just combined too many of the abilities of other mutants, the kinetic abilities of the poltergeist, the psy blasts of controllers, and the relatively high resistance to bullets of mutants like the pseudogiant (stemming from their ability to block damage, their actual health is more like a controller's health). Another mutant is the Chimera, a terrifying acrobatic melee based mutant capable of leaping a huge distance to attack the player, shredding health and dropping players in close to two leaps. They act much like snorks but with increased damage, maneuverability, and a lot more health, requiring the player to use snipers or shotguns or even rpgs/grenades to kill them (rpg is my personal favorite, the damage was just perfect). Each mutant tells its own story with its appearance and much can be assumed about them before the disaster, its interesting and the new mutant additions both spice up the gameplay and difficulty, and also add to the extensive stalker lore. The returning mutants don't do anything new but stalker never messes up the scary moments caused by bloodsuckers and controllers and the like, but obviously its expected from a stalker game. Although something I noticed is that snorks seem to be really op in this game? Like they can jump miles with incredible accuracy, good health, and they do lots of damage, I had more trouble with snorks in this game than with chimeras, probably cause I only saw three of the latter, and only fought two of them.
Level Design
I didn't know of a section to put this so its on its own. But rightfully so, as SHoC and CS both used the same maps and map design (I'm aware CS added more maps, but they are very similar to the maps in SHoC in terms of design) they weren't as unique in that regard. But CoP mixed up the formula for maps, whereas the previous games had much more linear maps, with very few open maps, like army warehouses and great swamps being the outliers in my opinion. But was this change good? Did it positively affect immersion and gameplay, my answer to this is a resounding yes. I've always been fascinated with open worlds, they can depict a location in its entirety, and really immerse me in a world, so it disappoints me when I run into fences or forced barriers in a game about a real life location. That's also why I'm so excited for stalker 2, where they say there's no greyed out areas or blurred areas and everything goes into everything else directly without loading screens. So in CoP they opened up the map, and from the way the locations were set up, its very rare for the player to lose their immersion from running into a fence. However, the immersion is sometimes broken in locations like the cement factory, from which you can literally see pripyat over a fence, and could totally walk to, but, its the end of the boundary. But most locations in the map were in open places that didn't make me think, hmm, why can't I leave this place, compare this to a place like cordon, where every bit of it is locked off by hills and fences, it makes me feel like I'm in a game, or a shitty call of duty level, not a world, not a zone.
Side Missions and their drastic improvements
So something I always found annoying about the previous games was that the missions were boring to play, they were something that got you money that was it, you go to sidor, he tells you words, and then you go do what the mission asks, no story, and if there was one, it was basic, the dogs bother the local stalker? kill them! This guy is scamming harder than the great scammorovich? cant be having that, kill him! And fun as the shooting is in these games you need either a reason or something of interest to immerse you in the game and give you the motivation to blast people with shotguns and aks. This was also what annoyed me about the faction war system in CS and got me really uninterested in it, you did nothing besides shoot enemies and wait for your friendly troops to move their fat asses to the point you were defending, it wasn't very fun or interesting, and its the exact opposite in CoP, no mission (besides maybe the small missions at the waster processing plant and the one in substation workshops where you give the guy food for the tools) has a bad and not engaging story, and even if they did, this game offers something more, connectivity between the missions, take vano's mission for example, simple, talk to the bandit leader and negotiate (or blast) your way out of the checkpoint, then go back to vano and get his thanks. So you might be saying, that's not a good or engaging story, vano's not even funny, and yeah, I guess you're right, but think of it like this, his mission isn't explained in one dialogue box, it does something more than just shoot a guy or get a weapon or item, it isn't repeatable and it contributes to an achievement (which adds really good positive modifiers to your character) and it ties into another mission, where you can recruit vano to go with you to pripyat. That's what's so awesome about these missions, the heart of the oasis mission contributes to good standing with the scientists (which gives a good ending and an achievement when you have good enough standing) who will then let you take a closed respiratory suit for sokolov to go with you to pripyat as well. Almost every mission in this game has purpose and structure as a mission, you aren't running someone busy work for no reason, you're doing something that will both help in the long run and in the short term, that's good side mission design, tying back into the main missions and main content. However, that doesn't mean they should remove radiant quests, beard does offer a rudimentary artifact collection quest that's radiant, but besides that there's no reliable way to acquire money through missions, and as much as I jerk off missions with stories and tie ins to the main questline, radiant quests do add a way to make money through a reliable way that isn't hunting down every other stalker, but then again, hunting down every other stalker is pretty easy with how the faction system is.
Factions are a series staple for stalker, they provide side missions, different ideologies, gameplay changes, and were, and still are, great ideas. So how are they handled in this game, well, pretty poorly if I'm honest. Now obviously we can't have the Major join a faction (he more sides with them, he doesn't hardcore become a member of one of them), he's there on a mission, not to help out with the squabbles of the zone. But it seems stupid that he would ever join freedom as they hate the military and are "anarchists and bandits." I dunno, its a nitpick but no matter what he's a military man, not a freedom loving anarchist, he'd probably actually join Duty or stay out of the conflict. But that's just from a story and lore standpoint, what about from a gameplay standpoint? Well, this is another thing that hinders the difficulty, in every stalker game there are always those that are hostile, in this game obviously you can't be hostile to the military, but there still has to be plenty of shooting hostile faction members, if I side with duty obviously I should be out there blasting freedomers and they should be blasting me, but sadly, the faction system is weird. Do you remember shooting a bandit in CS as a pure kneejerk reaction from all those times you shot them in SHoC? I do, and I also remember that for the rest of the game the bandits (rightfully) hated me and I could not join them later. That sucked, but I liked that I had something to shoot at for the rest of the game, but do you want to know something cool? If I shoot a bandit squad, the whole faction doesn't come after me, EVER, and no matter how many of a neutral faction you shoot they will not engage you on sight and be angry all the time, it sucks and really dumbs down what I consider to be a series staple the choice between having the benefits of siding with a faction and having to sometimes fight off enemy faction members, it also makes the game, you guessed it, incredibly easy, and that's just another thing to add to the already large list of things that make this game easy. But there's more faction trouble, even if we say that shooting neutral guys doesn't matter to overall standing, what if you do missions that take down duty or freedom, surely then they'll hate you right? Well yes, but actually not always, you see in the list of achievements one of them is diplomat, that causes factions to respect you more and it raises your friendship with them just enough that even if you get to be a "friend of (your faction name here)," the opposite faction is still neutral to you, so remember back in this post when I said that enemies would stay challenging so that it made sense to return and fight enemies in the previous zones? well disregard that now, because if you get diplomat, you don't have much incentive to return to previous parts of the zone because the enemies there (usually mercs as in the case of Zaton) have been killed or dealt with in other ways, and now the factions just won't mess with you, so the only threats are mutants, which are usually just fleshes and dogs which aren't fun to fight or hard to fight. Again, they made a game that has so many advantages to free play modes, you can immerse yourself by hunting for artifacts, the shooting mechanics are awesome, the graphics and most importantly the sound design make you more immersed than before. But they also put so many obstacles to stop you from having this fun, now I hear you all scream, "just don't do the diplomat achievement you idiot!" yeah, I usually try not to get it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, its still bad design imo, not using a game mechanic because it's bad doesn't remove it from existence, especially when it's something you literally get by doing two missions the right way, not exactly something you would get out of nowhere. So the faction system isn't that great in this game, and it becomes clearer and clearer as you play the game, because as soon as you get to Pripyat, where no one is your friend, and most mutants and stuff like that are really powerful, you see how much easier it was before, walking around the zone and not having enemies is like playing a mario game without enemies, yeah you could still fall into a hole or die by missing a jump, but the tension of dying is significantly lower and so is the difficutly.
Now, we come to the series' strongsuit, atmosphere, and yeah, I love this game's atmosphere, its probably one of my favorite aspects of this game, seriously the sound design in this game in particular is super good. The zone constantly "whispers" at you, you'll hear echoey pieces of dialogue, monster noises in the distance, gunshots from far off battles, but my favorite of these is definitely the whispers, they are creepy and they flow into the eery background music, making the player feel constantly on edge, and that's a great effect, but unfortunately the whispers get turned off by an achievement and its annoying. I hear a lot of people go on and on about the atmosphere of clear sky but honestly, I never saw it, perhaps it was because I was so focused on the gameplay the atmosphere fell away, it didn't seem that much better than SHoC's and imo gameplay is just as important to atmosphere as visuals and sound design. I know I ragged on the economy breaking artifact exploit but think about it, thats exactly what every stalker does, they sit inside, then they go out and take artifacts to sell them and progress, and really that's the most important thing about that mechanic to me, I feel like a stalker, wandering the zone and acquiring any artifact I find, then selling it and living a looter's lifestyle, its atmosphere building at it's finest. Horror is also really prevalent in this game, especially in pripyat, and in every zone there's a section dedicated to horror, for Zaton, there's two main ones, the first is a completely off the grid encounter, no mission marker, no zone marker, no nothing, small cave in the cliffside houses a controller and the human he killed to take the cave. As you enter a harsh voice speaks to you and tells you to leave, this chilled me hard, but I went in anyway and as soon as I heard the signature high pitch of the controller's influence, I nearly shat my pants and ran. The other moment of horror is the bloodsucker lair, and the specific moment of walking into the room full of 10-12 sleeping bloodsuckers, that also got me good. SHoC was also really good at moments like this, but I felt the general eeriness of the environments in CoP made it beat out SHoC for scariest subsequent playthroughs for me. Obviously nothing can top the labs (scary as all hell, amazing part of SHoC), but for most of SHoC, there wasn't much ambience or real fright for me, but that's just me, many standby CS and SHoC as most atmospheric, me though, I just don't feel it in those games, although I see how they could be perceived that way.
... I'm sorry I can't defend this utter catastrophe, because its, well its truly fucking abysmal, want me to summarize it for you? Major goes to 5 places to look at broken bits of crap surrounded by anomalies, he then does random shit for another dude of questionable voice acting talent, while learning the same shit we already fucking new and slightly expanding our knowledge of how the gauss rifle works and how someone is controlling the monolith (never explained tho cause fuck you that's why), then he leaves the zone, and we play a google slides (its a damn good one though I'll get to that). Seriously that its, we don't get any lore expansion, relative to the other games, and it's sad really, although it doesn't affect my enjoyement much, I kinda just see the helos and main story as an end goal, and the fun is in between, not ahead, that's compared to my playthrough of SHoC or CS, where my endgoal felt much more hyped up while the gameplay deteriorated into non relevance as I struggled to reach the end cutscene. And for me, I enjoy the former style of gameplay. And on that note, some of the story sections are the best parts of the gameplay or interesting moments, when you activate stingray 1, a horde of mutants is attracted, and you engage in a sort of tower defense game for the next minute as monsters rush you, and you use the mines that litter the area to deal with the first mutants. But of course that's not the best, because GSC finally figured out how to do an end section, only took em 2 games. In previous games the end sections lasted for fucking ever, think about SHoC at least, what you can do is basically head back after clearing the scorcher, and then fight through the rest of the game, you know, TWO WHOLE FUCKING AREAS WITH ONE SET OF CRAP, even if you pick up fang's exo and grab a spare gun and 2k ammo, you're still not guaranteed success as you wander through the halls of the CNPP, taking on over 100 different people for the best ending, plus snipers and rpgs. How about CS? Same thing, minus the guns being able to break, because squad leaders in CS could repair your guns, nice job GSC, thanks for removing the worst part of SHoC's ending, the feeling of shredded armor. In CS though, you probably fight through more people almost on your own, you go to red forest, shoot at bandits like you're playing the bridge section in COD:MW2 (the parallels are hilarious) but instead of 5 minutes its 30 minutes of non stop renegades who are supposedly the weakest faction after their collapse, but suddenly they muster up the half the zone to stand you down. And after that you still have to fight through Limansk, then Hospital, then the final bossfight, and that bossfight can also glitch out and become unbeatable but we don't have to talk about that. So from a gameplay perspective, what does CoP do? Well first of all it lets you start it on your own terms (relatively) instead of doing one mission and oops now you're thrust into the end sequences without breaks. The end sequence is also very short and sweet, one final push through monolith territory to leave the zone, its quite triumphant really, and if you took enough people with you in pripyat 1 (which is coincidentally also one of the best story gameplay moments) you have an easier time extracting with all of your men, its sort of the game's final hurrah, where you face off against the zone's toughest, aka snorks and a 30 man group of monolith and around 20 zombies, but its not constant, there's moments in between the action so you get build up to the fight. It was really good, but, ironically it was a bit short for an end sequence, because the whole sequence is track a signal, talk to strelok, then do extraction, maybe a section where you thinned out monolith forces or took out their *cough cough* RPGS AND GAUSS RIFLE USERS, that definitely should have been attacking the choppers as they landed, but I guess they were all doing other stuff I don't know the monolith's ways. This way the section wouldn't have felt as rushed as it did, you're basically just doing stuff and then, poof strelok appears and tells you the answers to all your problems and then you leave, ya need something to pad that out a little bit.
Miscellaneous gripes and great parts of the game
Repairing makes a return, with the upgrading mechanic returning in a much more fleshed out way: you get the three tool boxes and you can upgrade, although some upgrades are unique to the clear sky bro novikov, some are unique to Nitro and some are unique to cardan. This makes it a worthwile venture to get all the tools and the research for novikov so you can get the very best things. I like how you find them, I like the logic behind their placement, its great, and compared to CS's system where you find individual usb drives for the individual upgrades its really good, because CS's system required you to look it up or buy every single stash location from everyone then search every single one to find the correct upgrades. A small gripe I had was the lack of guidance on how to become friends with the different factions, most of the quests have little to do with helping the faction except for the warehouse underground, but that PDA (morgan's pda that starts the quest) is a really stupid idea to have as a quest starter, like most people who do that quest either haven't gone to Yanov yet and won't know that the other factions are even there, or they'll just sell it to Owl without recognizing it's importance, and the main problem is picking it up doesn't start a quest, it doesn't do anything of note, but it directly influences your ability to get strider as a companion, and he's pretty good, so it's annoying that some faction specific quests especially the one that requires you go to a specific location in Yanov and pull a svarog detector to open a spacial anomaly, but if you do that its actually pretty cool quest and gives good world building and lore. Modding is important in the grand scheme of stalker games, they help a lot with bugs, graphical issues, and can even create whole new experiences, so its nice to know that many mods stem from CoP and getting CoP gives you access to cool mods, and it also has the biggest array of mods for itself in general. Another thing, why does strelok show up, why can't the problems be solved without strelok telling us all the answers, why can't we do it. Something that showed up out of nowhere, was the powerpoint presentation that they had replacing the beginning and end of the game, as well as some cutscenes in between. These presentations are actually super cool, the one at the beginning of the game is both voice acted well and has good visuals, it also wraps up the plot of the previous games for us and any new players, its nice, and I like how the ending can show different things depending on the decisions you made and the missions you completed. I love it, a great artstyle a great idea, I want more slideshow stuff in the next game GSC.
By now you're probably saying, "dude you say all the time that CoP is your favorite, but you sure got a lot of shit to say and talk down about it," and yeah, but its because I love it so much I want to criticize it, its important to see flaws and point them out so that they will be remedied, and drawing sever attention to them creates a sense that they need to be fixed, even though, in my opinion they really aren't that bad. And truly its all down to player choice, recently there was a poll about which game was your favorite and it seemed even between SHoC and CoP, with CS trailing behind, which kind of encapsulated my experience with those games. However, I want to stress that it's definitely all down to player choice, these were based on my experiences, and I expect I'll have to fight tooth and nail to defend the atmosphere in this game because I love it, but most dislike it or prefer the other games' atmosphere, and it only a testament to how good and fun the gameplay is that the poorly designed economy didn't ruin it for me, a game where you earn something too fast and without skill or great thinking is usually a big turn off for me, I like a tougher economy, its why I loved Anomaly's economy, and it's also why I'll probably check out Misery after this and do a sort of review on that, because there seems to be a lot of argument around how fun the mod is and I've heard its tougher. In my opinion the story of this game isn't important, nor how the character's react, its about atmosphere, and gameplay, in fact the stories in the other games were not so great themselves, sure CS had a mildly interesting one, but it's more about the lore and the world for a story like this, and the other game's definitely did well in that section. Now here's my final thoughts on the series as a whole:
SHoC - Amazing start to a series, good graphics for its time, a decently made story, great horror sections and bursting with atmosphere in a world that while it looks dated now still immerses the player in its world. That being said I see this series as a sort of 3 stages of a cocaine high, SHoC is the beginning of the high and the weird attention to some things and neglect toward other things is prevalent, for instance the quests all have a day long time limit, that's tight if you want to complete more than one quest at a time
CS - In my opinion this is when the crash from the lack of cocaine kicked in, many bizarre changes to difficulty and overall balancing left the game in an odd state, coupled with the fact that the game was incredibly unstable and buggy at launch (and still today it is) it predictable flopped in the eyes of most fans, however, despite the shit I throw at this game, I recognize it's importance, because the mechanics birthed the refined mechanics of CoP, without CS, CoP would have had horrible mechanics, a bad engine incapable of many things (actually the CS engine was really good, just take a look at the new animations) and unfinished mechanics, in my eyes, CS was not the success I had hoped for, but that doesn't mean it wasn't both important and loved by many fans, and I won't be the one to argue your enjoyement of it, just my own.
CoP - Now, fresh from their cocaine high and crash, GSC pulled together it's ideas pooled from the previous games to create another one, with the most refined mechanics and idea implementation, but I'm a firm believer that mechanics don't make a game good, just their usage in the gameplay, which, to some, lacked the difficulty of the previous games, its like GSC relaxed from it's harsh difficulty to deliver a game that felt more safe, and that's both good, and bad.
Well that's that, to be clear my personal favorite is CoP, if yours is different, say why, don't just rant about how I don't know anything, because I'm already well aware of that, but seriously even if you just like it and can't explain why, great, if a series has one set thing that everyone likes, the devs never innovate, so it's good when people support different games.
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2019.08.11 10:34 fuckallyouwhores A song from like 2013? Probably a long shot.

I’ve been searching for this song for what feels like centuries. I believe it’s a pop song. I really don’t remember how it goes, but I’m pretty sure it used to play on that Stingray Galaxy Hit List channel. It might’ve been a Canadian singer, but I might be very wrong about that. I just know that that channel played a lot of Canadian music.
What I do remember a bit better, though, is the music video. The singer was a white, probably 20-something woman. In the video, she has a man over at her house for a date. They’re having dinner and drinking wine, but she poisoned his drink, so he passes out (dies?) shortly after. Then in another scene, I think he’s tied up in her bathtub? Possibly dead, possibly in a mixture of his own blood and bath water, I don’t quite remember. She might’ve killed multiple dates within the span of the video, but I’m having a difficult time remembering. I can hardly remember what anybody looked like. But I’m pretty sure everyone was white. Anyway, this song might’ve been about breaking up or some other relationship problem (sorry that’s so vague)(sorry everything is so vague).
I know my description is pretty weak, but I’m really hoping someone can help me out here. It’s been driving me crazy not being able to figure out what the song is. Fingers crossed!!
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2019.08.11 01:50 fuckallyouwhores [TOMT] A pop song from like 2013? Please help me.

I’ve been searching for this song for what feels like centuries. I believe it’s a pop song. I really don’t remember how it goes, but I’m pretty sure it used to play on that Stingray Galaxy Hit List channel. It might’ve been a Canadian singer, but I might be very wrong about that. I just know that that channel played a lot of Canadian music.
What I do remember for sure, though, is the music video. The singer was a white, probably 20-something woman. In the video, she has a man over at her house for a date. They’re having dinner and drinking wine, but she poisoned his drink, so he passes out (dies?) shortly after. Then in another scene, I think he’s tied up in her bathtub? Possibly dead, possibly in a mixture of his own blood and bath water, I don’t quite remember. She might’ve killed multiple dates within the span of the video, but I’m having a difficult time remembering. I can hardly remember what anybody looked like. But I’m pretty sure everyone was white. Anyway, this song might’ve been about breaking up or some other relationship problem (sorry that’s so vague).
I know my description is pretty weak, but I’m really hoping someone can help me out here. It’s been driving me crazy not being able to figure out what the song is. Fingers crossed!!
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2019.05.17 05:45 iminterestingplease Part 45.

Sorry guys. The Mandela Effect technically slowed down but I found Maybe It's Mandela'd on YouTube and they have reported tons of changes from November 2018 to May 2019 and even some from 2016 I haven't heard about yet.
7073.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember any of this stuff being different or not a thing?(Just gonna link their tons of interesting videos.)(El Pasco, Texas/El Paso, Texas)(MOAM/MAOAM candy)(Ring Pops/Ring Pop)(Is the knife that Chucky is holding on the Child's Play movie cover different?)(Girls and guys have different natural body odors.)(Anonymous masks now have red lips and red cheeks.)(Didn't Grumpy Cat die way before May 14, 2019 and wasn't she male?)(Watermellon/Watermelon)(Flying squid.)(All different colors of flamingos.)(Titantic/Titanic)(Lots of new Steven Seagal movies.)(The music video for Hotline Bling by Drake has changed in a lot of ways.)(More changes to the Anonymous mask.(Miki Lauda/Niki Lauda)(Other spellings?)(Certain living and dead members of Iron Butterfly dying more than once or still being alive.)(Tempermental/Temperamental)(Other spellings?)(Galapagos giant tortoises born for first time since 1800's.)(All the new videos and angles of the JFK assassination.)(Embryonic Fluid/Amniotic Fluid)(Buzzing boy heard in his ear was a tick.)(The lyrics to Rock Me by Steppenwolf have changed.)(Rebecca Grayheart/Rebecca Gayheart)(Juwanna Nan/Juwanna Mann)(Black rainbow roses now exist.)(You can no longer sink in quicksand.)(Days Go By is no longer a 90's hit and Dirty Vegas is now popular for it and not The Rembrandts who used to be The Rembrants.)(Bumblebees can't sting.)(Mean Girls movies both have connected letters.)(Red eyed cats.)(Blue eyed box turtles.)(Half albino peacocks.)(A group of cats are called a Clowder or Glaring.)(Quantus Airlines/Qantas Airlines)(There were female pilots in some of the really old wars.)(Masters Of Reality/Master Of Reality)(Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget shows his face now.)(Zupas has connected letters.)(Black sunflowers now exist.)(Black and purple bell peppers now exist and the different colors for bell peppers now might apparently be them in different stages instead of being separate types.)(The first E in Deep Purple is now reversed.)(More animals eating weird new stuff.)(Bed Bath & Beyond D is stretched out.)(Are the colors used for some of the signs off?)(Was the name different?)(The first recorded sound was April 9, 1860 now.)(Cursive Q looks like a 2.)(More weird looking mantises.)(Megaduck/Negaduck)(Air plants now exist.)(Star shaped cities now exist.)(Area 54/Area 51)(Was it something else?)(Two names for "They Live"?)(Red LobsteRed Lobster: Fresh Fish Live Lobster)(California breaking up into multiple separate states.)(Royalty way back like Queen Victoria wearing things like sunglasses.)(Tornado ripped off roof of church as children sang Jesus Loves Me story came out last year?)(Taiwanese Leopard spotted for first time since 1983 extinction.)(Christie Alley/Kirstie Alley)(Chucky's jumper and shirt have changed in Child's Play.)("If the glove don't fit, you must acquit."(Aquit?)/"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.")(Did he not have a hat and was he referring to a glove?)(Johnny Cochrane/Johnnie Cochran)(Anything else off?)(More lyrics in Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi have changed.)(Was Swum not a word for you?)(Weasel riding on the back of a bird.)(Pigeon dancing to street music.)(Anything famous the Theremin is used in seem off to you?)(Was it the Theramin?)(MannoManor)(Swamp Thing was now released exactly 5 years earlier in 1982 instead of 1987.)(Tony Scott killed himself exactly 5 years earlier in 2012 instead of 2017.)(Tom Skeritt/Tom Skerritt and did he die?)(Did the little girl die before or after 3rd movie?)(Anything else off?)("Got out of bed."/"Fell out of bed.")(Vinegarette/Vinaigrette)(Other spellings?)(When The Heart Calls/When Calls The Heart)(Caress/Carress/Caress)(Rare black deer spotted.)(Dogs dying from saltwater poisoning.)(Outtro/Outro)(Anything else off?)(Feather stars can swim.)(Brittle stars can swim.)(Sea anemones can swim.)(Was it The Family Circle or Family Circle?)(Did Richard Leroy McKinley and him dying and the two other guys who died with him not exist?)(1670 painting showing cell phone and many other paintings and old movies, films and the 1995 boxing match and all the other photos and paintings of time travellers.)(The Wizard Of Oz theme park closed decades ago but has been open since the 90's.)(Brian Mullins/Brian Mullin)(Lots of new flag designs.)(Zapruder film with sound?)(Other spellings of Deion Sanders?)(Akira Toriyama is now alive.)(Lots of new deep holes.)(Red hourglass change on black widow.)(Paul Mason/Paul Masson)(Women having a freckle in the same spot.)(British Indian Ocean Territory?)(Gem found in Israel worth more than diamonds.)(Animals in places where they never used to live.)(Capricorn is an actual goat species.)(The Mysterious Case Of Benjamin Button/The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)(Have you heard of The Great Dying?)(The first inhabitants of Asia were black.)(Phenomenon vs. Phenomena?)(Salem's Lot logo has merged.)(Jennifer GardneJennifer Garner)(Lots of new Star Trek changes.)(Circle K letter K is now dipping into the outer part of the logo.)(Lavar Burton/LaVar Burton)(Grand Canyon city?)(Dobsonflies now exist.)(Green Humphead Parrot Fish now exist.)(Lizard giving birth without mate.)(Shaggy sometimes has a visible Adam's Apple.)(Lollipop color has changed in The Wizard Of Oz.)(Pokémon Go now has rainbows.)(Velella Vella now exists.)(Heward Packard/Hewlett-Packard)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(Cat born with 4 ears.)(More living rocks.)(Blue rolly pollies now exist.)(All Of My Love/All My Love)(Jimmy Paige/Jimmy Page)("Horny backed toad."/"Horny back toad.")(Anything else off?)(Game Boy Advanced/Game Boy Advance)(Anything else off?)(Vegas Vic is now more ecil looking, is now hitchhiking and not waving, and is now pointing down.)(Crystal Light logo has changed.)(Orcas now eat birds and they even bait them.)(Alligator scopes out somebody's houses.)(Ghetto Superstar lyrics have changed.)(Wendy Peppercorn/Wendy Peffercorn)(Frank N. Furter's outfit has changed.)(Pelican spiders now exist.)(Surface tension on water creates shadows.)(Did the Stonewall Riots not happen and lots of gay acceptance from the 1960's to the 1980's didn't happen.)(The Ghetto Boys/Geto Boys)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Juicy Fruit multiple slogans.)("The taste is gonna move you."?)(Superman peanut butter?)(Lord Of War has connected letters.)(Lava Soap has connected letters.)(Papersource has connected letters.)(9 Lives has connected letters.)(Freshen-Up has a striped version.)(Certs R has changed.)(Clorets has connected letters.)(A River Runs Through It has connected letters.)(Eagle Transport Corp. has connected letters.)(Toni Perm has connected letters.)(Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil has connected and off letters.)(Tang has changed.)(Double Jeopardy has connected letters.)(Sea Breeze has connected letters.)(Cutex has connected letters.)(ABC after school 80's special has weird logo.)(The Sands/Sands casino)(The Dunes/Dunes casino)(Charleston Heston/Charlton Heston)(The Bee's Knees/Bee's Knees saying originated as just Bee's Knees.)(Back To The Future fading photo has changed.)(Sea monkeys have changed in a lot of different ways.)(Mr. Potato Head was originally other vegetables before being a potato.)(Multiple different versions of Tank Man holding stuff or not and what the tanks look like.)(More logo changes.)(Didn't Bushwick Bill already die?)(TVs in cars in the early to mid 1900's.)(Pocket TVs back then too.)(Quantum Dot TV too.)(Napili-Honokawai/Napili-Honokowai)(GangStaGang Starr)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Was KISS not a contemporary band?)(Did Bob Dylan never wear white makeup?)(SofteneSoftner)(The Stray Cats/Stray Cats)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Were Stones never used as a measurement for weight?)(Birds that can sew?)(7Up Gold was now a thing.)("You won't like me when I'm angry."/"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.")(Bone that disappeared is now returning.)(Lisa Edmonds/Lisa Edmond/Lisa Emond)(The Weed Man/Weed Man)(Record breaking longhorn sheep in Alabama.)(Valais blacknose sheep now exist.)(Crocodile uses pool noodle.)(Valentina Tereshkova is now the first woman in space and she went up in the 1960's.)(Dogs and cats and many other animals have multiple sets of eyelids.)(Storm down bursts now exist.)(Gloria Vanderbuilt/Gloria Vanderbilt)(Crazy Frog's penis is now visible.)(Our skulls are changing due to mobile phones and other things.)(Spider-Man no longer clinging to the wall in the famous Nintendo 64 game.)(Emperor Tamarins now exist.) ("Had to know it was in your palms."/"Had to know it was in your card.")(Anything else off?)(Energizer bunny has sandals now.)(Hart To Hart has connected letters.)(Moonlighting has connected letters.)(The Love Boat has connected letters.)(Fame has connected letters.)(Rogaine has broken letters.)(A Family AffaiFamily Affair)(Heathers has a broken R.)(Soul Train has weird letters.)(The Outsiders has weird letters.)(Electric Youth has weird letters.)(Red Perfume has weird letters.)(Emeraude has weird letters.)(Flex brand has weird letters.)(Clean & Clear has weird letters.)(The Last Starfighter has weird letters.)(Dogs can actually drive cars.)(Abraham Lincoln might have had Marfan syndrome.)(Chenille plants now exist.)(Rafflesia parasite found in Southeast Asia.)(Smart cakes that make their own layers while baking now exist.)(Woody's gun holster has a ribbon on it.)(Whiskey A Go Go/Whisky A Go Go and it was called Whiskee A Go Go in the 1960's.)(Has Bugs Bunny's tail gotten bigger?)(Stepping Stone/Steppin' Stone)(Were there no red bats on the wheels of the Batmobile?)(South Park: Bigger, Badder & Uncut/South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut)(A hat in As Good As It Gets has changed from blue to black with USA written on it.)(Theory Of Relativity/Theory Of Special Relativity)(Seeing the end of a rainbow is possible now.)(Cal Ripkin Jr./Cal Ripken Jr.)(Johnny Ive Of Apple/Jonny Ive Of Apple/Jon Ive Of Apple/Jony Ive Of Apple)(Ricky SchroedeRicky Schroder)(Chicken Of The Sea logo and letters and Starkist logo are now off.)(The Firm letters are connected.)(Cabrini College letters are connected.)(Liberty University and Jeff Foxworthy graphics on screen are merged.)(Malibu Musk letters are connected.)(Aqua Net new logo is off.)(Lynx car logo is off.)(Rave Hair Spray(Was it always Hairspray?)logo is off.)(Coast Soap logo is off.)(Kodak Color Watch logo is off.)(Great Westerners Savings Bank, Chevrolet and Pacific Bank commercials are merging.)(Aveda logo is off.)(Grizzly Adams is merged.)(Mork & Mindy is merged and Na-Nu is Na-No.)(LA Looks is merged.)(4C Iced Tea is merged.)(Cannonball Run/The Cannonball Run)(A Shark's Tale/Shark Tale)(Royal Dansk(Danish?)cookies logo is off.)(Baby jumping festival since 1600's.)("Standing there by the record machine."/"Dancing there by the record machine.")(Is the video off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Nestlé Krunch/Nestlé Crunch)(Was it the Lollipop Kids and not Lollipop Guild?)(Adam Bockovich/Adam Bockwich)(Adam GardneAdam Gardiner)(Vengence/Vengeance)(Other spellings?)(South Jersey isn't just a saying.)(Disposable clothing in the 1960's.)(Sausage trees?)(Pepto-Bismo/Pepto-Bismol)(Sharks that squirt glowing clouds.)(Argentina has their own space program.)(America's Tires/America's Tire)(Animals with Down Syndrome now exist.)(Amish people almost all wear straw hats now and not fedora hats.)(The Flintstones now all have only 4 fingers.)(Deer almost all have really long tails now.)(Arcacia Drive/Acacia Drive)(Song title too.)(More WW1 stuff.)("Planet earth moves slowly."/"Planet earth turns slowly.")("You'd think I'm rude."/"You'd think me rude.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(3 Non Blondes/4 Non Blondes)(Did one of the members not exist?)(What's Going On?/What's Up?)(Lyrics are still the same.)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Beast Number wasn't always 666.)
7074.(Movie Quote change.)"Put him in a body bag Johnny."/"Get him a body bag. Yeah."
7075.(Famous Singer name change.)Mary J. Blidge/Mary J. Blige(Other spellings?)
7076.(Song name change.)Getting TighteGettin' Tighter
7077.(Company name change.)Dress Barn/Dressbarn(Were the letters in Teddy Ruxpin not connected?)
7078.(Company name change.)Cooper Tires/Coopertires(Cooper Tire or Coopertire?)(Certains companies with the name Perkins looking like Jerkins.)(Perkins Cole/Perkins Coie)
7079.(T.V. Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in DIC not being connected?
7080.(T.V. Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in United Artists not being connected?(Do the letters in the My Little Pony logos look off?)
7081.(Famous Singer name change.)Chrissie Hines/Chrissie Hynde(Other spellings?)
7082.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the TSR logos being normal?
7083.(Tour Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Starr Tours(Star Tours?)being normal?
7084.(Fictional Area appearance change.)Do you remember the bathroom in The Shining being red or golden yellow instead of green?
7085.(Phantom fictional character.)Do you remember Moss-Man not existing?("My angel in a centerfold."/"My angel is the centerfold.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(John Lennon in Imagine keeps changing.)(Does Felix The Cat seem off?)
7086.(Famous Actor name change.)Stanley Livingstone/Stanley Livingston(Was Livingston always spelled Livingstone?)
7087.(Movie Logo change.)"Run like the wind Bullseye!"/"Ride like the wind Bullseye!"
7088.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Who singing American Woman instead of The Guess Who?(Did The Guess Who not exist?)
7089.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Liquid water on Mars, Huitlacoche, tusker elephants, mirror hand syndrome, clams can swim, 3 secret additional icky verses to the Star Spangled Banner, sock worms, harp sponge, the falling man is the brother of the extra GI ME guy in the Village People, more on camel teeth, feral parrots are taking over America, shadows are fuzzy now, East Africa is splitting in two, orange crocodiles, Devil's corkscrews, insect with interlocking gears in legs, are we in Kali Yuga, famous 40 year old image of frost on Mars, people with open damaged holes in their head do not get them closed again, changes to war horses, more anatomy changes.)(Video below.)
7090.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bull Jumping not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger being Russian, German or both and not Austrian?
7091.(Album name change.)Eric B. For President/Eric B. Is President(Eric B. For President/Eric B. Is The President)(Do any of their logos look off?)
7092.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Gerard Butler being the main character in Wanted instead of James McAvoy?
7093.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Benjamin Franklin being first to find electricity?
7094.(Famous Actress name change.)Jenny Garth/Jennie Garth
7095.(Famous Singer name change.)Jan Ackerman/Jan Akkerman(Do any of their logos look off?)
7096.(Paint name change.)ZinseZinsser
7097.(Music Lyrics change.)"I need a gun to keep myself from harm."/"I need a gun to keep myself among."(Does the instrunental sound off?)
7098.(Fruit name change.)Mullberry/Mulberry
7099.(Food name change.)Tofurkey/Tofurky(The latter is more acceptable.)
7100.(Song name change.)Me And You And A Dog Named Blue/Me And You And A Dog Named Boo(Do any of their logos look off?)
7101.(Snack name change.)Whatsits/Wotsits(Does the logo look off?)
7102.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Theremin not being a thing?
7103.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the NASA Robonauts not going back as far as 2002?(Did they not exist at all?)
7104.(Spelling change.)Pigmy/Pygmy(Was the former the only acceptable spelling?)(Anything else off?)
7105.(Famous Singer name change.)Alex Boyd/Alex Boye/Alex Boyé(Other spellings?)(Not the artist known as Alex Boyd.)
7106.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Popeye and Olive Oyl not being real people?
7107.(Famous Actor name change.)Powers Booth/Powers Boothe(Other spellings?)
7108.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Freemartins, human body doesn't reject stem cells with foreign DNA, world population counter, 7 Of 9 of Star Trek's eye piece continues to change, Hitler was vegetarian, Hitler didn't like Jews due to Kosher slaughtering because Hitler was an animal lover supposedly, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy intro has changed, bird attack causes traumatic brain injury and trauma to the spine, Stellar Sea Eagle/Steller's Sea Eagle, more Popeye characters I haven't personally seen already mentioned based on real people.)(Video below.)
7109.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Schwerer Gustav not being a thing?
7110.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the number next to the M on the back of a product meaning something else?
7111.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Switzerland not being considered a third-world country?
7112.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember London Bridge actually being in London and not Arizona?
7113.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember tomato sauce being invented in Italy and not Mexico?
7114.(Famous Football Player name change.)Deon Sanders/Deion Sanders
7115.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember uppercase I and lowercase L not looking so similar?(Didn't I have horizontal lines on it everywhere it was written?)
7116.(Famous Actor name change.)Kevin CosneKevin Costner(Is the pronunciation off?)
7117.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Magic Mike Johnson/Magic Johnson(Anything else off?)
7118.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Rain caused by fires, hairy frog fish, seagull eats another bird, Dick's Sporting Goods logo, Sigmund Freud's history is very different now as a Jew who chain smoked and had hundreds of surgeries on his face, EF3 tornado, CSF rhinorrhea,(Brain fluid leaking out like snot.)more weird sea animals, more geography changes, more weird clouds and cloud related changes, Tasmanian devil appearance changes, lots of Tasmanian tiger related changes, crow vs. magpie and birds are way more aggressive, toilet plant and more new weird plants and fungi.)(Video below.)
7119.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"Submitted for your approval."/"Submitted for the approval.")(Did Rod Serling say it more in The Twilight Zone as well?)
7120.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Ladybug swarms and they're on radar, Brazilian skipper caterpillar, USA now always had a migrant worker program, moving entire apartment complex on rails, more weird weather, earwigs can draw blood now, giant forest hog, boys that do not grow private parts until age 12, snub nose dolphins, warthog face lumps, can't see blue unless there is a word for it first, rainbow chemtrails, aerodynamic contrails, pet skunks and more weird stuff.)(Video below.)
7121.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember beluga whales not having knees?
7122.(Spelling change.)Pompei/Pompeii(Was the latter never acceptable?)
7123.(Coffee name change.)Chock Full Of Nuts/Chock Full O' Nuts(Is the logo off?)'Nuts
7124.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Ornithopter not existing?(1890's spy cameras?)
7125.(Fictional Character name change.)Jamie Summers/Jaime Sommers(Lindsey WagneLindsay Wagner)
7126.(Casino Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Primm not being connected?
7127.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Amadeus not being connected?
7128.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Black Sheep not being cut or connected?
7129.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Chrysler 200 not being connected?(Air Jordan logo has broken letters.)(Apple & Eve logo has broken and weird letters.)
7130.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Eckrich not being connected?
7131.(Painting change.)Do you remember the cherubs in the Sistine Madonna having different colored wings than they do now?(More changes to Chock Full O' Nuts logo.)
7132.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jesus not having a forked beard?
7133.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember being able to stack Draw cards and also being able to draw cards until you can play one in Uno instead of those being illegal plays?
7134.(Music Lyrics change.)"I had to say I love you in a song."/"I'll have to say I love you in a song."(Song title too.)(Do any of his logos look off?)
7135.(New fruits.)Do you remember only green kiwis existing?(Was it never known as a kiwifruit?)
7136.(City name change.)Chernobyl, Ukraine/Chornobyl, Ukraine(Was the latter not acceptable?)
7137.(Movie Quote change.)"An angel gets its wings."/"An angel gets his wing."
7138.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the letter U never ever being depicted as looking similar to a V?
7139.(Famous Actor name change.)Will Farell/Will Ferrell(Other spellings?)(Was his outfit in Elf all green or were the tights beige or orangish?)
7140.(Township name change.)Belle Meade, New Jersey/Belle Mead, New Jersey,_New_Jersey
7141.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Leonardo da Vinci not being the first person to describe contact lenses?(Anything else he supposedly was the first to describe seem off?)
7142.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Juneteenth not being a thing?
7143.(Famous Singer name change.)Glen Fry/Glenn Frey(Do any of their logos look off?)
7144.(Famous Singer name change.)Jackson Brown/Jackson Browne(off?)
7145.(Movie name change.)Trains, Planes And Automobiles/Planes, Trains And Automobiles,_Trains_and_Automobiles
7146.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Cranial fissures on orbital bone, Sun double halo, mastoiditus, cholesteatoma, MH370 flight path and history, Fort Alcatraz, Eastwing rockhammer, slow crawling lightning, gnat larvae moving blob, more new moon types, cat fox, Bristol or Windsor hum, more new quakes, living fish found in boy's lung, teratoma tumor, inflatable moth man parts, black cloth is more cooling than white cloth, Sunda stink badgers, Our Lady Of The Rockies, Possum-eating spider, more Lincoln Memorial changes, Viagra makes flowers stand up straight.)(Video below.)
7147.(Hip Hop Group name change.)Die Antwood/ Die Antwoord(Do any of their logos look off?)
7148.(Famous Composer name change.)Johanne Sebastian Bach/Johann Sebastian Bach
7149.(Famous Drummer name change.)Barrymore Barlow/Barriemore Barlow(Do any of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Uncle Sam's jacket being completely light blue?(Does his pointing finger look off?)
7150.(Song name change.)Love Rain On Me/Love, Reign o'er Me(Are the lyrics off?)(Is the way he sings it off?),_Reign_o%27er_Me
7151.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Younger humans growing horns, human height varies by 1 to 2 inches a day, spiders that eat mice, you continue growing well into your mid 20's, Wagu beef is not Wagyu and is more marbled, a single hornet kills a mouse, horses routinely bleed through their nose and lungs and nose during heavy exercise and it's not super dangerous for them, Britain's opium wars against China, Sahara sand is more orange, dead fish still tries to "bite", the Jordan Lead Codices, electric cars 100 years ago had 200 mile range now, zombie snakes play dead, restaurants in Japan serve still living food and food that's just still moving including frogs and octopus, Space Shuttle changes, more weird new plants, more geography changes, UV light may be able to kill flu viruses, Equal Pay Act Of 1983, moon looked like the Sun, Camera Obscura goes much farther back now in time.)(Video below.)
7152.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Woody not having cacti on his boots and no string attached to his hat?
7153.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Red Fraggle having red hair instead of orange hair?
7154.(Restaurant Product name change.)Hunger BusteHungr-Buster
7155.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Mandela effect conference, PayPal log tilting, crow standing on wings, wasp super nests, humans running like horses, funny bone no longer easy to bang, monkey cheek pouches, flies have 5 eyes, temple elephant head hair, venom spraying scorpions, syrup from walnut and other trees besides maple, fat tailed goats, Gympie Gympie trees, Dalai Llama saying non-Buddhist jerky kind of things now, mini tornados, Scandinavia was never a country, Caduceus has 2 snakes instead of 1 and other things.)(Video below.)
7156.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Honeybees can sometimes sting more than once, cannonball star eating fort, water anole uses bubble on head to breath underwater, magnetic portals connect sun and earth, Canadians also did Japanese internment camps, semi slugs and their love darts, thread snakes, kneeling moals, more anatomy changes and more stuff.)(Video below.)
7157.(Village name change.)Teahopoo/Teahupo'o(Other spellings?)'o
7158.(Website Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in being normal?
7159.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Dongle not being a thing?
7160.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Smokey Bear having overalls or suspenders instead of no shirt?(Does he look bigger?)(Does his fur look off?)(Is his face off?)
7161.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the gloves not fitting on O.J. Simpson's hands?(Did he not have glove liners?)(Was there only one glove?)(Are the gloves different?)(Was O.J. Simpson the one driving the car?)(Was he the only one in the car?)(Did he drive his own car?)(Did he not have a gun?)(Did he have something else?)
7162.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the pink lemon?
7163.(Spelling change.)WaffeWafer
7164.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I was just a young boy."/"When I was just a baby."
7165.(Famous Singer name change.)Billie Ellish/Billie Eilish(Is the pronunciation off?)(Other spellings?)
7166.(Famous Actress name change.)Mindy Cohen/Mindy Cohn
7167.(Date change.)Do you remember the first electric toaster not going as far back as 1893?
7168.(Spelling change.)Nickle/Nickel(Everything Nickel is used in.)
7169.(Fictional Character name change.)Eric Carmen/Eric Cartman(Other spellings?)
7170.(Famous Singer name change.)John Entwhistle/John Entwistle
7171.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Starbucks logo not having as many wavy lines?
7172.(Phantom person.)Do you remember Joe Bonamassa not existing?
7173.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the 3rd Degree Burn being the worst burn you can get instead it being 4th Degree?
7174.(Music Lyrics change.)"To think I might not see those eyes."/"To think I might not see those eye."(Any of their logos look off?)
7175.(Famous Paper name change.)Great Remonstrance/Grand Remonstrance
7176.(Fictional Character appearance change .)Do you remember Abby Mallard having braces?(Does her voice sound off?)(Did she have a lisp or speech impediment?)
7177.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the lid of the water tank in the Elisa Lam story being closed instead of open?
7178.(Famous Singer name change.)Andy Worhol/Andy Warhal/Andy Warhol(Other spellings?)
7179.(Company name change.)Cambell/Campbell's(Was Campbell always spelled Cambell in everything it was used in?)
7180.(Book Title change.)Kujo/Cujo(Do any of Strphen King's book logos look off?)
7181.(Famous Composer name change.)Andrew Loyd WebeAndrew Lloyd Webber(Other spellings?)
7182.(Music Lyrics change.)"Love is a burning flame."/"Love is a burning thing."(Any other lyrics off?)
7183.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bison and Buffalo being interchangeable names instead of being 2 different animals?
7184.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Siphonomores and pyrosomes, Portuguese Man Of War is not a jellyfish, sailfish change colors by mood, spleen can heal on its own, pygmy hippos, more Easter Island statue changes, long tailed weasels in San Diego, Moon Hill China, giant trevally fish snatches birds from air, red river hog, cave pearls and other things.)(Video below.)
7185.(Dictionary name change.)Meriam-WebsteMerriam-Webster(Other spellings?)
7186.(Instrument name change.)Accordian/Accordion
7187.(Celebrity death cause change.)Do you remember John Belushi dying of a drug overdose instead of being murdered?(Anything else off?)
7188.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(More on Tikki Marsala, Finland sided with Nazi Germany, cherubism, more weird clouds, Venus was maybe once more like Earth, thousand year old moss and nematodes were recently thawed out of ice and are still alive, weird Abraham Lincoln statue, more Crazy Horse changes, lithophonic stones in Stonehenge, cichlids change colors with mood, dancing mini stingrays with bifurcated leg like man parts, antelope jackrabbits, huge Hindu temples in USA, and more.)(Video below.)
7189.(Famous Singer name change.)Roy Albrighton/Roye Albrighton(Do any of their logos look off?)
7190.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Dorothy's slippers not having bows?(Were her socks white and not blue?)
7191.(Movie name change.)The Devil's Advocate/Devil's Advocate
7192.(Music Lyrics change.)"And I said hey."/"And I say hey."("What a wonderful time of day."/"What a wonderful kind of day.")("Learn to walk and play."/"Learn to work and play.")(Anything else off?)
7193.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember screaming frogs and toads not being a thing?(Anything else?)
7194.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Bambi's spots and tail being different?
7195.(Famous General name change.)Poncho Villa/Pancho Villa
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2019.04.18 00:25 iminterestingplease Part 44.

Here I am again.
6988.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember rainbow contrails not being a thing?
6989.(New species.)Have you heard of the pelican eel?(Comet moth, sea angel, Spanish dance fish, albino pink bellies side neck, vulturine guineafowl, fish hook ant, unnamed "troll" animal, more weird blue and green and black colored reptiles, marine iguanas, more weird colored parrot fish, lots of weird bat fish, lumpsucker, Latvia blue cows, Amazon milk frog, saddleback caterpillar, alligator lizard, blue mushrooms, horseshoe crabs looking really different, pink elephants and hippos, piranhas in lakes and rivers in UK, more safaris in the US, flying dragon lizard, ghost trees can now have color, pink sharks now exist, white-throated rail comes back from extinction, tiny dinosaur with bat-like wings found in China, Dephinus Delphis Dolphin.)
6990.(New species.)Have you heard of the floating feather star?(Giant Buddha statue carved into stone mountain in China, Ushiku Daibutsu in Ibaraki, Japan, Statue of Jesus Christ in Lisbon, giant Genghis Khan statue in Mongolia, bears that have snouts for sucking up insects, basket weave trees, cheetah lizard, Mandarin duck, mammoth donkey, common moths and caterpillars looking more and more detailed, giant Aboriginal statues in northern Australia, bees trained to sniff out bombs, daisies with pink or purple on the back, and 4, 2, 5, 6, 10, 21 and many other weirdly numbered leaf clovers now existing.)(Anything else off with clovers?)
6991.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the N in Netflix not being cut ever?
6992.(Shoe name change.)Lugs/Lugz
6993.(Water Logo change.)Do you remember Évian being blue instead of red?Évian
6994.(Fictional Character name change.)General Khala/General Kala
6995.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember rhodium not being a thing?
6996.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Geese tongues and more birds with teeth, mollified man, human genes put into monkeys, sea lions have manes and other weird appearance changes, more reverse head humans, elephantiasis, cheetah face markings, NASA tethering similar to ballooning spider, more ice on the moon, pig brains brought back to life through experiments, more weird skinks, crescent shaped Venus and moon in daytime.)(Video below.)
6997.(Famous Singer name change.)Bonnie TayloBonnie Tyler(Do any of her logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Jimi Hendrix never having any children?
6998.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Charlie Chaplin not looking as clean and not appearing as fit?(Does his whole face look cleaner?)(Were his clothes less professional?)(Did he always have the signature mustache?)
6999.(Fictional Character name change.)Barbara Cole/Barbra Cole
7000.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Frasier not being connected?
7001.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Homer Simpson having 3 strands of hair instead of 2?(Anything else off?)
7002.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember the shower scene in Psycho never showing the knife or the contact between the knife and the woman
7003.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Cadillac Escalade not being connected?
7004.(Vacuum Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Oreck not being connected?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the R in Rite Aid not being cut?
7005.(Shampoo Logo change.)Do you remember the Xs in Nexxus not being connected?
7006.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Grainger being different?
7007.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the T and P in STP being normal?
7008.(Gas Station name change.)Mobile Oil/Mobiloil(Mobile Gas/Mobilgas)(Anything else about any of the logos look off?)
7009.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Ford Escape being normal?(Anything else off?)
7010.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the R and A not being connected?
7011.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Dodge Dakota being normal?(Anything else off about any of the logos having to do with Dodge?)
7012.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Toyota Yaris being normal?(Anything else off?)
7013.(Delivery Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in DHL not being cut?(Is the D off?)(Did the company not exist?)(Did Jimmy John's not exist?)(Choclate/Chocolate)(Vanila/Vanilla)(Epics/Epix and is the logo off?)(Books no longer say Fiction or Non-Fiction on the spine?)(Kirk Cobain/Kurt Cobain)(Every Time You Go/Every Time You Go Away)(Anything else off?)("I don't want any damn peas!"/"I don't want any damn vegetables!")(Trix Rabbit's nose is a different shape.)(Tootsie Pop Owl is white or yellowish instead of brown or tan.)(Evander Hollyfield/Evander Holyfield and is the pronunciation off?)(Lenoox Lewis/Lennox Lewis)(Nellie Furtafo/Nelly Furtado)(Trivigo/Trivago)(Dillon's/Dhillons)(Other spellings?)(Didn't Kim Kercheval die already?)(SugeSugar)(Arcticat/Artic Cat)(Anything else off?)(Spider that resembles sushi.)(Zach Galifanakis/Zach Galifianakis and is the pronunciation off?)(Other spellings?)(Super giant pineapples exist.)(Numerous "Hear what you want to hear" videos.)(Mary Janes candy changed to Mary Jane, not the shoes.)(Bonnie Taylor didn't actually change according to the original finder.)(Sherman Hemsley died in 2012, then 2019, then 2012.)(Crazy Bone/Krayzie Bone)(Lazy Bone/Layzie Bone)(Flesh And Bone/Flesh-n-Bone)(Sherwood Forrest/Sherwood Forest)(More Razzle Dazzle stuff.)(George Reaves/George Reeves)(Trestella, California/Trestelle, California)(Hill Valley Town Square in Back To The Future now has memorial in it when some remember nothing and others remember a gazebo.)(HomeGoids Os are now cut a little.)(The Thing movie logo letters are connected.)(World's first sci-fi stiry was written in the 2nd century.)(Singing instructors tell people to sing from their stomach and liver.)(Elle Goulding/Ellie Goulding)(More tech ahead of its time.)(White ravens now exist.)(Cassowaries now exist.)(Very young serial killers.)(Documentary on Amazon Prime released already?)(Turkish black carrots now exist.)(Rubber duck isopods.)(Jimmy Vaughn/Jimmy Vaughan/Jimmie Vaughan))(Lexis/Lexus)(Quentan Tarantino/Quentin Tarantino)(Other spellings?)(Bill Keane/Bil Keane)(Orgin/Origin)(Bill Baird/Bil Baird)(Bill DwyeBil Dwyer)(Bill Donovan/Bil Donovan)(Maleficent's face is now a blueish color instead of green.)(Roddy McDowell/Roddy McDowall)(Dolly Pardon/Dolly Parton)(Joe Poesci/Joe Pesci)(Other spellings?)(Hart/Heart)(Chameleons can copy more patterns and colors now.)(Zone Of Silence in Mexico.)(Did 4-leaf and other types of clovers not exist for you at all?)(Weird new planet related Mandela Effects.)(Alison's Restaurant/Alice's Restaurant)(Astronomer buried on moon in 1999.)(8 deadly sins?)(Meghan Markle having a boy instead of girl.)(Frank L. Baum/L. Frank Baum)(Devilled Eggs/Deviled Eggs)(Anything else off with the word Deviled?)(Heads-up Display/Head-up Display)(Does The Sign by Ace Of Base sound off?)(RoboCop KFC commercials.)(Established connection in Britain's Got Talent episode.)(Both The Doors and Doors exist.)(Both The Beatles and Beatles exist.)(Both The Beach Boys and Beach Boys exist.)(So many high quality photos of the Titanic and onboard it and during the sinking of it and during the rescues.)(Truely/Truly)(Droped/Dropped)Annie's dress design has changed.)(Annie now has the tagline The Movie Of Tomorrow.)(Boston album logo is merged.)(Is it Oliver or Oliver Twist cause it may be both now?)(Old and new Geek Squad logos have changed.)(Alice's Restaurant logo has merged.)(AC Delco is now merged.)(Heart album logo and logo in general letters are off.)(All Paramount letters are way off from what they once were.)(Dakine logo has off letters.)(PB Max letters are off.)(Clark candy bar letters are off.)(West Coast Video letters are off.)(Western Express letters are off.)(Drakkar Noir letters are connected and off.)(The Covergirls/Covergirls and their logos are all off.)(Cartier letters are off.)(Regular text on online search and newspapers and in certain fonts is starting to merge and in handwriting too.)(RachefelleRochefelleRockefeller)(Other spellings?)(Mosanto/Monsanto)(The ending of ER has changed in a lot of ways.)(Do you remember any other singers singing certain songs?)(Octapus/Octopus)(Orphan trains now used to exist.)(Street Sharks was now a thing.)(Eagles never sang Margaritaville or Cheeseburger In Paradise. Jimmy Buffett did.)(Eddie Rabbitt never sang The Wanderer. Dion DiMucci did.)(Twisted Sister never sang Cum On Feel The Noize. Slade did.)(Janis Joplin never sang Son Of A Preacher Man. Dusty Springfield did.)(The Cure never sang I Melt With You. Modern English did.)(Didn't Freddie Starr die 10-15 years ago instead of May 9, 2019?)(Carl Benz/Karl Benz)(Winona Ryder now wears a monocle in Heathers.)(Horses now never wore blinders.)(Baby x-rays are way different.)(Evie Noel/Evie Noall)(Mark Ferwings/Mark Fewings)(Brian Stavely/Brian Staveley)(Don Skool/Don Scool)(Cantelope/Cantaloupe)(Butterfingers/Butterfinger)(Spiders that can imitate ladybugs.)(The way some people from certain places can balance so well on steep mountainsides which may not be a change but could be.)(Teddy from Stand By Me now has a mole in some scenes and it's more obvious in certain scenes.)(1872 Lone Pine Earthquake which was largest earthquake that ever hit California in recorded history.)(Cussing in Little House On The Prairie?)(Was Todd Bridges never in the show at all and did the episode with him in it not exist?)(Type-O/Typo)(Jerry McGuire/Jerry Maguire)(Character and movie.)(David Williams/David Walliams)(Zebra Bullhead Shark.)(Man wants to legally change birth year from 1949 to 1969.)(Wayne's World 2 now came out in 1993 instead of 1994.)(Top Gun now came out in 1986 instead of 1987.)(Highlander 3: The Final Dimension now came out in 1995 instead of 1993.)(Scott F. Fritzgerald/F. Scott Fitzgerald)(Robert Fritzgerald/Robert Fitzgerald)(Richard Fritzpatrick/Richard Fitzpatrick)(Ben Effleck/Ben Affleck)(Savannah house cats now exist.)(Marshmallow plants now exist and marshmallows are no longer completely artificial.)(Shaun Wallace/Wallace Shawn and now there is another celebrity named Shaun Wallace.)(Didn't Doris Day earlier than May 13, 2019?)(Sauerkraut is now from China and not Germany.)(Didn't Tim Conway die before May 14, 2019?)(Everybody Get Up/Get Up Everybody)("Sad story."/"Sad soul."/"Sad songs.")(Do any of his logos look off?)(Is the video off?)(Moser Hotel/Mosser Hotel)(Wasn't there a butterfly on the movie cover for The Butterfly Effect?)("Lived a man who sailed the seas."/"Lived a man who sailed to sea.")(Mark Chestnut/Mark Chesnutt)(Do any of his logos look off?)(She's a maniac. Maniac at your door."/"She's a maniac. Maniac at your love."/"She's a maniac. Maniac I sure know.")(Was it something else?)(Do any of his logos look off?)(Did Hall & Oates sing this song and not Michael Sembello?)(Anything else off?)("Are the voices in your head?"/"Or the voices in your head."/"All the voices in your head.")(Do any of her logos look off?)("Give me your answer true."/"Give me your answer do.")("I'm half crazy over the love the love of you."/"I'm half crazy all for the love of you.")("Bicycle made for two."/"Bicycle built for two.")(Do any of his logos look off?)(Is the title off?)("The ending is just the beginning."/"The ending is just a beginner.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(Tangueray/Tanqueray)(Charles Dickerson/Charles Dickens)(Ernest Hemmingway/Ernest Hemingway)("Once upon a midnight dreary."/"Once upon a midnight dearie.")(Do any of their logos look off?)("Can you see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?"/"Can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?")(Poinsetta/Poinsettia)(Exhalt/Exalt)(Bippity Boppity Boop/Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo)(Kanga from Winnie The Pooh almost never wears an apron.)(Eeyore's patches are missing.)(Piglet and Winnie The Pooh no longer have tails.)(Winnie The Pooh/Winnie-The-Pooh)(Hundred Acre Woods/Hundred Acre Wood)(Quails are poisonous.)(Polly In My Pocket/Polly Pocket)(Was it something else?)("Have yourself a Merry little Christmas time."/"Have yourself a merry little Christmas night."/"Have yourself a merry little Christmas now.")(US missionary killed by tribe happened years ago and has now only just happened.)("Thunderbolts and lightning."/"Thunderbolt and lightning.")(Monica Lewinski/Monica Lewinsky)("In the winter we can build a snowman."/"In the meadow we can build a snowman.")("Later on we'll perspire."/"Later on we'll conspire.")("No pleasure here on Earth I find."/"No pleasure here on Earth I found.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(Did the Beedrill and Ponyta Pokémon not exist?)(Arianna Grande/Ariana Grande)(Zapados/Zapdos)(Electrabuzz/Electabuzz)(Epseon/Espeon)("You want to go where everybody knows your name."/"You want to be where everybody knows your name.")(Octopuses don't have tentacles now. They have arms.)(Dainty Kane/Danity Kane)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Schitzophrenia/Schizophrenia)(Other spellings?)("You looking at me?"/"You talking to me?")(Gnocci/Gnocchi)(Macaroons are now the coconut deserts and macarons are the colorful cookies.)(Billy Banks/Billy Blanks)(Roobios/Rooibos)("If I could change the world."/"And I can change the world.")(Do any of his logos look off?)("Who could it be now?"/"Who can it be now.")("Christmas time is here."/"Christmas time is near.")("Time for joy."/"Time for toys.")("Do you really feel the way I feel?"/"Do I really feel the way I feel?")(Do any of his logos look off?)
7014.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Zumiez not being connected?(Is the WorldPants logo off?)
7015.(Cereal Logo change.)Do you remember the Rs in Cap'n Crunch cereal being normal?(Were the letters never connected in any of the names?)
7016.(T.V. Show name change.)The Twilight Zone/Twilight Zone/The Twilight Zone
7017.(Movie name change.)Spider-Man: Enter The Multiverse/Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse(Other names?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Easter Island statues not having eyes and not having hieroglyphics on them?(Anything else off?)(Do you remember Easter being earlier or later in the year?)(More celebrities brought back to life.)(Cochella/Coachella and is the pronunciation off?)(Jimi Hendrix dies at 27 now instead of 28.)(Marilyn Monroe now has a brother and sister.)(Reese Whithherspoon/Reese Witherspoon)(Did Reese Witherspoon play in Clueless?)(Did Alicia Silverstone not exist?)(Tree that has its own waterfall-like spout.)(Gavin McGraw/Gavin DeGraw)(More weird bridges.)
7018.(Famous Singer name change.)Lou Vega/Lou Bega(Other spellings?)
7019.(Song name change.)Winds Of Change/Wind Of Change
7020.(Shoe name change.)Mary Janes/Mary Jane(Other names?)
7021.(Cocoa Logo change.)Do you remember the Swiss Miss girl looking different or being dressed different or holding something or not?(Did she not exist?)(Did Swiss Miss pudding bars not exist?)(Did Swiss Miss only sell cocoa before?)
7022.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Pop not having a white hat?,_Crackle_and_Pop
7023.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember the Trix Rabbit having a black nose?(Was the TV Tropes logo normal?)(Marylin Monroe/Marilyn Monroe)
7024.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Marlboro Beer not existing?
Add-On: Do you remember Tom Cruise's shirt in Risky Business not having stripes?
Add-On: Do you remember Waldo having an all red hat and was his shirt inverted?'s_Wally%3F
7025.(Slogan change.)"The taste that refreshes."/"The pause that refreshes."
7026.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Inflammable and Flammable not meaning the same thing?(Was Inflammable not a word?)
7027.(Date change.)Do you remember 420 not going as far back as the 1970's or not existing?
7028.(Spelling change.)Hippy/Hippie(Was the former the only acceptable spelling?)
7029.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Lorraine Warren dying way before April 18, 2019?
7030.(Movie Series name change.)BladerunneBlade Runner(Do any of the logos look off?)
7031.(Famous Actor name change.)Bob Sagot/Bob Saget
7032.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember sailing stones not being a thing?
7033.(History change.)Do you remember Bonnie And Clyde being shot at by numerous cops as they exited a building instead of them being shot by less cops while in a car?
7034.(Music Lyrics change.)"You had my heart and soul in your hand."/"You had my heart inside of your hand."
7035.(Amusement Park name change.)Hershey Park/Hersheypark
Add-On: Do you remember Charlie Brown's hair being different in any way?
7036.(Famous Rapper name change.)Nate Dog/Nate Dogg
7037.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Snoop Dogg inventing terms and words like My Nizzle instead of stuff like appearing on Double Dutch Bus?
7038.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Stingrays that look like gargoyles, Elvis never sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Queen actually did, more swastikas in our past, eyes being less or more sensitive or being better or not, Harris hawks hunt in packs, protruberance/protuberance, fabella bone, more anatomy changes, women have bigger anterior cortex, insects that can change color, more Statue Of Liberty changes, squid and octopus tentacles now have teeth in them and the suction cups can swivel up to 720 degrees, CERN Symmetry movie, more new and big sea animals, more geography changes, more statue changes and new statues, more weird new gorilla related changes, celestrial/celestial, more DNA changes.)(Video below.)
7039.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the Cucamelon?
7040.(Song name change.)Saying Goodbye To Hollywood/Say Goodbye Hollywood(Are the lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7041.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Robinson Crusoe stories being completely fiction?
Add-On: Do you remember Billy Joel having his newer look in the We Didn't Start The Fire music video?
7042.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the chocolate pudding fruit?
7043.(Company name change.)J.P. Morgan Chase/JPMorgan Chase(Was the name officially J.P. Morgan Chase?)(Were the letters not connected?)
7044.(Music Lyrics change.)"Love Stinks."/"Love Stink."(Do any of their logos look off?)
7045.(Famous Actor name change.)Chiwetel OkafoChiwetal Ejiofor(Other spellings?)
7046.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember John Singleton dying earlier than April 29, 2019?
7047.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Saturn's rings again, tribes with genetics of a 3rd human species, Malenesian people, Australian spider season, hypnotized chickens, camels are metal now, square starfish, planetary nebulas aren't planetary, sun is now blue-green, polar overdominance, genomic imprinting, mountains can be seen from further away now, new bone growth mechanism, more Amelia Earhart related changes, lots of earthquake changes surrounding how buildings used to be and how mud and water act now, more geography changes, women look more like men in the body and men look more like women in the body, hearts can continue to beat after death, moonfish, more anatomy changes, whipworms, more weird sea animals, clouds that rain in only one spot, sheep with huge butts, villages and places where all people only walk on all fours, smog in certain places, you can injure your shoulder if a doctor doesn't properly inject something into it.)(Video below.)
7048.(Movie Quote change.)"Long ago in a galaxy far away."/"A long time ago in a galaxy far far away."
7049.(Movie Quote change.)"May the force be with you."/"The force is with you always."(Was it the always the former and never anything else?)
7050.(Cereal name change.)Wheatos/Weetos(Wheatabix/Weetabix)
7051.(Restaurant name change.)Foodrockers/Fuddruckers
7052.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being so many high quality photos of Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi?édéric_Auguste_Bartholdi
7053.(Movie Quote change.)"I've been a rich man and I've been a poor man and I'd take rich any fucking day of the week."/"I've been a rich man and I've been a poor man and I choose rich every fucking time."
7054.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Dayton Miller not existing?
7055.(Company name change.)Sthl/Stihl
7056.(New species.)Have you heard of the fiery-throated hummingbird?
7057.(New plants.)Have you heard of giant dandelions?
7058.(New fruits.)Have you heard of indoor dwarf fruit trees?
7059.(Spelling change.)Novacaine/Novocaine(Was it only ever spelled Novacaine or something else?)(Was it never known as Procaine?)(Oralgel/Oragel/Orajel)(Lanacaine/Lanacane)(Dermaplast/Dermoplast)
7060.(Famous Singer name change.)Taylor Dane/Taylor Dayne(Other spellings?)
7061.(Product name change.)Swimmer's Ear Drops/Swim-Ear
7062.(Company name change.)Funk & Wagners/Funk & Wagnalls
7063.(Music Lyrics change.)"Hello my baby. Hello my darling."/"Hello my baby. Hello my honey."(Was it something else?)
7064.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Coppertone baby's butt not completely showing?
7065.(Store name change.)Pet Value/Pet Valu(Were the logos never connected?)
7066.(Comic Strip name change.)Family Circus/The Family Circus
7067.(Music Lyrics change.)"Below his knees."/"Below his knee."(Other lyrics?)
7068.(Rock Band name change.)Steeley Dan/Steely Dan(Do any of their logos look off?)
7069.(Music Lyrics change.)"We can take it to the edge of the night."/"We can take it to the end of the line."(Do any of her logos look off?)(Other lyrics?)
7070.(Music Lyrics change.)"Hands touching hands."/"Hand touching hands."("To believe they ever wood."/"To believe they never wood.")("Good times never felt so good."/"Good times never seemed so good.")(Was there people singing a "Bomp, bomp, bomp" in the song?)
7071.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Shark spiral egg case, Easter egg plant, Ginko/Gingko tree(Other spellings?),Opthalmologist/Ophthalmologist, silverback gorilla coloration abd other gorilla changes, shark nostrils and other shark changes, RH- is not 61 different antigens, human tongue can smell, white strawberries are natural and other strawberry changes, tarahumera tribe can run hundreds of miles without practicing, bat used pitcher plant as a toilet.)(Video below.)
7072.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Christmas tree worms, pinhole cameras, Ground Zero photos look extremely fake now, more weird plants, person's finger grew over wedding ring, magnetic dunes, Russia and China almost went to nuclear war, more weird clouds, dish faced Arabian horses, 2 different types of nuclear bombs dropped on Japan, Earth's Star Trek shield, Bombay blood and more new weird blood types, water is number one greenhouse gas, pollen turns sky green, super corals, reindeer eyes change colors, water bullets from the sun, alcohol in space and the smell of space.)(Video below.)
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2019.01.27 12:13 psiloclandestine What its like to be re-birthed on 500 micrograms of LSD

AKA, The Cosmic Thunderdome, an experience entirely too ungodly intense.
I'd like to start this by saying that I've done acid as well as LSA before, but the doses I based an LSD experience off of were vastly skewed to say the least; I thought I'd done 600 mics before, but I absolutely had not. This experience made me sure of that.
I started my Saturday on a good note; woke up early, drove around with good music, went to a nature preserve and had a great time with a close friend. That night some friends and I planned to drop. I decided on 2 tabs, 500 mics. Was a great crowd and I thought I could handle the heat, why not?
5:20 - drop our acid, shoot the shit, wait for the come-up
I was having a great time as it started kicking in, but as the trip started unraveling, I knew it would end up being a glimpse at the divine.
And this is when the trip begins. I'll try my best to describe it, but English is absolutely not a reliable method of sharing these experiences.
After a bowl of weed things started getting extremely balls-to-the-wall intense. Smoking on top of the acid was one of the biggest mistakes I think I've made to date. We all sat down in the living room, reality was pulsing and vibrating like guitar strings all around me. less than 15 minutes from this point, the rocket boosters roared to life beneath me and I was sent hurtling into hyperspace at the speed of light. Every appendage felt like it weighed a million pounds, I could only barely move my head to look around the room. What a fucking sight it was; The room twisted in on itself in 4 dimensions, as the acid sucked me into fully immersive thought loops which placed me in the exact same ten-second scenario over and over and over. (And over). I'd participate in a bit of conversation with the others, only for it to unfold in exactly the same way every few seconds. This lasted for hours. it was a maddening flurry of periods of brief control and periods of utter mental butt-fuckery as the rules of reality were drawn and fucking quartered right in front of me.
The thought loops were immediately a deeply terrifying experience for me; I won't stress it enough: I was NOT prepared for this experience and likely will never be smoking on top of acid again. It tore me a new asshole and shoveled hot liquid shit down my throat, Just for spite. The versions of my trip-buddies in my head didn't seem real, sprouting their monologues on repeat. I was convinced that I had gone insane, and that the only way out was suicide. Though I highly doubt I would've gone to that extreme, even if I wasn't in a physically sedated state. I knew I was fucking GONE, though I couldn't remember that I had even taken a drug. I couldn't rely on the company of those around me to lift me out of the hole, as much as I wanted to. They weren't real, just robots on repeat in my head. It was an un-englishably, earth-shatteringly incredible experience, but was also the most terrified and utterly alone I'd been in my life, ever.
Some parts of this experience really were utterly hilarious in a strange, dissociative kinda way. it was like being the butt of my own cruel joke, as time replayed and twisted on itself in my head for an eternity. The entire room was in unfathomably realistic 3-D motion like a Rubix cube; images of my compadres and I in 3-D space stretched towards infinity. I had never experienced anything like this on any other psychedelic, ever; my ego would zap out of my body into another version of me in a parallel dimension, experiencing the same exact loops, over and over. I could see visions of extra-dimensional entities sitting in control rooms, observing my experience, expressions of chilling omnipotence on their faces. The whole shabang felt very alien, and I could sense an immensely evil presence drilling its tendrils into my head-space as time relentlessly looped in on itself before my tear-soaked eyes. At the time, I was absolutely certain that I had lost my shit-stained marbles. Honestly, at the time of writing this report, I'm still unsure if this psychological scar will heal.
There I was, 10:00 PM, crying my eyes out with a 50/50 shot of dropping napalm in my pants; watching my world be ripped apart and brilliantly welded along new seams. While it was incomprehensibly intense on a cosmic scale, It definitely wasn't an entirely bad experience; there are some parts of it that I got a kick out of before things took a darker turn. Whenever it started getting really intense, I forgot I was alive. Didn't know I was nestled in the 8th dimension, just was a tad braindead for a bit. Ego-death, if you will. As I came out of that phase, I wasn't sure why all this was happening, but I knew there was some serious clappage afoot when this image of a pyramid of data appeared in my closed eye headspace. In the background, there was a man slapping his forehead with this absolute shit-eating grin on his face, and some text next to it read "when you get the joke, you'll slap your forehead and go "OOOOHHHHHHHH!!". So of course I was a little confused, but when this man's voice started telling me exactly what would happen in exact order within the next 40 seconds, I was a bit skeptical. He said that my trip buddies would do certain things in some weird, very specific order, and that I would have to get up and give my headphones to a woman in a red car outside. I was weirded out until everything fell into place perfectly as the man said. One event after the other, in perfect order without missing a beat. At this point I was just like "aight guess I'm giving my headphones to this chick in a red car." But then I slapped my forehead and went: "OOOOHHHHHHHH!!" because I realized that the fucking joke was that I was clapped to hyperspace and back and I didn't even realize it. Then that whole series of events would repeat. EXACTLY the same as before. With zero deviation, tens of times in a row and I would slap my forehead and go "OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!" like a fuckin dumbass every time without fail because I was so balls deep in hyper-pussy.
I calmed down a bit as things began to settle down, but I knew that if I didn't try to come to terms with the unthinkable Lovecraftian horror I had just experienced, I could be fucked for life. I sat there on that couch, and tried to conceptualize what I had gone through. It felt like I had lived 10,000 lifetimes back to back without a moment to rest. There was nothing I could do to understand even a fragment of what had just molested my mind; I just sat there shaking, trying as best I could to remember my name. it was gonna be a hot minute before I felt anywhere close to normal after that.
--- I am no stranger to the psychedelic experience, and I do plan to delve this deep again in the future; just under different circumstances. I felt comfortable going into the experience, and I do believe my set and setting were (for the most part) prime. I believe the issue lies heavily in my lack of understanding in how marijuana would affect an acid trip, as well as some underlying trust issues with a certain individual in the trip group at the time. This is not me blaming another for my poor decision making in any shape or form, but I do believe that when someone is in such a fragile state of mind, all others present absolutely should not fuck with them in any way. The experience could have been much less traumatic if I had done this with people I'd trust with my life. ---
(Edit, 2 months later: I still feel as though I am a different person from this experience, and it has laid deep roots of trauma that I struggle with to this day. Please use this report as a cautionary tale if you're inexperienced and considering a high dose.)
PART 2: What a 500 mic acid trip feels like.
After initially peaking, it felt very uncomfortable. I'm not sure if it was the marijuana, but my whole body felt like it does when coming to after passing out. Kinda like resting an arm on a table for a really long time then pulling it away, that annoying tingly-pain kinda feeling. But for the most part, acid feels like electricity; raw, unbridled energy. It's like I immediately tapped into some kind of a wey-line through hyperspace at a million miles per second, lightning in my veins, an ungodly fast heartbeat in my ears, and sudden awareness of every single nerve in my body as they blitzed into infinity. I could literally feel each hair on my body growing in real time; I'm not sure if y'all have experienced this before, but it is some seriously cool shit. On the come-down, I figured out I could actually feel things that I conceptualized in my head. For example, if I imagined an endless stream of tentacles thundering through my sinuses at mach 10 then that is damn well exactly what I physically felt. I played around with this aspect for awhile; sending little snakes ripping through my teeth at the speed of sound, shattering my entire jaw and exploding my lungs, my nose being ripped off of my face, needles poking around in my mouth and eyes; every feeling I could think of could be physically felt, literally without exception. Pain was definitely there but was actually rather pleasant, making it seem more like a light-speed massage of every nerve in my face and body at once.
In essence, acid feels like driving a deep, brilliant metallic candy apple red 1971 Corvette Stingray with a 454 tapping and roaring it's mechanical orchestra under the hood, fire belching from a tragically expensive custom exhaust system, the air a medicinal mix of burnt motor oil and unburned gasoline, soaring 200mph over smooth Arizona asphalt at sunset, all while Classic Rock blares on the radio. THAT. is what acid in this quantity feels like.
(Speaking of music, it had insane depth. I could pick out individual notes or Instruments of a song and mute out everything else, only hearing what I chose. It was cool but wasn't really a big part of the experience due to the intensity of everything else. The sensations I described earlier would pulse to the beat of the music though, it felt fantastic.)
The experience began tapering off after this, and I honestly don't recall much from it. Talked with the trip group a bit but don't remember a word any of us said. I caught my Uber home, and here I sit now, typing this monster of a trip report.
This fucking leviathan experience has left me with some undeniable trauma; it's something i'm gonna have to live with, but it's also something that I feel has great applicability in various aspects of my life that I need to focus on fixing. I'd like to be more involved with friends, I'd like to get back into working out, I'd like to start dating again. This experience is likely going to be a valuable avenue and the basis for all of my personal growth from here on out.
Please, please note: I do NOT recommend a beginner to take anywhere near a plunge as deep as mine, this molecule commands complete and utter respect. If you abuse it in any sense of the word it will rip you down to your lowest low and slam your face into boiling hot Hypersoup while sticking a pinky up your asshole.
Thanks for reading. The human psyche is not a toy to be played with; please ensure safe travels.
submitted by psiloclandestine to Psychonaut [link] [comments]

2018.12.07 23:07 ravl13 [H] Digital Movie Codes (Coco, Infinity War, Black Panther) and Steam Games [W] Immortal Redneck, Wizard of Legend, Purrrect Date

IGSRep page here:
[**Steam Profile of ravl13**] (
I'm only looking for game in title. Not interested in others unless they're on Wishlist.
PS3 -------------
Final Fight: Double Impact
Okami HD
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3
Guild Wars -------------
Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition plus Toy MiniEye DLC
Guild Wars Nightfall plus Eye of the North DLC
UPLAY -------------
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China
GOG -------------
Consortium Master Edition
Earthworm Jim 1+2
Frozen Cortex
Frozen Synapse
Creatures Exodus
Dungeon Keeper Gold
Magrunner: Dark Pulse
Mount & Blade
System Shock 2
The Witcher Enhanced Edition
MOVIES (Note: pretty much all major movie studios have consolidated redemption at -------------
Nightmare Before Christmas (Digital Copy - Expires September 2023)
Avengers Infinity War (Digital Copy - Expires Aug 2023)
Black Panther (Digital Copy - Expires May 2023)
Coco (Digital Copy - Expires Feb 2023)
Spider-man: Homecoming (Digital Copy - Expires Dec 2019)
Don't Breathe (Digital Copy - Expires Dec 2019)
Ghostbusters 1 & 2 (Digital Copy - Expires Dec 2019)
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (Digital Copy - Disney codes don't expire)
Jumanji [old one with Robin Williams] (Digital Copy - Expires December 2019)
Jumanji [new one with Kevin Hart] (Digital Copy - Expires December 2019)
Celebrating Mickey [13 Micky Mouse cartoons] (Digital Copy - Expires October 2023)
Tomb Raider (2018 reboot - Digital Copy - Expires July 2019)
Alien Covenant (Digital Copy - Expires December 2019)
Isle of Dogs (Digital Copy - Expires November 2020)
Christopher Robin (Digital Copy - Disney codes don't expire)
STEAM -------------
2064: Read Only Memories
About Love, Hate and the Other Ones
Abyss Odyssey
Acceleration of Suguri 2
Adventures of Shuggy
AI War: Fleet Command
AI Fleet War Command + AI war Zenith DLC
Alien Breed Trilogy
Alien Soldier
Always Sometimes Monsters
Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition
Analogue: Hate Story + OST
Anomaly 2
Anomaly Warzone earth
Another Perspective
Aporia: Beyond the Valley
Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender
Ara Fell
Arkham Origins
Arma: Cold War Assault (Gift)
Assassin in Orlandes
Aurion: Legacy of Kori-Odan
Avadon 2
Bear With Me - Collector's Edition
BeatBuddy: Tales of Guardians
Bionic Commando
BitBlaster XL
Bit Dungeon II
Bit Trip Beat (Gift)
Black: the Fall
BloodRayne: Betrayal
BloodRealm: Battlegrounds Debut Champion "Lora" + 3 Elite Packs (Early Access)
Blue Estate: The Game
Bot Vice
Breach and Clear
Broken Sword 1
Chains 2 Relinked
Chaos Engine
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Chroma Squad
Citizens of Earth
Civilization III Complete
Cognition GOTY
Cognition: Erica Reed Thriller Complete
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes Complete Edition
Company of Heroes 2: German and Soviet Skin DLC
Cook, Serve, Delicious
Cook, Serve, Delicious 2
Cosmic DJ
Count Lucanor + OST
Crunch Time!
Crusader Kings II
Cthulu Saves the World
D: the Game
Darkness II
Dawn of Magic 2
Dawn of War II: The Last Standalone
Dawn of War II Retribution - Ultramarines DLC
Day of the Tentacle Remastered x2
Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut
Death Ray Manta SE
Deponia Doomsday
Devil Daggers
Data Hacker: Reboot
Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars
Divide by Sheep
Doc Clock: Toasted Sandwich
Doorways: Underworld (episode 3)
DreadOut & DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark & OST
Dungeon Nightmares II : The Memory
Dungeon of the Endless
Dungeons III
Dustforce DX
Else Heart.Break()
Endless Space Collection
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition
Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Eschalon Books 1 & 2
Evoland 2
Fearless Fantasy
Fidel Dungeon Rescue
Finding Teddy
Five Nights at Freddy's
Flame in the Flood
Flat Heroes
Frederic: Resurrection of Music
From the Depths
Frozen Synapse
Fortix 2
Fort Meow
Full Metal Furries
Full Throttle Remastered
Gemcraft - Chasing Shadows
Geometry Dash
Giana Sisters
Girls Like Robots
Goblins & Grottos
Golden Axe II
Goat Simulator GOATY
Gorky 17
Golden Axe 2
Graze Counter
Grid 2
Grim Fandango Remastered
Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition
Guacamelee Gold (get this one instead of Turbo if you have mac or linux)
Guns of Icarus Alliance Collector's Edition
Hacknet x2
Hack, Slash, Loot
Hard Reset Extended
Hero of the Kingdom
Hiveswap: Act 1
Hoard Complete
Holy Potatoes: In Space
Hot Tin Roof
Hotline Miami 2
How to Survive
Human Resource Machine
Hyper Light Drifter
ICY: Frostbite Edition
Infested Planet + Trickster's Arsenal DLC
Inner World + Soundtrack
It's Spring Again Collector's Edition
JumpJet Rex
Just Cause XXL Edition
Karma - Incarnation 1
Kathy Rain
Kentucky Route Zero Full Season
Khet 2.0
Kingdom New Lands
Kingdom Rush
Knights of Pen and Paper +1
Kung Fu Stike: Warrior Rise
Lakeview Cabin Collection
Last Door (Collector's Edition)
Last Door 2 (Collector's Edition)
Layers of Fear x2
Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition
Lethal League x2
Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey
Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1 - 5)
Linea: The Game
Little Nightmares (USA Only)
Lost Castle
Lumino City
Luna's Wandering Stars
Manos: Hands of Fate
Maker's Eden + Soundtrack
Manual Samuel
Marvin's Mittens
Megabyte Falcon Paunch
Men of War - Assault Squad GOTY
Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition
Monster Loves You x2
Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock
Mushroom 11
Mutant Mudds Deluxe
Mutant Storm Reloaded
Murder Miners (Gift)
Neon Chrome
Never Alone: Arctic (Complete) Collection
Nightmares From the Deep: Cursed
Nights into Dreams
Ninja Pizza Girl
Northmark: Hour of the Wolf
Not the Robots
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Odallus: The Dark Call
Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You x2
Pac-Man Championship DX (USA only)
Panzer Corps
Paper Sorceror
Pix the Cat
Pixeljunk Eden
Pinball FX 2 Base Game & Civil War table
Pixeljunk Eden
Please don't touch anything
Poker Night at Inventory
Pony Island
Potatoman Seeks the Troof
Power Up
Planet Stronghold: Soundtrack DLC
Punch Club Deluxe Edition
Purrfect Date
Puzzle Agent
Puzzle Agent 2
Puzzle Bots
Quest for Infamy
Race the Sun
Rain World
Read Only Memories
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil Revelations
Retro Game Crunch
Retro Grade
Rise of the Triad (2013)
RIVE: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball x2
Rollers of the Realm
Runaway: Dream of the Turtle
Runaway: Road Adventure
Runaway: Twist of Fate
Runestone Keeper
Ryse: Son of Rome (USA Only)
Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse
SanctuaryRPG: Black
Savant: Ascent
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Secret of the Magic Crystals Complete (you know you want dat shit)
Serial Cleaner
Shadowgate (2014 release) x2
Shadowrun Returns
Shadow Blade: Reload
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
Shattered Planet
She Remembered Caterpillars
Silent Age
Sonic Adventure 2
Skulls of the Shogun
Snake Pass
Sniper Elite V2
Solar 2
Sonic 3, Sonic Spinball, Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine (All-in-one)
Space Run Galaxy
Spec Ops: The Line
Speedball 2 HD
Spirits x2
Spy Fox: Dry Cereal
Stanley Parable
Stardust Vanguards
Star Wars™: Dark Forces
Star Wars™: Dark Forces II
SteamWorld Heist
Stick RPG 2
Styx: Master of Shadows
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People
Sudden Strike 4 (USA Only)
Super Cyborg x2
Super Wagon Adventure
Super Galaxy Squadron EX
Super Trench Attack 2
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Supreme Commander
Supreme Legaue of Patriots Complete Season Pass
Sweet Lilly Dreams
System Shock Double Pack (1 + 2)
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
Talisman Prologue
Talisman: Digital Edition + Frostmarch Expansion
Tesla Effect: Tex Murphy Adventure
Tex Murphy: Killing Moon
The Surge
The Turing Test
They Bleed Pixels
This Strange Realm of Mine
The Ball
The Invisible Hours
The Marvelous Miss Take
The Mooseman
The Nightmare Collective
The Samaritan Paradox
The Sexy Brutale
The Undergarden
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
The Yahwg
Tiny & Big
Toki Tori 2+ x2
Tomb Raider (2013 reboot)
Tomb of Tyrants
Total War Rome II: Nomadic Tribes Culture DLC
Total War Rome II: Caesar in Gaul DLC
Tower 57
Tower of Guns
Tower Unite
Train of Afterlife
Tracks of Triumph: Industrial Zone
Tracks and Turrets
Tropico 4: Collector's Bundle (All DLC included)
Tropico 5
Type:Rider x2
Vanguard Princess + Hilda Ryze DLC
Vermintide: Warhammer End Times
Viscera Cleanup: Santa's Rampage
Volgarr the Viking
Waking Mars
Walking Dead - 400 Days
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War GOTY
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide x2
War of the Roses: Kingmaker
Westerado: Double Barrelled
Whispered World
World of Goo
Xenoraid: the First Space War
Year Walk
Zen Bound 2
Zeno Clash 2
Freddi Fish 1: The Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds
Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse
Pajama Sam In: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside
Putt-Putt Joins the Parade
Desura (6 games for one complete card set) -------------
12 Labors of Hercules
Adventures of Shuggy
AI Fleet War Command
AI war Zenith
Battlegrounds of Eldhelm Starter
Crunch Time
Cognition ep 1 and 2
Cognition ep 1 and 2
Dark Scavenger
Dark Shadows
Data Hacker: Initiation
Deity Quest Standard Edition
Drive to Hell
Dungeon of Gain
Face Noir
Fatal Theory
Hack, Slash, Loot
In Exilium
International Snooker
Knytt Underground
Luna: Shattered Hearts Ep 1
One Day for Ched
Operation Smash
Pahelika: Revelations
Project APT
Project Night
Reversion: the Meeting
Rhythm Destruction
SBX: Invasion
Song of Myrne
Storm Over the Pacific
Strategic War in Europe
Super Cyborg
Super Panda Adventure
Survivor Squad
The Body Changer
Time Swap
Undead Legions
Wisps: The Redeeming
Wooden Floor
Bundles Humble Indie Bundle 3 (Key given by HIB 4)
Other -------------
Wolf Among Us - Complete Season (Telltale)
Desktop Dungeons (DRM-free cloud)
Broken Age - Complete Season (Ouya)
Peggle Deluxe and Bejeweled 3 (Origin)
Scrolls Full Version (Android Mobile)
Star Realms Full Version (Android Mobile)
Redshift Blueshift (
SMITE Loki Pack & XBone Beta Code
World of Warships Beta Key and Bonus Content
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2018.08.27 04:22 iminterestingplease Part 37.

It's slowing down a little. Sorry about the quick posts.
6290.(History change.)Do you remember the 1992 Hurricane Iniki in Hawaii being a Category 5 instead of 4?(Has there been lots of harsh weather, and has it appeared in places it normally doesn't hit?)
6291.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Betty Brant(Betty Brandt?)being portrayed by Parker Posey in the original Spider-Man trilogy instead of Elizabeth Banks?(Did Elizabeth Banks come out of nowhere for you?)(Did Parker Posey not exist?)(Has the spelling of dachshund changed again?)(Allien/Alien)(Forcus/Focus)(Privillege/Privilege)(Octoberfest/Oktoberfest)(Hippo nostrils keep changing size.)(Veggietable/Vegetable, and is the pronunciation off?)(Liver Worst/Liverwurst)(Are words with Thermo, Andro, and Hydro pronounced different?)(There are two new holes in the rib cage.)(Is February pronounced different?)(Black chickens now don't lay black eggs.)(Statue Of Liberty is now part of the color phenomenon.)(Lucky Music Live/LuckyMusiqLive)(Lots of things that no longer exist.)(Rhonda Rousey/Ronda Rousey)(Was Ronda not an acceptable spelling of Rhonda?)(Toxic Kool-Aid/ToxiQ KoolAid)(Was it Cumerbun, Cuberbun, Cuberbund, Cumerbund, Cummerbun, or Cumberbun?)(Did stick-like mantises not exist?)(Easter chickens now exist.)(Didn't Shameless end a while ago?)(Lee Harvey Oswald is now wearing a different outfit when he got shot.)(Kung Fu Hustle is hard to find in an English dub.)(Lots of new photos of the old wild west now.)(Have you heard of Elizabeth Olsen?)(Are the ancient Indian stepwells off in any way?)(Has Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver changed again?)(Has the BWD logo changed?)(Does the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends logo look off?)(Triple, and quadruple rainbows.)(Rainbow colored owls.)(Ant people hieroglyphics have been found.)(Was it spelled heiroglypics?)(Is the Sex And The City logo off?)(Has the Ride Wit Me(Ride With Me, or Must Be The Money?)music video by Nelly changed in any way?)(Do any of his logos look off?)(People think Barack Obama was president in 2005-2007.)(Alga/Alge/Algea/Algae)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Anything else off?)(Z vs. S at the end of certain product names.)(Let's Do It For America/Let's Do It For Our Country)(Any of the lyrics off?)(Is the Grease 2 logo off?)(Was it Seimen, or Seimens?)(Lots of new great walls, and other things.)(Did Craig Mack die way before March 12, 2018?)(Stephen Carl Stephenson/Stefán Karl Stefánsson)(Lots of T.V. channel, and app, and website logos have changed.)(Lots of Music Choice channel names have changed.)(The Queen Of England damed Elizabeth Taylor.)(Deja Vu/Déjà Vu)(Winnebago sharks now exist.)(Pink sycamore now exists.)(Do any of the Doctor Dolittle logos look off?)(Was the first of any word in a title always capitalized?)(Jhene Aiko/Jhené Aiko)(Has Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen changed even more?)(All the robot landings on Mars that happened before Curiosity.)(Is Michelangelo's David off?)(Jim Cary/Jim Carry/Jim Carrey)(Does the Hotpoint logo look off?)(Does the Lindsay olives logo look off?)(Yoda bats now exist.)(Did FAO Schwarz not close three years ago, and were they not planning on reopening?)(The Mississippi River sometimes runs backwards.)(Sperm can now last up to 9 days inside females instead of 3, or other numbers.)(Has the Pinterest logo changed again?)(Was Terrance not an acceptable spelling of Terrence?)(The famous "I'm walking here!" quote is now said by Dustin Hoffman instead of Al Pacino.)(Thelma Hopkins/Telma Hopkins)(Wobbegong now exists.)(Carrhartt/Carhartt)(Other spellings?)(Cotton ball moth now exists.)(Patagonian Mara now exists.)(Weird looking trees.)(Super dangerous island.)(Collar And Bow has changed.)(Didn't Willie Nelson die?)(Marty Robins/Marty Robbins)(Lots of more stuff in Back To The Future has changed.)(The Baco's name spelling, logo, and package design are completely off.)(Bugs sometimes fight each other with their front limbs.)(Eddie Murphy is now the singer of Party All The Time.)(Did person names never have apostrophes in them?)(Really gross rare form of yoga, and other weird types.)(Did WhatsApp use to have a like, or heart feature?)(The Bon-Ton logo, and name are off, and the company keeps going out of business, and some of its subsidiary logos are off.)(Mercedes Benz/Mercedes-Benz)(Alexis Nicole Sanchez/Alexys Nycole Sanchez)(Babies in Sweden can sleep in freezing temperatures.)(The S in Ulysses S. Grant can either stand for Simpson, or nothing.)(Abcyeah/ABCya!)(Area codes are now changing.)(Is anything about Men In Black 3 off?)(Has The Truman Show in any way?)(Secret chambers, and backup areas all through our bodies that benefit us now.)("Shave, and a haircut, six bits."/"Shave, and a haircut, two bits.")(Was Richie not an acceptable spelling of Ritchie?)(Ritchie Rich/Richie Rich)(Judy Garland had a stunt double in The Wizard Of Oz.)(There are sharks that can live for 400 years.)(m(StarStar)(There's a fake moon going around the earth.)(Harlan David Sanders/Harland David Sanders)(Was he not a real person?)(Did Henry Kissinger die a while back?)(Russians landed on the moon about 10 years before we did.)(Did Bob Newhart a while back?)(Are any celebrities' names pronounced different?)(Did Bill Anderson die a while back?)(There is a movie from 1987 about Nelson Mandela titled Mandela starring Danny Glover)(There was an attempted assassination of Franklin D. Roosevelt.)(Rosevelt?)(Transparent fish caught in New Zealand.)(Dorothy's shoes are now sometimes black, and her now changes a lot in The Wizard Of Oz.)(Old video of underwater cable laying.)(Babuska(Babushka?)dolls are now mostly known as Nesting dolls.)(The van in Back To The Future is remembered as many colors?)(Did She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds Of Summer change again?)(Do you remember "I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore Toto.", "I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore Toto.", or "I got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore Toto."?)(Was it something else?)(Rekall VectoRECALL VECTOR)(Do you remember David Bowie dying in 2017, or 2018?)(Weird green spider with tons of babies on its back.)(Mysterious coin from the future.)(Weird bear dog found.)("The numerator goes into the denominator."/"The divider goes into the dividend.")(Metro Golden MeyeMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer)(Mistake in Pirates Of the Caribbean where you can see the Adidas tag in Jack Sparrow's hat.)(Anticrepuscular sky shows "second sun".)(Rusha/Russha/Russhia/Russia)(Was there never a glitch in The Cleveland Show theme song?)(Two-headed snakes are becoming mire common.)(Gasoline seems to be less flammable.)(T-Rex hands look off.)(Wasp with extremely large stinger discovered.)(Mystery boat washes up on Ireland.)(World's oldest botanical gardens.)(Frog fish now exists.)(The Mad Hatter's hat has changed color in the cartoon movie.)(99 million year-old beetle found preserved.)("If you got a problem yo I'll solve it."/"If there's a problem yo I'll solve it."/"If there was a problem yo I'll solve it.")(Do any of his logos look off?)(Patagonian Cavy now exists.)(Cassowary now exists.)(The ice cream in the Cold Stone Creamery logo is off.)(Missy Elliot/Missy Elliott)(Do any of her logos look off?)(Squirrels now sometimes walk on two legs.)(Have Marge, or Lisa Simpson's necklaces changed color?)(The ending song to Black Panther changed.)(Nimbus Monkeyshine Ale/Nimbus Old Monkeyshine Ale)(Anything else off?)("Why don't people understand my creation?"/"Why don't people understand my intentions?")(Anything else off?)(Jailed Abroad/Locked Up Abroad/Banged Up Abroad)(Wasn't Warren Buffett married to an Asian woman?)(Is the "Right tool" scene in No Country For Old Men off in any way?)(The Long Green Mile/The Green Mile)(Sea monkey ad no longer has trident.)(Was the girl smiling on the "We can do it!" poster, and is her muscle off?)(Anything else off?)(Cafe Rio logo has changed.)(Were the ruby slippers from The Wizard Of Oz retrieved years ago instead of recently?)(Wasn't John McCain actually known as Songbird John following his imprisonment?)(Was it something else?)(Anything else off?)(Have you heard of woolly donkeys?)(Didn't John McCain die years ago?)(CNC/C&C)(Wasn't the Apple logo a full apple before, or was the bite different?)(Joe CrockeJoe Cocker)(Aldi's/Aldis/Aldi)(McGriddle/McGriddles)(Were McDonald's Chicken McNuggets never specific shapes?)(Bill Murry/Bill Murray)(New weird Subway logo.)(Have you heard of the ancient stepwells in India?)(Lots of off colored eggs now.)(Portuguese Man O'War(Man Of War, or Man-Of-War?)now exists.)(Monstrous alligators, and crocodiles spotted.)(Jeff Goldbloom/Jeff Goldblum)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(Does Ozzy Osbourne's name keep changing?)(Sea pig now exists.)(Burt Reynolds died again on September 6, 2018.)(Hall & Oats/Hall & Oates)(Walter Mathou/Walter Matthau)(Other spellings?)(Jack Lennon/Jack Lemmon)(Other spellings?)(Was it spelled Congradulations?)(The Jackson family had 11 kids?)(Anything else off?)(Africa by Toto lyrics keep changing.)(Lines in The Wizard Of Oz keep changing.)(Paul Simon's Graceland album release date changed.)(Human civilization goes back more.)(Giant octopus species discovered.)(The new Jackson family members have music careers.)(7 sisters star constellation has 9 stars.)(Stingrays keep changing.)(Shield mantises now exist.)(Trivia vs. Trivial.)(Halley's Comet spelling keeps changing.)(Blue scorpions now exist.)(Big cats are much friendlier.)(Gorillas, and other primates seem smarter, and friendlier.)(Halley, Hailee, and other weird spellings instead of Hailey, or Haley.)(Hailey Steinfeld/Hailee Steinfeld)(Anyone with the name Willie, or Hailee is off.)(Chicks now jump off cliffs onto rocks below sometimes.)(Red The Bum/Brett The Bum/Fred The Bum)(The DVD logo doesn't bounce around a specific screen when you pause a DVD.)(Praying mantises now attack hummingbirds.)("We're off to see the wizard!"/"You're off to see the wizard.")(Was it always the same?)(Royals have their own pyramid on Balmoral estate.)(Here We Go Loopty Loo/Here We Go Looby Loo)(Anything else off?)(Have any of the lyrics in Lucy In The Sky By Diamonds by The Beatles changed?)(New glowing rocks.)(Off colored slugs.)(Novograd/Novogorod)(Lots of song changes.)(Parker Brothers is now the original creator of Monopoly, and other stuff is off.)(Scenes in Miss Congeniality changed.)(Comedienne is now a word.)(Einstein-Rosenberg/Einstein-Rosen)(H.E. Shepard/E.H. Shepard)(Other spellings?)(Many changes to the band Rush.)(Wild strawberries, and other things.)(Sam Kinison died for a different reason now.)(Henry James Fonda/Henry Jaynes Fonda)(The Chevy logo changed again.)(Foxes now have black fur, and not white fur.)(Toyger now exists.)(More aircraft changes.)(Lots of more R, and A, and messed up T, and more squished letters, and upside down, and reverse letters.)(Geneology/Genealogy)(Barry Hearn is now alive.)(Steven King/Stephen King)(Is the Hot 'n Now(Hot And Now?)logo off?)(Other spellings?)(Is the Reno Tahoe logo off?)(Oarfish now exists.)(Tear Drop memorial now exists.)(Mark Sheldon/Mark Shelton)(Veiled marble statues now exist.)(Bryce Courtney/Bryce Courtenay)(Courtenay is now an acceptable spelling of Courtney.)(Dogs can purr.)(Souless/Soulless)(FilmakeFilmmaker)(House cats can growl.)(Jerry Stiller is now alive.)(Ric Flair is now alive.)(Stan Lee is now alive.)(Julie Andrews is now alive.)(Crow's beaks have changed color, and other things.)(Limp Biscuit/Limp Biskit)(Lots of song lyric changes.)(More 9/11 changes.)(Do any of their logos look off?)(There are now 15 Egyptian deities(Diety?)when there were less before, and Amun-Ra(Was it spelled different?)is now multiple gods together.)(Santa Catalina salad dressing/Catalina salad dressing(Other spellings?)(Wiley Coyote/Wile Coyote/Wiley E. Coyote/Wile E. Coyote)(Other spellings?)(Ing to In' everywhere.)(Keith Oberman/Keith Olbermann)(Transexual/Transsexual)(Other spellings?)(The Flintstone Kids is now a thing.)(Mozart wrote a piece called Lick Me In The Ass, and has wrote many gross things.)(Apollo Guidance Computer now exists.)(Discobulus statue changed, and lots haven't heard of it.)(The Silence Of The Lambs, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dirty Harry, Sunset Boulevard, and The Godfather lines keep changing.)(Do you remember Narwal, or Narwall?)("Greed is good."/"The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works.")(“I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like victory!”/"I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn’t find one of ’em, not one stinkin’ dink body. The smell, you know, that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smells like victory.")("Stay away from her, you bitch.”/“Get away from her, you bitch.”)(Ensure is now made of milk concentrate, and not milk, and the logo changed.)(Nordic flags don't have centered crosses.)(Lots of new muscles.)(Frogfish now exist.)(Aircraft powered by steam.)(Was it Mrs. Butterworth, or Ms. something?)(The original Porky Pig looks wrong.)(The Secret Life Of Walter Smitty/The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty)(Prince Phillip/Prince Philip)(Robert Duval/Robert Duvall)(13th Man Rule/10th Man Rule)(Was it another number?)(Didn't Krang never have an antenna?)("Tangled up in blue."/"Tangle up in blue.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Any of his lyrics look off?)(Theater Of Pain/Theatre Of Pain)(Brian ForresteBrian ForesteBrian ForsteBrien Foerster)(Brian ForresteBrian Forster)(Roahl Dahl/Ronald Dahl/Roald Dahl)("Warmest sunshine softer than a sponge."/"Warmest sunshine softer than a sigh.")($100 bills changed again.)(Do any of her logos look off?)(Panda dolphin now exists.)(John Lennon now has purse in the backstage photos of Abbey Road)(Cailou/Caillou)(Are any of the channel names it was broadcasted on off?)(White painted Easter Island eyes.)(Likeable/Likable)(Hairless rabbits now exist.)(Jimmy Fallen/Jimmy Fallon)(The Ying Yang Gang/Ying Yang Twins)(More Billy Joel lyric changes.)(More changes to the clothing of Pebbles Flintstone, and her belly button is now exposed.)(Australian flag, and flag history keep changing.)(Did cabbits not exist.)(There are over 21 moon landings.)(Splenda, or other alternative sugars never used in certain sodas.)(The history of IIII vs. IV now says IIII has been around longer, and IV wasn't used in Roman times.)(Square, rectangular, or diamond waves now exist.)(Dark City has changed.)("When you come to shoot, shoot don't talk."/"When you have to shoot, shoot don't talk.")(Saturn's rings are dull instead of colorful.)(China has lots of fake cities, and copycats like Paris, France.)(There is a porcelain doll face in the ocean from the Titanic.)(Did Gene Simmons die on January 22, 2010 for you, or another time?)(Rory from Gilmore Girls does a report on Hillary Clinton, and not Anne Frank.)(The Offsprings/The Offspring)(Dennis Norton/Denis Norden, and did he die in the early 2000's, or another time instead of September 19, 2018?)(Heintz/Heinz)(Has the pronunciation of Caillou changed?)(Has the Galaxy High School theme song changed?)(Penske, and DHL trucks now look orange, but are yellow.)(There is a debate going on about Gatorade, and Powerade, and how one flavor is yellow, or green.)(The light green vests people wear are a color debate.)(Weird looking clocks.)(NOAA now exists.)(Vogelkop now exists.)(The streets now have puddles in the Back To The Future, and The Karate Kid movies.)("Meat is meat.", and a missing Hannibal scene.)(Color phenomenon.)(Capcom logos changed.)
6292.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Rick Moranis dying?(Did Harold Ramis way before February 24, 2014?)(Anything else about Harold Ramis off?)
6293.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember crows never being able to snowboard?
6294.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember DMT not being a thing?(Did it not go by other names?),N-Dimethyltryptamine
6295.(Band name change.)The Tramps/The Trammps(Do any of their logos look off?)
6296.(Famous Actor name change.)Walter Goggins/Walton Goggins
6297.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Ben Bova dying?
6298.(Famous Politician name change.)Julia Bishop/Julie Bishop
6299.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame being a different color?(Anything else off?)
6300.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember Kevin McCallister smacking his face more than once in the aftershave scene?
6301.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's been awhile."/"And it's been a while."("Since I could."/"Since I couln.")("I've seen the way the candle lights your face."/"I've seen the way the candles light your face.")(Stained/Staind)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6302.(Music Lyrics change.)"There's a thousand people."/"A thousand people."(Stop Hey What's(What Is?)That Sound?/Stop Children What's That Sound?/For What It's(It Is?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6303.(Spelling change.)Pulmonary Aveolus/Pulmonary Alveolus(Anything else off?)
6304.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"Flying through the sky."/"Zooming through the sky."
6305.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Spanish Sahara not being a thing?(Were the mouth, and nose closer together?)(Is the neck longer?)(Was there never snow, or palm trees in England?)(Brittany Spears/Britney Spears)(Lots of US states look off.)(McDonald's M has changed again.)(Carol King/Carole King)(All Sesame Street characters have different eyes.)(Butterflies will now eat chicken feed.)(Jammin' by Bob Marley changed again.)(The famous sailor kiss photo changed again.)
6306.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Suriname not existing?(Did it not go by other names?)(Anything else off?)
6307.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Nikola Tesla, and Trump not being connected?
6308.(Movie name change.)Hedwig And The Angry Itch/Hedwig And The Angry Inch(Book too.)(Do any of the logos look off?)
6309.(Famous Landmark name change.)House Of Hapsburg/House Of Habsburg(Anything else off?)
6310.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Eddie Murphy never having a music career?(Were all the famous songs he did done by other people?)(Anything else off?)(Did he not do a song with Michael Jackson called Whatzupwitu?)
6311.(Spelling change.)Whitch/Which(Sandwitch/Sandwhitch/Sandwhich/Sandwich)
6312.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these bands not existing?
6313.(Famous Wrestler name change.)Nicolai Volkoff/Nikolai Volkoff(Other spellings?)
6314.(Famous Wrestler name change.)Paul Ordorff/Paul Orndorff(Other spellings?)
6315.(Company name change.)Arthur Anderson/Arthur Andersen(Price Water House Cooper's/PricewaterhouseCoopers)(Ernest & Young/Ernst & Young)(Kidder Matthews/Kidder Mathews)(Anything else off?)
6316.(Famous Actor name change.)Keenan Thompson/Kenan Thompson
6317.(Song Title change.)"If I ruled the world."/"If I rule the world."(Anything else off?)(Lauren Hill/Lauryn Hill)
6318.(Famous Singer name change.)Morrisey/Morrissey(Anything else off?)
6319.(Music Lyrics change.)"Don't take it."/"Don't tear it."(Was it always the same?)
6320.(Music Lyrics change.)"Ain't talking 'bout love."/"Can't talking 'bout love."(Was it always the same?)(Ing to In' lyrics, and song title.)(Anything else about the lyrics, and song title off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6321.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Rowan Atkinson dying?
6322.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember "Made in China" being on something meaning everything about that product was made in China?
6323.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Chet Baker dying in 1961, or 1993 instead of May 13, 1988?(Anything else off?)(Are there now missing chapters in the film The Wizard Of Oz, and lots of other stuff?)(Did Rex Reed die of AIDS(Aids?)in the 1990's?)(Anything in the A Day In The Life song off?)
6324.(Spelling change.)Brat Worst/Bratwurst
6325.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd not existing?
6326.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these Donald Trump cameos not happening?(The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, The Job, Suddenly Susan, Sex And The City, The Drew Carey Show, Two Weeks Notice, Spin City, The Nanny, The Associate, The Little Rascals, Zoolander, Eddie, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, Quantum Leap, and did he not do WWE appearances?)(Did he not win the election at first?)
6327.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Sand cats, blue dye spinal cord cure, transformer owl, more changes to Mount Rushmore, the great molasses flood, sneezing marine iguanas, phantom clowns of 1981, coaxial rotors, ice discs, genetically modified 3 parent babies of the late 90's, rhesus macaques in Florida, more flag changes, twins conceived, and born at different times, sea sheep, poitou donkeys, tear drop grapes, more changes to the Statue Of Liberty, Pallas cat, Angora rabbit, Dianne Feinstein, macroevolution, Chimeron, more geography changes, more The Creation Of Adam changes, more sculpture, and painting changes, Japanese Geta, and foot binding, more changes to Shiva, Vancouver, California, Usa, Õita, China, Texas, made in USA means USA, China, made in the USA is the actual USA, Mexican grizzly bear, London beer flood, history of Hawaii.)(Video below.)
6328.(Music Lyrics change.)"You make a grown man cry."/"You make a dead man come."(Was it always the same?)(Start It Up/Start Me Up)
6329.(Music Lyrics change.)"To buy you things."/"To buy you thing."(Hard Day's Night/A Hard Day's Night)(Anything else off?)("Squandered my existence."/"Squandered my resistance.")(Lots of Bridge Over Troubled Waters stuff has become Bridge Over Troubled Water.)("I can't change time."/"I can't trace time.")(Do any of his logos look off?)("Stand up for your right."/"Stand up for your rights.")("Heaven is on the earth."/"Heaven is under the earth.")(Have any lyrics in Back In The U.S.S.R. by The Beatles changed?)(Anything else off?)
6330.(Treaty name change.)Kyoto Accord/Kyoto Protocol
6331.(Fictional Character name change.)Gus Frey/Gus Fring
6332.(Special name change.)Treehouse Of TerroTreehouse Of Horror
6333.(Company name change.)Amber Crombie & Fitch/Ambercrombie & Fitch/Abercrombie & Fitch(Does the logo look off?)
6334.(Music Lyrics change.)"Make believe that you'll always have me."/"Make believe that you're always happy."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6335.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these cities, and similar places not existing?(Santa Claus, Indiana.)(Intercourse, Pennsylvania.)(Idiotville, Oregon.)(Toad Suck, Arkansas.)(Eighty Eight, Kentucky.)(Eighty Four, Pennsylvania.)(Ding Dong, Texas.)(Cut And Shoot, Texas.)(Saint-Louis-Du-Ha!-Ha!, Québec(Quebec?), Canada.)(Hot Coffee, Mississippi.)(Knockemstiff, Ohio.)(Two Egg, Florida.)(Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.)(Cookietown, Oklahoma.)(Glen Campbell, Pennsylvania.)(Accident, Maryland.)(Big Arm, Montana.)(Chicken, Alaska.)(Coupon, Pennsylvania.)(Dogtown, Alabama.)(Embarrass, Minnesota.)(Eureka, California.)(Eureka, Kansas.)(Experiment, Georgia.)(Fertile, Iowa.)(Frankenstein, Missouri.)(Gaylordsville, Connecticut.)(Hazard, Nebraska.)(Hell, Michigan.)(Hippo, Kentucky.)(Imalone, Wisconsin.)(Kickapoo, Kansas.)(Los Baños, California.)(Marrowbone, Tennessee.)(Mexican Water, Arizona.)(Mock City, Washington.)(Money, Mississippi.)(Mosquitoville, Vermont.)(Ninety Six, South Carolina.)(Nothing, Arizona.)(Oatmeal, Texas.)(Office Hall, Virginia.)(Okay, Oklahoma.)(Paw Paw, West Virginia.)(Pee Pee, Ohio.)(Pie Town, New Mexico.)(Pigeon, Michigan.)(Protection, Kansas.)(Red Shirt, South Dakota.)(Rough And Ready, California.)(Searchlight, Nevada.)(Spread Eagle, Wisconsin.)(Tightwad, Missouri.)(Toast, North Carolina.)(Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico.)(Twig, Minnesota.)(Unalaska, Alaska.)(Uncertain, Texas.)(Virgin, Utah.)(War, West Virginia.)(Waterproof, Louisiana.)(What Cheer, Iowa.)(Whynot, North Carolina.)(Y City, Arkansas.)(Zap, North Dakota.)(Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky.)(Bumpass, Virginia.)(Anus, France.)(Windpassing, Austria.)(Humptulips, Washington.)(Yolo County, California.)(Boring, Oregon.)(Hooker, Oklahoma.)(Weed, California.)(Batman, Turkey.)(Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales.)(Why, Arizona.)(Dildo, Newfoundland And Labrador,(Newfoundland?)Canada.)(Lickskillet, Texas.)(Cheesequake, New Jersey.)(Nowhere Else, Australia.)(Titty Hill, England.)(Santa Claus, Georgia.)(Puke, Albania.)(Fartsville, Indiana.)(Poopsdale, Indiana.)(Cool, California.)(Beer, Devon, England.)(Disco, Tennessee.)(Fear Not, Pennsylvania.)(Rest And Be Thankful, Argyll And Butte, Scotland.)(Surprise, Arizona.)(Climax, Pennsylvania.)(Arsenic Tubs, New Mexico.)(Dismal, Tennessee.)(Double Trouble, New Jersey.)(Moron, Mongolia.)(Satan’s Kingdom, Vermont.)(Who’s Thought It, Texas.)(Cabbage Patch, California.)(Silly, Belgium.)(Sweet Lips, Tennessee.)Polkadott, Ohio.)(Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario, Canada.)(Bread Loaf, Vermont.)(Clam, Virginia.)(Egg, Austria.)(Eek, Alaska.)(Hurt, Virginia.)(Monster, Netherlands.)(River Styx, Ohio.)(Bumble Bee, Arizona.)(Porcupine, South Dakota.)(Doghouse Junction, California.)(Bangs, Texas.)(Soda Springs, Idaho.)(Bluff, Alaska.)(Placentia, California.)(Fries, Virginia.)(Dinosaur, Colorado.)(American Fork, Utah.)(Concrete, Washington.)(Briny Breezes, Florida.)(Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.)(Canadian, Texas.)(Superior, Wyoming.)(Atomic City, Idaho.)(Coward, South Carolina.)(Three Way, Tennessee.)(Winnebago, Minnesota.)(Last Chance, Iowa.)(Speed, North Carolina.)(Oblong, Illinois.)(Colon, Michigan.)(Pink, Michigan.)(Blue Grass, Iowa.)(Popejoy, Iowa.)
6336.(Music Lyrics change.)"The Red Queen's lost her head."/"The Red Queen's off with her head."(Anything else off?)
6337.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember The Bourne Identity from 1988 not being a thing?(The Born series/The Borne series/The Bourne series)
6338.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember this viral photo being a beach, or a door?(Anything else off?)
6339.(Music Lyrics change.)"She's been all around the block."/"She been all around the block."("There's been as many hands on her as the knob on a door."/"There's been many hands on her as the knob on the door.")("She will ride through the flames of Hell."/"She will walk through the flames of Hell.")(Anything else off?)
6340.(Music Lyrics change.)"Like a blister in the Sun."/"Like I blister in the Sun."(Do any of their logos look off?)
6341.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the cover art for Little Nicky being different in any way?(Does the logo look off?)
6342.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember it being more certain that King Arthur, and everything surrounding him actually existed?
6343.(History change.)Do you remember there being way more bras burned during the women's protests than there actually were?
6344.(Date change.)Do you remember the first air-to-air missles being made around 1930, and not as far back as 1916?
6345.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the company in Total Recall being called Recall Incorporated instead of Rekall Incorporated?
6346.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jason Bateman, or someone else starring as the older version of Zac Efron in 17 Again instead of Matthew Perry?
6347.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Selena Gomez always snapping her fingers, or using her wand to make the logo appear in the Wizards Of Waverly Place theme song instead of looking in her bag?(Anything else off?)
6348.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Double, Double, Toil And Trouble being about a Halloween sleepover instead of what it is now?(Anything else off?),_Double,_Toil_and_Trouble
6349.(Album Logo change.)Do you remember the kid holding a bat on the Regional At Best album cover by Twenty ØNE PILØTS?(Anything else off?)(21 Pilots?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6350.(Song Title change.)What About Angels/Not About Angels(Any of the lyrics off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6351.(Date change.)Do you remember Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius(Jimmy Neutron?)being released after The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius(The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron?)instead of before?(Any of the logos look off?)(Anything else off?)(Debby Derryberry/Debi Derryberry)(Was Debi never an acceptable spelling of Debby?)
6352.(Music Lyrics change.)"You think you the mob?"/"You think you mob?"("Motherfucking belts."/"Motherfucker's belt.")("We bad boy killas."/"We bad boy killa.")(Anything else off?)(Do any of any of their logos look off?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6353.(Music Lyrics change.)"She's still my lady."/"She's still my baby."(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Do any of his logos look off?)
6354.(Famous Actor name change.)Stephen Anell/Stephen Amell
6355.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(US flag changed again, Sphinx changed again, Vitruvian Man changed again, Mount Rushmore changed again, The Creation Of Adam changed again, The Last Supper changed again, Mary Magdalene history changed, The Thinker changed again, 10% of people have a spinal abnormality, or having a 6th vertebrae, giant otters changed again, the moon tilted, changes in the rules of wisdom teeth, human feet changed again, lots of new sea creatures, scientists turn sunlight to fuel, plant that copies other plants, pink wasn't always for girls, and blue wasn't always for boys, and FDR, and other boys around his time dressed like girls at a young age, gypsy horse, silver horse, qinling panda, 100-year-old self-playing violin, 1939 radio wave driven fax machines first patented in 1843, du temple monoplane with steam engine 29 years before the Wright Brothers, the boy with no brain that regrew brain after birth.)(Video below.)
6356.(Music Lyrics change.)"The hills are filled."/"Hills are filled."("Driving down the freeway."/"Driving down your freeway.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6357.(Movie name change.)Face Off/Face/Off(Other logos, and similar things used around the movie changed too.)
Add-On: Do you remember Santa Claus having buttons on his suit?(Chris Cringle/Kris Kringle)(Other spellings?)
6358.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the phone booth in the Bill & Ted movies saying Telephone instead of Phone?
6359.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Atlantis being described as a continent instead of a city on an island?(Was there more assurance it existed?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Video below.)
6360.(History change.)Do you remember Benjamin Franklin only using a key in the kite experiment, and not a bottle?(Anything else off?)
6361.(Spelling change.)Qualude/Quāālude(Other spellings?)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Anything else off?)
6362.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Risso's dolphin, pygmy killer whale, some sharks are warm-blooded partially, Sumatran rhinos, Tamaraw, Poitou donkey, Cary Grant never says "Judy. Judy. Judy.", Sgt. Joe Friday "Nothing but the facts ma'am.", or "Just the facts ma'am." is never said, and other stuff surrounding it is off, and the Dragnet logo changed, "Made up of whole cloth." is now a saying, Al Gore never says "I invented the internet.", alligators, and crocodiles used to be completely violent, lots of animals are more aggressive, and pee, and poop on themselves, and each other, and other places, elephants leak out gross stuff everywhere, Sarah Palin never says anything like "I can see Russia from my house." during the 2008 campaign, and other stuff surrounding it is off, Charles Boyer never says anything like "Come with me to the casbah." in any movie,(Does the movie cover logo look off at all?)"Badges, we don't need no stinking badges." is not the actual quote from The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, rattlesnakes now climb trees, and disappearing from certain places, carbon dating is completely off, red heifers have already been bred, cicadas making weird sounds, and disappearing from certain places, colorful new birds, and weird new bird sounds, crows look different, plans to build third Israel(Isreal?)(Is the pronunciation off?)temple, lots of geography changes, lots more Adam's apple changes, and other body changes, hoodwinker sunfish, and there is more than one kind of sunfish, and they look off, Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson changed again, Bar Mitzvah used to be spelled, and pronounced different, more of Einstein's life has changed, more changes to tardigrade, Lazarus sign, lots more info on Nikola Tesla, and his existence is a change for some, more weird scarab beetles, more changes to Statue Of Liberty, ancient virus responsible for human conscious, water molecules found in Jupiter's Great Red Spot(Big Red Spot?), lung fish, weird nose tricks, more changes to Mount Rushmore, more changes to Shiva.)
6363.(Movie Quote change.)"That's a fact Jack."/That's the fact Jack."(Razzle Dazzle/Razzle-Dazzle)
6364.(T.V. Show name change.)Galaxy High/Galaxy High School(Is the Team Galaxy logo off?)(Kid Video/Kidd Video, and is the logo off?)(The Biscuits/The Biskitts)(The Quicky Koala Show/The Kwiky Koala Show)(Anything else off?)(Is the 6teen(16, or Sixteen logo off?)
6365.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the iconic door chase scene being popularized, and created by Scooby-Doo?
6366.(Music Lyrics change.)"Hey, good looking."/"Hey hey, good looking."/"Say hey, good looking."(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Anything else off?)
6367.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Isaac Hayes quitting South Park because he passed away instead of Scientology?
6368.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember fire hydrants being only red, yellow, and sometimes silver?(Anything else off?)
6369.(Movie Quote change.)"I'll be your huckleberry."/"I'm your huckleberry."
6370.(Restaurant name change.)Romano's Macaroni And Grill/Romano's Macaroni Grill(Was it something else?)(Anything else off?)'s_Macaroni_Grill
6371.(Music Lyrics change.)"They wrote you."/"I wrote you."
6372.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Freddy Krueger always having a red, and green sweater instead of red, and black, or dark gray?(Anything else off?)
6373.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember this game only as Bean Bag Toss, and nothing else, and were they only known as bean bags?
submitted by iminterestingplease to Retconned [link] [comments]

2018.04.25 14:56 eventbot What's happening around town (Wed, Apr 25th - Tue, May 1st)

Oklahoma City's event list.


  • Disney's The Little Mermaid (Pollard Theatre - Guthrie) Thru Sat, May 5th Don't miss Disney's The Little Mermaid brought to life by the talented company at Guthrie's Pollard Theatre.…

Wednesday, Apr 25th

  • 51st Annual Angel & Friends Celebration (Arts Council - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm You’re invited to the 51st annual Angels & Friends Party – Oklahoma City’s finest celebration of spring and Arts Council OKC’s ONLY fundraising party throughout the year. All proceeds support year-round, free and low-cost programming, like All Access Arts, Festival of the Arts and the Sunday Twilight Concert Series. This 21+ party will…
  • 🎭 2018 Oklahoma History Conference (Oklahoma History Center - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Apr 27th Start Time: 12:00pm The OHS is pleased to present the 2018 Oklahoma History Conference at the Oklahoma History Center, Wednesday through Friday, April 25–27. This year’s theme is “OHS125: Collecting, Preserving, and Sharing for the Next Generation” in honor of the 125th anniversary of the OHS. The conference will include 18 presentation sessions on a range…
  • The Book of Mormon (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th The Book of Mormon is coming to Oklahoma City's Civic Center Music Hall. Get ready for hours of laughter at this…
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Baseball vs Northeastern State (Edmond) Start Time: 3:00pm University of Central Oklahoma Baseball vs Northeastern State
  • 🎨 Collage Collective (IAO Gallery - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Flex your creative muscles and join us at IAO Gallery for a fun night of collages! Collage Collective is a relaxed, creative workshop that gathers locals together and brings out the artist in all of us. Admission is $5 - this covers your collage supplies plus sweets, snacks, and drinks. We will also have a cash bar for wine and beer!
    There are…
  • David Byrne - American Utopia Tour (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) David Byrne who was the founding member, principal songwriter, and lead singer and guitarist of the American new wave band Talking Heads. He is a multi-instrumentalist and is known for his distinctive voice. Byrne has released his own solo recordings and worked with various media including film, photography, opera, fiction and non-fiction. He…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Iowa Cubs (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Iowa Cubs in a…
  • Early Season Pass Processing (Starlight Amphitheater @ Frontier City - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Apr 27th Start Time: 9:00am Skip the processing lines and have your Season Pass card made before your first visit to the park! Our office is open 9:00a-5:00p, Monday-Friday.
  • Festival of the Arts (Bicentennial Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th Known as Oklahoma City's annual "rite of spring," the Festival of the Arts is a six-day community…
  • Heather Maloney (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City)
  • Local Man Ruins Everything / Plastic Smile (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 10:00pm Local Man Ruins Everything and Plastic Smile take over The Deli for an amazing evening of Jazz/Rock fusion. The product is absolutely tantalizing and will get your brain and ears moving. 10pm 21+ $5
  • Lyric Theatre - Fun Home (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th Start Time: 7:30pm Based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir, Fun Home takes the audience on three different experiences…
  • 😂 Mike Speenberg (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Apr 28th
  • OCU in Recital: String Chamber Ensembles (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Join student string chamber ensembles, under the direction of Prof. Tomasz Zieba, for their final performances of the semester. Music begins 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 25, in the BMC's Medium Rehearsal Hall. Free and open to all!
  • Parents Supporting Parents (Mental Health Association Oklahoma main office - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm This group is for caretakers and parents who are supporting an individual managing the complications often associated with having a pervasive development disorder such as autism or aspergers disorder. This group will also provide education and support to those parents who have loved ones with diagnosed or undiagnosed mental, emotional,…
  • 🎭 Producer Beat Battle with Special Guest Judge- 9th Wonder (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm The University of Central Oklahoma’s (UCO) Office of Diversity & Inclusion, in collaboration with the UCO Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) will have the first ever Beat Battle. The beat battle is an opportunity for producers who make music to showcase their beats and production expertise to the public and guest judge, 9th Wonder. Faculty,…
  • Producer Beat Battle with Special Guest Judge- 9th Wonder (ACM @ UCO - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm The University of Central Oklahoma’s (UCO) Office of Diversity & Inclusion, in collaboration with the UCO Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) will have the first ever Beat Battle. The beat battle is an opportunity for producers who make music to showcase their beats and production expertise to the public and guest judge, 9th Wonder. Faculty,…
  • 🎓 See Your Score Soar! (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 10:00am It's National Money Smart Week! Let's get smart about our money and learn how to understand a credit score and ways to build and improve credit. By learning how to avoid credit pitfalls, you can see your score soar! This workshop will be presented by Shana Lewis, Community Outreach Specialist with True Sky Credit Union. Following the workshop,…
  • Senior Wellness Wednesday in the Gardens (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am
  • These are the Breaks (Education Building - Edmond) Start Time: 2:00pm 9th Wonder will discuss the underworld of sampling in hip-hop, bridging its connection to various music generations through the exploration of vinyl, and the use of vinyl sampling and improvisation. For more information on 9th Wonder, visit
  • 🎨 Unlocking the Vault: Mysteries and Marvels of the Museum (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Apr 27th Start Time: 10:00am Museums typically exhibit only a very small percentage of their collections. In the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s vast holdings, specific pieces, for one reason or another, are rarely on view. This exhibition presents a variety of items that are seldom “out of the vault,” and gives the visitor a unique look at why, what, and…
  • Wednesday Game Night (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Play the games you love for jackpots and then play more games you love for Extra Cash & Prizes on Game Night at Remington Park, every Wednesday! Starting at 6pm on Wednesday nights at Remington Park, just make sure to use your Club Remington Card as you play in the casino. Doing so may get you selected via hot seat drawings to make Free Spins,…
  • 🏆 West Conf Qtrs: Jazz at Thunder Rd 1 Hm Gm 3 (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:30pm Tickets for Round 1, Home Game 3 will be available directly from the team starting on Friday, April 20 at 10 a.m. Can't wait to purchase tickets? You can purchase tickets from other fans and prices are determined by the seller and not the team. A 20% service fee for all resale tickets will be added to the cost of each ticket at checkout. ***VERY…

Thursday, Apr 26th

  • 104 Annual OU School of Visual Arts Student Exhibition Opening (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Join us for an opening reception to enjoy hors d'oeuvres and live music, as well as this year's student awards ceremony. This competitive juried show is held each spring and highlights the diverse works of art created by visual art students from the University of Oklahoma. Multiple awards with cash prizes are presented to students, including the…
  • 🎭 2018 Oklahoma History Conference (Oklahoma History Center - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 12:00pm The OHS is pleased to present the 2018 Oklahoma History Conference at the Oklahoma History Center, Wednesday through Friday, April 25–27. This year’s theme is “OHS125: Collecting, Preserving, and Sharing for the Next Generation” in honor of the 125th anniversary of the OHS. The conference will include 18 presentation sessions on a range…
  • 🎭 Backwards Broadway (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm Taking inspiration from shows like MCC’s “Miscast”, “Backwards Broadway” is an evening of gender-bending, ethnicity-twisting, mind-blowing takes on Broadway hits, presented by some of OKC’s finest musicians and performers! Singers will perform spectacular versions of songs from Broadway musicals…as characters that they would and/or…
  • The Book of Mormon (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th The Book of Mormon is coming to Oklahoma City's Civic Center Music Hall. Get ready for hours of laughter at this…
  • 🎭 "Celebrating ‘Oklahoma!’ at 75. (Oklahoma History Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm On Thursday, April 26, the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) and Oklahoma City University (OCU) will present the musical program “Celebrating Oklahoma! at 75.” To mark the 75th anniversary of the Broadway debut of Oklahoma! students from the OCU Wanda L. Bass School of Music will perform songs from the musical. Oklahoma! was the first…
  • 🏆 Club One Special (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm The popular Club 1 Special is back for all live racing dates at Remington Park. Enjoy this spectacular offer on every live race date, regardless of post time, day or night. The Club 1 Special includes: 2 Box Seats with a great view of the racing action A bucket of Coors, Coors Light or Miller Lite beer A basket of delicious Hot Wings 2 Racing…
  • Disney Institute - Coming to ROSE STATE College! (Rose State College - Midwest City) Start Time: 8:00am Soft Skill Training by the experts at the Disney Institute! Come hone your organization's customer service to a superb level by the people who have built a world-reknown empire. Disney specialists will share their expertise and trade secrets that are used to maintain the "happiest place on Earth."
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Iowa Cubs (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Iowa Cubs in a…
  • Early Season Pass Processing (Starlight Amphitheater @ Frontier City - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 9:00am Skip the processing lines and have your Season Pass card made before your first visit to the park! Our office is open 9:00a-5:00p, Monday-Friday.
  • 🎓 Emergency Management Speaker Series: When Tornadoes Strike (Rose State College - Midwest City) Start Time: 6:30pm
  • Festival of the Arts (Bicentennial Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th Known as Oklahoma City's annual "rite of spring," the Festival of the Arts is a six-day community…
  • 🏆 FireLake Arena Sports Domino Tournament (Firelake Arena - Shawnee) Start Time: 6:00pm Doubles Only Domino Tournament at FireLake Arena, April 26th! $5 per player to enter. Located at the North VIP Room in FireLake Arena, 18145 Old Rangeline Road, Shawnee, OK 74801. First 15 teams accepted, no entries on day of tournament. Contact Darin L. Greene, FireLake Arena Sports Coordinator at (405) 273-1637 for more information.
  • 🎨 Girls Night Out (Tipsy Artist - Guthrie) Start Time: 5:30pm Gypsy Glam Roadshow is hosting a Girls Night Out at Tipsy Artist Paint Palace. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Cost is $75 and includes, dinner, wine, painting instructed by Tipsy Artist. A fun event with your girlfriends.
  • Hail The Sun (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Hail the Sun with Overcast $12 tickets on sale now at, charge by phone at 18669661777, or buy in person at any Buy For Less / Uptown Grocery locations or Starship Records in Tulsa.
  • House District 41 Republican Candidate Forum (Piedmont City Hall - Piedmont) Start Time: 7:00pm Join us as we ask the tough questions of these candidates running for House District 41. Denise Hader, Greg Ingle, are all vying for your vote to be your next representative. What would you like us to ask them? Post to this event and let us know!…
  • Jonathan Davis (Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City) Jonathan Davis formed his strong frontman presence as lead vocalist for popular metal band Korn. Over the past…
  • Lyric Theatre - Fun Home (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th Start Time: 7:30pm Based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir, Fun Home takes the audience on three different experiences…
  • Meditation Class (St Stephen's United Methodist - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Weekly meditation and discussion group conducted by the monks from Oklahoma Buddhist Vihara.
    St. Stephens UMC 6-7pm Look for the shoes.
  • 😂 Mike Speenberg (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Apr 28th
  • Norman Music Festival (Downtown - Norman) Thru Sat, Apr 28th The Norman Music Festival, an annual event held in Norman, features over 100 bands on multiple stages. This music…
  • 🎓 OCCC Signature Series: Bob Woodward (OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 1:30pm Oklahoma City Community College will host legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning investigative journalist and author Bob Woodward at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, April 26, 2018, in the college’s Visual and Performing Arts Center Theater. The lecture is free and open to the community.
    The presentation, The Age of the American Presidency, will explore the…
  • Oh Wonder (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Get your tickets for an evening of pure pop magic when the London-based duo, Oh Wonder, takes the stage at OKC's…
  • 🎓 Oklahoma Connections Academy Free Family Information Session (Mustang Town Center - Mustang) Start Time: 6:30pm Oklahoma Connections Academy, a tuition-free online public school, will host a free information session for families interested in learning about its online program and individualized approach to education. Oklahoma Connections Academy is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI),…
  • Raised Bed Gardening (Legend Assisted Living - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 2:00pm
  • 🎓 Resume Reviews for Success (Pioneer Library System - Moore) Start Time: 6:00pm Are you on the hunt for a job, or are you seeking a career change but not sure how to update your resume? Register now to reserve your 30-minute, one-on-one session with a knowledgeable resume reviewer! Each attendee is allowed a maximum of one, 30-minute session. Please include good contact information so that we may contact you for your…
  • The Space Program: Prereqs & Upsets (Education Building - Edmond) Start Time: 2:00pm Mr. Stevie Johnson will present and release The Space Program: Prereqs & Upsets, which is an audio-recorded demonstration that centers the voices of a Black male, collegian collective who researched the ways hip-hop culture shapes or redefines their lived experiences at predominantly white institutions (PWIs). A seven-track mixtape, inspired by…
  • 🏆 Surf and Turf at The Bricktown Brewery at Remington Park (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 4:00pm
  • Oklahoma City Symphonic Band: American Composers Past and Present (Putnam City High School - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm The Oklahoma City Symphonic Band presents it spring concert "American Composers Past and Present", and will also feature its 2018 Young Artist Competition winner, Taylor Akin, a well-accomplished bassoonist who will perform the Carl Maria von Weber Bassoon Concerto in F Major Op 75. Musical selections performed by the band will include Overture…
  • 🏆 Thursday Night $25 Dinner for 2 at Silks (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm SILKS DINNER for TWO, just $25! – Thursdays in Racing Season The Silks Restaurant is the place for a great value and view of the racing action on Thursday nights throughout the Remington Park 2018 American Quarter Horse, Paint and Appaloosa Season. Enjoy the Silks Dinner for two for just $25, each and every Thursday night! Thursday night…
  • 🎨 Unlocking the Vault: Mysteries and Marvels of the Museum (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am Museums typically exhibit only a very small percentage of their collections. In the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s vast holdings, specific pieces, for one reason or another, are rarely on view. This exhibition presents a variety of items that are seldom “out of the vault,” and gives the visitor a unique look at why, what, and…
  • The Wrap Party Benefiting OK Foster Wishes (Dunlap Codding - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm OK Foster Wishes, a program under OICA, helps fulfill the wish lists submitted to DHS by foster kids across our state. Last year, we fulfilled more than 4,500 of the lists and made certain that every child received a gift through the assistance of donors and people who helped fill wish lists. This party helps us raise the program dollars…

Friday, Apr 27th

  • 🎭 2018 Oklahoma History Conference (Oklahoma History Center - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 12:00pm The OHS is pleased to present the 2018 Oklahoma History Conference at the Oklahoma History Center, Wednesday through Friday, April 25–27. This year’s theme is “OHS125: Collecting, Preserving, and Sharing for the Next Generation” in honor of the 125th anniversary of the OHS. The conference will include 18 presentation sessions on a range…
  • 🎭 Backwards Broadway (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm Taking inspiration from shows like MCC’s “Miscast”, “Backwards Broadway” is an evening of gender-bending, ethnicity-twisting, mind-blowing takes on Broadway hits, presented by some of OKC’s finest musicians and performers! Singers will perform spectacular versions of songs from Broadway musicals…as characters that they would and/or…
  • Bell Cow Boil (avilion - Chandler) Celebrate spring and dine on all-you-can-eat crawfish during the Bell Cow Boil in Chandler. Held at the Route 66…
  • The Book of Mormon (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th The Book of Mormon is coming to Oklahoma City's Civic Center Music Hall. Get ready for hours of laughter at this…
  • Brett Landry & The Night Shifts And Austin Duplantis (VZD's - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Brian Gorrell & Jazz Company (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm Brian Gorrell serves as Director of Jazz Studies for the nationally respected program at the University of Central Oklahoma Jazz Lab in Edmond. A former pianist for the Lawrence Welk Orchestra, Gorrell also serves as Advisor for UCO's Master of Music in Jazz Studies, teaches Applied Saxophone, Jazz Theory & Analysis 1 & 2, and directs the award…
  • Chicano Batman (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City)
  • 🏆 Club One Special (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm The popular Club 1 Special is back for all live racing dates at Remington Park. Enjoy this spectacular offer on every live race date, regardless of post time, day or night. The Club 1 Special includes: 2 Box Seats with a great view of the racing action A bucket of Coors, Coors Light or Miller Lite beer A basket of delicious Hot Wings 2 Racing…
  • 🎭 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00pm The UCO Department of Theatre Arts partners up with the @Penny Stinkers Touring Company to present "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)," written by the The Reduced Shakespeare Company. Located in the Mitchell Education Center Room 211. Free admission.
  • 🎭 Deadly Dancing (Ted's Escondido - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:15am Award winning, nationally recognized Whodunit Dinner Theater is performing our 27th year in Oklahoma City. We've been titled the 'Masters of Murder Mystery Mayhem' for good reason — we 'KILL' it! We are available for private show for your group, church and organization so give us a call or email anytime!
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Iowa Cubs (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Iowa Cubs in a…
  • Double Point Fridays and Saturdays (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm April in the Remington Park Casino makes Friday and Saturday nights with band better than ever before. Whenever the band is playing on Friday and Saturday nights, you are rewarded with double points for your Club Remington play. When the band does not play, the Hot Seats take over! Enjoy winning casino action every Friday and Saturday night in…
  • Early Season Pass Processing (Starlight Amphitheater @ Frontier City - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 9:00am Skip the processing lines and have your Season Pass card made before your first visit to the park! Our office is open 9:00a-5:00p, Monday-Friday.
  • 🏆 The Eliminator Challenge (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Remington Park racing guests have the opportunity to test their skill and take aim at a Grand Prize worth a minimum of $1,000, every Friday night in April. The Eliminator Challenge returns to Remington Park on Friday nights in April. The game is free to play with a simple objective, pick one horse in each race from Race 3 thru Race 12. As long…
  • Festival of the Arts (Bicentennial Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th Known as Oklahoma City's annual "rite of spring," the Festival of the Arts is a six-day community…
  • 🎓 Financial Basics Workshop (Purcell Public Library - Purcell) Start Time: 9:00am This workshop is designed to teach you more about the basics of finances. Learn how your employment history, debt to income ratio and other factors can play a key role in whether a bank may approve you for a loan. The workshop will be presented by Kerry Wilhoit, Vice President and Loan Officer with McClain Bank. Registration is required for…
  • Foreigner in Concert (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm Head to Riverwind Casino in Norman for an exciting performance by Foreigner. Known for Top 10 hits like "I…
  • For The Love Of Dallas - Featuring The Smooth Sounds Of Don Diego (Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • JAE CRUZ - Live Music, Jae Cruz From La Banda (Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Jon Wolfe (Oklahoma City)
  • Lyric Theatre - Fun Home (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Apr 29th Start Time: 7:30pm Based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir, Fun Home takes the audience on three different experiences…
  • 🎓 Mayor's Breakfast 2018 (First United Methodist Church - Yukon) Start Time: 7:30am Tickets for the Mayor’s Breakfast are $13 per person in advance and $15 per person at the door. Advanced tickets go on sale Monday, April 2, and are available at Yukon City Hall, 500 W. Main St. The City of Yukon is pleased to host the annual Mayor’s Breakfast, and this year features gubernatorial candidate and Mayor of Oklahoma City, Mick…
  • 🏃 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Expo and Packet Pickup (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:00am HEALTH & FITNESS EXPO The Health & Fitness Expo, presented by OU Medicine and the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau is a two-day, open to the public, show that showcases more than 60 exhibitors featuring a wide array of products and services geared towards runners, walkers, health-minded consumers. The Expo hosts a speaker symposium…
  • 😂 Mike Speenberg (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • Norman Music Festival (Downtown - Norman) 1 day left The Norman Music Festival, an annual event held in Norman, features over 100 bands on multiple stages. This music…
  • 🎭 Overly Designing Women (The Boom - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Rev. Sekou (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Safari Soirée (Oklahoma City Zoo - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Come and experience an evening of fabulous food, exotic drinks and wild entertainment at the Oklahoma Zoological Society’s 2nd annual event, Safari Soirée! Safari Soirée is a unique event where guests will have the opportunity to experience the zoo (yes, the entire zoo!), a sea lion presentation, giraffe feeding, stingrays, lorikeets and…
  • 🎓 U.S. Cellular Hosting Spring Customer Appreciation Celebration (U.S. Cellular - Edmond) Start Time: 10:00am Now that spring is upon us, it’s time to celebrate! Edmond U.S. Cellular associates are once again inviting the local community to their store for a Customer Appreciation Celebration. On April 27 and 28, there will be free large umbrellas for anyone who visits the store and a mobile prize wheel where customers can use their smartphones to spin…
  • 🎓 U.S. Cellular Hosting Spring Customer Appreciation Celebration (U.S. Cellular - Norman) Start Time: 10:00am Now that spring is upon us, it’s time to celebrate! Norman U.S. Cellular associates are once again inviting the local community to their store for a Customer Appreciation Celebration. On April 27 and 28, there will be free large umbrellas for anyone who visits the store and a mobile prize wheel where customers can use their smartphones to spin…
  • 🎨 Unlocking the Vault: Mysteries and Marvels of the Museum (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 10:00am Museums typically exhibit only a very small percentage of their collections. In the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s vast holdings, specific pieces, for one reason or another, are rarely on view. This exhibition presents a variety of items that are seldom “out of the vault,” and gives the visitor a unique look at why, what, and…
  • 🏆 OK vs. KS Border Border Bash Rodeo (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Start Time: 8:00am Find more event details at!

Saturday, Apr 28th

  • Blackberry Smoke (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Head to Bricktown for an evening of Southern-fried country when Blackberry Smoke takes over the Criterion Theatre for…
  • The Book of Mormon (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) 1 day left The Book of Mormon is coming to Oklahoma City's Civic Center Music Hall. Get ready for hours of laughter at this…
  • Celebration of World Languages (Oklahoma Christian University, Edmond, OK - Edmond) Enrich your mind with a Celebration of World Languages. At this spring event, Dove Science Academy encourages the…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Iowa Cubs (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Iowa Cubs in a…
  • Festival of the Arts (Bicentennial Park - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Known as Oklahoma City's annual "rite of spring," the Festival of the Arts is a six-day community…
  • Lyric Theatre - Fun Home (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 7:30pm Based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir, Fun Home takes the audience on three different experiences…
  • Lyric Theatre's Thelma Gaylord Academy - Wizard of Oz Auditions (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am
  • 😂 Mike Speenberg (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • Norman Music Festival (Downtown - Norman) Last Day The Norman Music Festival, an annual event held in Norman, features over 100 bands on multiple stages. This music…
  • The Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma Chorus Spring Show (Del City High School - Oklahoma City) Ditch the instruments and join the Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma Chorus and the Del City High School Choir as…

Sunday, Apr 29th

  • The Book of Mormon (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Last Day The Book of Mormon is coming to Oklahoma City's Civic Center Music Hall. Get ready for hours of laughter at this…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Iowa Cubs (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Iowa Cubs in a…
  • Festival of the Arts (Bicentennial Park - Oklahoma City) Last Day Known as Oklahoma City's annual "rite of spring," the Festival of the Arts is a six-day community…
  • Lyric Theatre - Fun Home (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 7:30pm Based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir, Fun Home takes the audience on three different experiences…
  • 🏃 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon (Oklahoma City National Memorial - Oklahoma City) On April 19, 1995, a great wrong was done in Oklahoma City. However, on the last Sunday in April the forces of fear and hate are beaten by love and compassion. 168 banners line the marathon course, one for each victim.
  • Thrive Mama Collective - Feather B Pop Up (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Vance Joy - Nation Of Two Tour (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Every online ticket purchased for this Vance Joy show includes a standard digital copy of the new album, Nation of Two. Instructions on how to redeem your copy will be sent via email on release day, February 23rd, 2018.

Monday, Apr 30th

I was unable to find any published events for Apr 30th.

Tuesday, May 1st

  • 🏃 Be Kind to Your Mind 5K & 10K (Pioneer Library System - Oklahoma City) Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? We are helping create awareness with our second annual Be Kind to Your Mind 5K & 10K. Also, at least 15% of every registration to Mental Health America, an amazing organization that is dedicated to helping Americans achieve wellness by living mentally healthier…
  • Food Truck Tuesdays (Jackson - Blanchard) Every week, treat your taste buds to new flavors. During Food Truck Tuesdays, a different food truck will park in…
  • Patty Griffin et al. (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Head to central OKC for an evening of defiant Americana magic when Grammy-winning singesongwriter Patty Griffin takes…

See Also

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2018.02.27 17:55 forfiveseven Compilation Post - Late - 2/19 - 2/23 ALL OFFLINETV EVENTS - Super Long

I'll probably be creating these consistently, primarily for people who haven't been able to watch the streams and those looking for the highlights.
I'm quite a bit late on this one, but this compilation post is of the days BEFORE Janet coming to LA. Since Janet is staying in LA for 12 days, I will make 3 separate posts for the time that Janet is in LA, so look out for that in the future.
If anyone has any other clips that I don't have on here, please feel free to pm me on reddit and I'll try to get it on there as fast as possible, as long as it's funny or entertaining.
This also took me around 8 hours, so.... (idk what i'm doing anymore).
Quick Streaming Table:
Streamer 2/19 2/20 2/21 2/22 2/23
Janet X (IIRL/LOL) --- HS HS/VAR ---
Poki --- IIRL/LOL IIRL/ASMR, TPAIN (Toast) OIRL 1, OIRL 2, X ---
Scarra --- --- LOL, PN, TPAIN (Toast) LOL LOL
Lily --- IIRL ART, TPAIN (Toast) --- IIRL/R
Fed --- --- TPAIN (Toast) Counting IIRL
Albert --- --- TPAIN (Toast) MUS/MAG On Lily's VOD
Chris --- --- IIRL/R, TPAIN (Toast) CAN/OIRL ---
Yoona LOL 1 / 2 LOL --- LOL ---
Xell VAIIRL/LOL --- --- IIRL ---
Jaime --- ART OIRL 1 / 2 OIRL ---
Paco OIRL 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 IIRL --- IIRL/VALOL/PUBG ---
IIRL - IRL at usual setup
OIRL - IRL outside of usual setup
VAR - Variety/any other game
PN - Patch Notes
R - Reddit
CAN - Canada
MUS - Music
MAG - Magic

Feb 19 - Monday (All dates are in PST)

Summary and Timestamps

Janet did an IRL stream after she got DDOSed, Xell played some games/IRL, Yoona did a League stream, Kimi browsed the subreddit and played League, Paco played League/Hearthstone, and Leslie did singing/IRL
Janet’s VODS - there are a lot of them due to her internet having issues:
League VODS:
IRL VODS: Looking at pictures, talking, playing the piano
Xell's Stream:
0:00:00 - 1:18:20 - IRL
1:18:20 - 1:37:00 - Smash Bros
1:37:30 - 2:44:00 - Dragonball FighterZ
2:44:00 - 3:00:00 - IRL
3:00:00 - 4:09:00 - Watching Videos (mainly KPop)
4:09:00 - 5:41:00 - League of Legends
5:41:00 - End - IRL/Looking at photos
Yoona's Stream:
0:00:00 - End - League of Legends
Kimi's Stream:
0:00:00 - 1:13:00 - Browsing subreddit
1:13:00 - End - League of Legends
Paco's Stream:
0:00:00 - 0:23:00 - Pokewatching vids
0:23:00 - 2:03:00 - Hearthstone
2:03:00 - 2:55:00 - Online Shopping
3:00:00 - End - PUBG
Leslie's Stream:
0:00:00 - 5:00:00 - Singing/IRL
5:00:00 - End - Edison/Fuslie together talking
Paco's VODS - Date/Shopping for date with Sandra

Clips/Posts about the Streams of the Day:

Type 1 in chat if you miss Toast. LUL - lancelot0499


Sounds just like dad - Fupyy


Look out Poki. A New Challenger Appears. - Randoman11




HANDS UP - Buternut






Janet <3 - JJCooksRice


Any game will be fun.. :) - iKillinton


She didn't mean itttttt - SSBTempest


Xell destroys the entire Joast army - xPsystrikerx


Ocean Man POGGERS - Fupyy


Kimi is too wholesome for this world. - DomovioButler


Just wait a bit longer until Feb 23rd Janet - Confusizzled


Janet on Foki - Confusizzled


Janet on Foki 2 - Fupyy


Janet just being cute <3 - hagenhawk


Fuslie responds to Janet roast about dancing - AxecutorDravne




Fuslie Meets a 9 Year old Fan - u/broom2100


Janet's from a Yakuza family chocoWut - SSBTempest


Janet is so funny - SSBTempest


Kimi showing her bear shoulder on stream - HumanFriendship


Aria imitating Fed - warhammerkid


Feb 20 - Tuesday

First day since OfflineTV got back from Taiwan. Pecca did a stream almost immediately during the night, as well as another during the morning. Poki did IRL/League, Toast did Hearthstone/IRL/League, Lily reacted to clips and Reddit posts, Yoona played League, and Jaime
Pecca's Night VODS - Picking up Maggie:
Pecca's Night VODS - Talking:
Pecca's Day Stream:
0:00:00 - 2:19:00 - Browsing photos/clips
2:19:00 - 2:32:00 - Looking at and making art for thumbnails
2:32:00 - 3:07:00 - Looking at Pecca's YouTube videos
3:07:00 - 3:28:00 - Pecca trying to browse through part of my long-ass Taiwan post (found at and reacting to SoulStar8000 's highlights video (found at
3:28:00 - End - Clips/Photos/Reddit browsing
Poki's Stream:
0:00:00 - 0:41:15 - Poki and Diana Hanging out
0:41:15 - 1:05:00 - Poki/Diana/Fed hanging out
1:05:00 - 1:25:00 - Poki/Fed together
1:25:00 - 2:24:00 - Talking
2:26:00 - 2:38:20 - Reviewing the new champ Kai'Sa
2:38:30 - End - League of Legends
Toast's Stream:
0:00:00 - 4:10:00 - Hearthstone
4:10:00 - 5:10:00 - Buying furniture with OfflineTV members appearing
5:10:00 - End - League of Legends
Lily's Stream:
0:00:00 - 0:55:00 - Lily going through my V-Day Joast post ( and megaboga 's Joast report (
0:55:00 - End - Lily browsing top Reddit posts
Yoona's Stream:
0:00:00 - End - League of Legends
Jaime's Stream:
0:00:00 - End - Drawing/Animation
Kimi's Stream:

Clips/Posts about the Streams of the Day:

Lily does Joast confession scene - SSBTempest


LilyAccessibleChu - SSBTempest


Lucky - tjbrownmusic (for JOAST) - 1Pikachu


Lily's Liberty Secret :3 - SoulStar1000


"I've Never Seen This Side of Janet" - ryuigami


Scarra Lowkey Ships JOAST the Hardest - Confusizzled


A message for you out there. - jtoorresb


Our commander is with us! - suwuTV


THE FU*K happened in Taiwan???? - MurlinMan


Lily scares herself - Ynana143


Sometimes you only need one girl - Tigey360


Dad's proud of mom :3 - Fupyy


"Is Liberty a meme?" - Soniiblaru


We will remember you sacrifice.. - Fupyy


2 Desks for 2 streams w/janet? - JJCooksRice


Chris your f***ing ugly! - Fed - bradzzers


Fuslie Teaches Derivatives - giantpunda


Be Careful Toast. LilySpyChu - Ropoll


Janet, Hit That Legend ASAP - SmilingSoap


Joast confirmed? - DreamzzDark


Lily needs to change tabs - SSBTempest






Toast is the Luckiest Guy in the World. - Potcho10


Fedzoned - Quarentine


Deja Vu - XIII_Souls


Poki is hot.... but not as hot as PACO - crazyfoot092


Welcome to the Foki squad - FwakesVen


Lily understands - SSBTempest


Thanks Lily <3 - HavocalTTV


Jaime has a flashback - I_didnt_mean_itttt


Feb 21 - Wednesday

T-Pain appears in the OfflineTV house, and it was streamed on Toast's Channel. Toast, Poki, Scarra, Pecca, and Lily did a short stream before he came. Chris did a late night stream. Kimi/Leslie/Jaime also streamed some variety, Reddit browsing, and IRL stuff.
I made a post specifically for T-Pain showing up today here:
However, I will still post the best clips below.
Toast's HS VOD:
Toast's T-Pain VOD:
0:01:00 - 0:03:00 - T-Pain visits Poki and does ASMR
0:03:00 - 0:07:00 - T-Pain visits Scarra
0:08:40 - 0:18:00 - T-Pain visits Lily and grades drawings
0:23:00 - 0:42:00 - T-Pain plays Overwatch
0:44:00 - 0:53:00 - T-Pain watches Albert's magic tricks
1:00:00 - 1:40:00 - T-Pain plays Mafia
1:40:00 - 1:51:00 - Talking with T-Pain
1:52:00 - ~2:15:00 - Pictures/More talking
Poki's VOD:
0:00:00 - 1:28:00 - Poki/Diana talking
1:35:00 - 1:47:00 - Fed/Lily come in
2:00:00 - end - ASMR
2:37:00 - T-Pain comes in
Scarra's Patch Notes VOD:
Scarra's LOL VOD:
3:40:00 - T-Pain comes in
Lily's VOD:
0:00:00 - End - Art/grading drawings of T-Pain
2:39:20 - T-Pain comes in
Pecca's Art VOD:
Chris' Night Stream - Reddit/IRL:
0:00:00 - 0:38:00 - Switching between watching OfflineTV art live ( /Reddit
0:38:00 - 1:04:00 - Looking for vacation spots/browsing Google Maps
1:04:00 - End - Looking at Offlicial OfflineTV Taiwan Feedback Thread ( , as well as the art stream
Kimi's Stream:
0:00:00 - 1:05:00 - Browsing Reddit
1:05:00 - 4:48:00 - League of Legends
4:48:00 - 5:15:00 - Watching Spongebob
5:15:00 - End - Browsing Reddit
Leslie's Stream:
0:00:00 - 4:52:00 - IRL Stuff/Talking
4:52:00 - 7:49:00 - Fortnite
7:50:00 - End - IRL/Talking with Edison
9:45:00 - Edison appears
Jaime's VODS - IRL:

Clips/Posts about the Streams of the Day:

Foki is as the prophecy says - SSBTempest


T-Pain cucks Toast - Soniiblaru


Janet reacts to T-Pain - SSBTempest


when bae notices you - cpuguy96




I'm pleased to introduce you all to xChocoBars, #1 Hearthstone Streamer. - l0ngstorm


MC Madness Janet so cute - SSBTempest


Leslie giving all of us the feels on her 3 year anniversary stream and a 100,000 bit drop - DesertPunk92


Wholesome Edison Kisses Leslie for her 3 Year Anniversary of Streaming - broom2100


burn the witch - VietSpartan


Our room is free if anyone needs it... Kappa - lancelot0499


C O N T E N T - PeeTriix


lol what is this - SSBTempest


Extra Kimi Olive Oil XD - V0ss1


T-Pain looks at art - credit to SSBTempest


How do you know when a plantain is ripe? - ButterPizza


Participation Badges are alright -TPain - RaidynRush


Chris learns of Arkansas - Sir_Popperton


T Pain gets caught sniffing Poki's blanket - IrritatedEyes


Albert gets put down - SSBTempest


Buy you a drink T-Pain instrumental ft. Toast - herbalo


When Lily knows more than you but doesn't wanna say anything - DrizzleDrake88


When you're trying so hard to Resist: - Zubins


Fed warns Tpain about Foki - SSBTempest


tpain at offlinetv - SSBTempest


Chris on how to get a girl - KyuTyler


Feb 22 - Thursday

Janet streamed with Toast for the first time in a week, since Valentine's Day. Poki streamed an outdoor IRL with Diana and Fed. Scarra streamed League, and Pecca streamed in Canada with an IRL with Chris' brother. Chris continued the stream with his brother. Albert streamed music and magic, Yoona streamed League, Kimi streamed her regular LoL/IRL, Jaime streamed IRL/watched anime, and Paco streamed a variety of games. Fed's chat started counting to 90000.
I made a compilation post of the Joast Stream here:
Toast's Stream:
1:15:00 - Start of Interaction - Hearthstone
3:04:00 - When they start talking
3:10:00 - Fortnite
5:03:00 - We Were Here Too
Janet's Stream:
1:30:00 - Start of Interaction - Hearthstone
3:20:00 - When they start talking (I recommend starting here)
3:26:00 - Fortnite
5:19:00 - We Were Here Too

Clips/Posts about the Streams of the Day:

KIMI BOOTY SHAKE - randy7673


Cute ending, Over - SSBTempest


Scarra with the best Title - herpaslurp


Your Move Federico. We will not stop. - LoveDiLeague


Joast couple confirmed - SSBTempest


Janet's reaction to Toast's bush - myself




Joast blushing so hard! - SSBTempest


When She Friend-zones You by Bringing a Friend Along - broom2100


Poki's reaction to her friend saying Fed is her favorite in the house - NickyNR


Guys i can bot resist Foki anymore - MarkusAegis


Alpha Kuh Fed - RaidynRush


chocoH Joast is real - SSBTempest


Janet sneak revives Jenny - SSBTempest


His face is priceless - Guilhermef25


cute Foki moment - irule25


"I missed you."...... HOLD ME CHAT! - dangyo_trill




Albert Snipes Josh (Violin Duet) - giantpunda


Janet's Laugh <3 So cute - SSBTempest


Mom is broken - Fupyy


Janet doesn't know how to play Chess - seansan1


End the joast non-believers - SSBTempest


Joast duet - SSBTempest


Poki Teleports Behind Fed - notexecutive


Xell Going HAM on the Violin - giantpunda


Ocean-STOP beta - SSBTempest


That moment when you know one of your own campers beat you to Toast's server LUL - tylerajohn


Ditzy Janet is best Janet, over - DariusDevil


monkaS - GeXand


who said that? - XXSnakeBoy1XX


Toast is so sweet. "I would walk a thousand miles" - lancelot0499


Janet spectates Toast's 372IQ Fortnite Protecc Play - DariusDevil


Factually Accurate - ultimateninja9




I saved you Janet - Fupyy


We got Toast Jr as Pecca's Di Di - Kimix191


Chess date confirmed - Fupyy


Feb 23 - Friday

Not too many streams today, as there was an OfflineTV event, and Janet was traveling to LA. Fed finally streamed after 90000 counts in chat. Scarra streamed League, Lily streamed Reddit browsing/IRL, and Pecca streamed in Canada. Leslie streamed variety/IRL.
Fed's Stream:
0:00:00 - 0:12:40 - Chat finishing up the count to 90000
0:12:40 - 0:27:00 - IRL backpack in the house
0:27:00 - 1:54:00 - IRL in the room/talking
1:54:00 - 2:12:30 - IRL Backpack streaming in the house
2:12:30 - End - Finishing up stream
Scarra's League Stream:
Lily's Stream:
0:00:00 - 1:50:00 - Reddit browsing
1:50:00 - 2:07:00 - White Enamel
2:07:00 - 5:12:00 - Music, then mix of music/Reddit browsing
5:12:00 - End - Reddit browsing
Pecca's Stream - Talking with brother:
Leslie's Stream:
0:00:00 - 1:50:00 - IRL
1:50:00 - End - Fortnite

Clips/Posts about the Streams of the Day:

I LOVE IMANE - myself


We don't talk offstream btw - myself


Fed's Discord Right Now. - HavocalTTV




Fed Roasted by T1 - NickHimself


"JUST A MEME" - Orbiitt


POKI WALKS - myself


JUST A MEME GUYS - Mustyelite


I don't think you should aim it there - NummyGamGam


A man in Love, Foki - SSBTempest




Hoe Cage vs Fastest Man Alive - TTristin


GJ DisguisedToast! Thank you, JanetRose! - lancelot0499


A very important clip - Geo_O


Lilyroastchu - taikutsuu


Alpha Toast - Teach us your ways! - whyisitsoENET




Fed Friendzones Poki - Sckej


Toast reacting to Demon Janet's laugh - zase7




Kimi said WHAT!??

Sorry if you didn't make it on here, there is a character limit.
submitted by forfiveseven to offlineTV [link] [comments]

2018.02.16 06:49 iminterestingplease Part 27

4976.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these "miracle cures" not existing or not being as effective as they are now?(Vaccine that treats flu in 24 hours, new antibiotics called malacidins?)
4977.(New species.)Have you heard of the Rusty-Spotted Cat?(Do you remember such small cats not existing?)
4978.(Famous Secretary name change.)Jim Mathis/Jim Mattis
4979.(Fictional Character name change.)Willy Lomax/Willy Loman
4980.(Comic Book Series name change.)Captain Tripps/Captain Trips
4981.(Fictional Character name change.)SolivaSolovar(Do you remember "King Solivar" or "King Solovar"?)
4982.(Anatomy change.)Do you remember humans not having hexagon pupils?(Did animals in general not have hexagon pupils?)
4983.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the uniforms in Star Trek not having gold on the wrists?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in The Karate Kid not being connected?
4984.(T.V. Show name change.)The Dog WhispereDog Whisperer
4985.(Country name change.)The Filippines/The Philippines/Filippines/Philippines(Philipino/Filipino)
4986.(Country name change.)Finnland/Finland(Finish/Finnish)
4987.(Island name change.)Great Britian/Great Britain(Encyclopedia Britiannica/Encyclopedia Britannica/Encyclopædia Britiannica/Encyclopædia Britannica)(Do you remember "Britons" not being a word and were they just known as British people?)(Was "encyclopaedia" not an acceptable spelling of "encyclopedia"?)
4988.(Country name change.)Scottland/Scotland(Scotish/Scottish)
4989.(Spelling change.)Flouride/Fluoride(Flourine/Fluorine)
4990.(City name change.)Piza, Italy/Pisa, Italy
4991.(Spelling change.)Shenondoah/Shenandoah
4992.(State name change.)Virgina/Virginia(West Virgina/West Virginia)
4993.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Nokia being Japanese instead of Finnish?
4994.(New species.)Have you heard of the Mary River Turtle?(Do you remember animals not being able to breathe out of their butt?)
4995.(New species.)Have you heard of the Namibia's Welwitschia?(Do you remember plants not being able to live that long?)
4996.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jack The Ripper killing 7 people instead of 5?(Did he kill 11 people?)
4997.(Painting change.)Do you remember God's butt not being visible in the painting of him in the Sistine Chapel?
4998.(Water name change.)Avian/Evian
4999.(Music Lyrics change.)"And Venus was her name."/"And Venus was his name."
5000.(Movie name change.)Castaway/Cast Away
5001.(Capital City change.)Auckland, New Zealand/Wellington, New Zealand
5002.(State name change.)Pensylvania/Pennsylvania
5003.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Roman numerals on clocks not going upside down?
5004.(Tequila name change.)Jose Cuervo Gold/Especial Gold
5005.(Famous Apothecary name change.)Nostradamas/Nostradamus
5006.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Thor Ragnarok not being connected?(Anything else off?)
5007.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle not being connected?(Anything else off?)
5008.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the Ts in Unikitty! not having the left side cut off?(Was it just "Unikitty"?)
5009.(New species.)Have you heard of these species of animals?(Did certain animals not do these things before?)(Links below.)(Hammer headed fruit bat, Basking shark, Mandarin fish, Mantis shrimp, Velvet bunny slug, Ice worm, Lobed comb jelly, Mola Mola, Gelada monkey, Kakapo, Sarcastic fringe head fish, Schmidt's guenon, Black swallower, Red lipped bat fish, Photostomias, Bald uakari, Glowing cockroach, Cows now have changes in their bodies, Cassowaries now look different, Bobbit worm, Kori Bustard, Feather starfish, Elephant hawk moth caterpillar, Flying frog, Fish that have glowing eye patches, Glass spun caterpillar, Promachoteuthis sulcus, Blue lincod is now blue where it wasn't before, Gulper eel, Snake neck turtle, Giant isopod, Indian bullfrog, Walking starfish, Indri, Dragonfish, Cape rain frog, Armadillo lizard, Yakutian snow horse, Rosy maple moth, Bird eating spiders, Crow ears are different, Brazilian tree hopper, Different colored iguanas, Devil's flower mantis, eagles attack deer now, Sulawesi lined gliding lizard, Fennec fox, Firefly squid, Frill shark, Pink fairy armadillo, Gooty sapphire tarantula, Salpa maggiore, Kermode bear, Adult male lions now travel together, Sea mouse, Nyala bull, Orangutan faces are getting flatter, Penis fish, Purple frog, Pyrosome, Rainbow hydromedusa jellyfish, Sea angel, Blue dragon nudibranch, Snake caterpillar, Silver ant, Sheephead fish, Snub nose monkey, Stubby squid, Surinam toad, Colobus monkey, Giant South African earthworm, Ocellated turkey?)
5010.(Anatomy change.)Do you remember these body parts not existing or being different?(Left lung has 3 lobes and right one has 2, gallbladder is slightly bigger, More than one appendix, Taenia coli, Thymus gland?)
5011.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember all of these paintings of baby Jesus not existing?
5012.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember birds not intentionally being able to start fires?
5013.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ieisha Evans holding her hand out in her iconic protest photos?
5014.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember newborn babies not being born with their eyes open?(Do you remember them not having monkey-like grips?)
Add-On: Do you remember crocodiles and alligators not being as fast on all fours as they are now?(Were they not able to climb fences?)(Were they never able to be kept as pets?)(Was "Tamable" spelled "Tameable"?)(Anything else off?)
5015.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in CPAC not being connected?
5016.(Famous Prime Minister name change.)Alex Douglas Home/Alex Douglas Hume/Alex Douglas-Hume/Alex Douglas-Home
5017.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Gonzo's eyelids being light purple instead of yellow?
5018.(Famous Poet name change.)Percy Blythe Shelley/Percy Bysshe Shelley
5019.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember the sheriff having a hat in Signs?(Does the G in the movie logo look off?)
5020.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in FCC not being connected?(Was the second C not inside the first one?
5021.(Spelling change.)Theasaurus/Thesaurus(Do you remember the plural being "Theasauruses" or "Thesauruses" instead of "Theasauri" or "Thesauri"?)
5022.(University name change.)Tuffs University/Tufts University(Do any of the letters in the logo look off?)
5023.(Medicine name change.)Ibprophen/Ibprofen/Ibeprophen/Ibeprofen/Ibuprophen/Ibuprofen
Add-On: Do you remember "Tomorrow" being spelled "Tommorrow"?
5024.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember dolphins not being able to create and play with air rings?(Do you remember humans not being able to?)(Was it not as easy to make them?)
5025.(Movie name change.)Prayer For The Rollerboys/Prayer Of The Rollerboys
5026.(T.V. Show name change.)Moolah Island/Moolah Beach
Add-On: Do you remember "Til" being the only acceptable shortening of until instead of "Till" being acceptable too?
5027.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the G in General Electric being uppercase instead of lowercase?(Anything else off?)
5028.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Dumbo wearing different clothes than he does now in the movie?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember "The Silence Of The Lamb" or "Silence Of The Lamb"?
Add-On: Do you remember Betelgeuse being blue instead of red?
5029.(Book Title change.)Strange Case Of Dr. Jeckyll And Mr. Hyde/Strange Case Of Dr. Jeckyl And Mr. Hyde/Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde(Other spellings?)
5030.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember FaceTime notifications saying "Would like to FaceTime" instead of "Would like FaceTime"?
5031.(Supergroup name change.)Mike N The Mechanics/Mike & The Mechanics/Mike And The Mechanics/Mike + The Mechanics/ M1ke + The Mechan1c5(Do any of their logos look off?)
5032.(Famous Director name change.)Steven Speilberg/Steven Spielberg
5033.(Spelling change.)Vidoe/Video(Do you remember it being spelled "Vidoe"?)
5034.(Spelling change.)Brittain/Britain(Brittish/British)
5035.(Spelling change.)Writting/Writeing/Writing(Writte/Write)
5036.(City name change.)Milwaukie, Wisconsin/Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Add-On: Do you remember Egypt not being as green as it is now?(Did it not have giant lakes?)
5037.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being a supercolony of 1500000 penguins in Antarctica?
5038.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these 11 animals not being able to change gender?(Sea turtles, Clownfish, Hawkfish, Bass, Moray Eels, Banana Slugs, Butterflies, Cardinals, Frogs, Snakes, Bearded Dragons?)
5039.(Book Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Isaac Asimov: The Foundation Trilogy not being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
5040.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Statue Of Zeus At Olympia being the Statue Of Zeus Of Olympia?(Do you remember the statue not existing?)(Do you remember it not being one of the seven wonders of the world?)
5041.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus not existing?(Was there not a wonder of the world located in Turkey?)
5042.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Library Of Alexandria being a wonder of the world?
5043.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember cats not being able to stand and walk like humans?(Anything else off?)
5044.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember infants not being able to do these things?(Hearing all sound frequencies at the same time, distinguishing faces of all species of animals, judging character, learn language in the womb, understanding social interactions, knowing when physics don't add up, fairness, understanding probability, being racist, healing without scars?)(Do you remember them not naturally being able to hold their breath underwater?)
5045.(Spice name change.)Cardamon/Cardamum/Cardamom
5046.(Video Game name change.)Freddy Fish/Freddi Fish
5047.(Search Engine name change.)GoDuckGo/DuckDuckGo
Add-On: Do you remember Quija board instead of Ouija board?
Add-On: Do you remember Gilette instead of Gillette?
5048.(City name change.)Marseilles, France/Marseille, France
5049.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being water on the moon?
Add-On: Do you remember Lightening instead of Lightning?
5050.(Company name change.)Qualcom/Qualcomm(Does the logo look off?)
5051.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Eye Of The Sahara not being a thing?
5052.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember 666 medicine not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember The Laughing Cow having gold earrings?(Did she have one earring?)(Was she looking the other way?)
Add-On: Do you remember Floride instead of Fluoride?
Add-On: Do you remember Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles looking different than they do now?(Did "The Pebbles And Bamm-Bamm Show" not exist?)
5053.(Spelling change.)Accupuncture/Acupuncture
5054.(Toilet Cleaner name change.)Tidy Bowl/Ty-D-Bol(Do the dashes look off?)
5055.(Spelling change.)Duct Tape/Duck Tape(Do you remember there not being a company called "Duck Tape"?)(Do you remember it not being an acceptable spelling of Duct Tape?)
Add-On: Do you remember "Jack's Pacific", "Jakk's Pacific", or "Jacks Pacific" instead of "Jakks Pacific"?
5056.(Fictional Character name change.)Mr. Bojangles/Mr. Jingles
5057.(Famous T.V. Producer name change.)Paul Tuttle Sr./Paul Teutul Sr.(Other spellings?)
5058.(Movie name change.)Meet The Millers/We're The Millers
Add-On: Do you remember groundhogs being able to predict winter depending on if they saw their shadow or not?
Add-On: Do you remember Reebox instead of Reebok?
Add-On: Do you remember words like "Zoiks" and "Zoinks" not being actual words?
5059.(Famous Saxophonist name change.)Frank West/Frank Weiss/Frank Wess
5060.(New species.)Have you heard of the Shami Goat?
5061.(Real Life Quote change.)"The squeaky wheel gets the oil."/"The squeaky wheel gets the grease."
5062.(Music Lyrics change.)"The phantom of the opera is here. Inside my mind."/"The phantom of the opera is there. Inside my mind."
Add-On: Do you remember Elvis Presly or Elvis Presely instead of Elvis Presley?
5063.(Real Life Quote change.)"It's easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled."/"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled."/"It's easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled."/"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."(Do you remember Mark Twain saying it?)
5064.(Famous Model name change.)Betty Page/Bettie Page
5065.(Famous Actor name change.)Ashton KrutcheAshton Kutcher(Do you remember his first name being "Ashton" instead of "Christopher"?)
5066.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"She's got to be somebody's babe."/"She's got to be somebody's baby."(Do you remember the song saying "Babe" instead of "Baby"?)
Add-On: Do you remember Levona, or Lenova instead of Lenovo?(Does the logo look off?)
5067.(Famous Engineer name change.)Werner Von Braun/Wernher Von Braun
5068.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the sun in Kellogg's Raisin Bran having sunglasses?
Add-On: Do you remember Kikoman or Kikomann instead of Kikkoman?
5069.(Flag change.)Do you remember the cross in the Saint George's Cross flag being off to the left or the right instead of the center?
5070.(Company name change.)Levis/Levi's
Add-On: Do you remember the Titanic being made in Liverpool or visiting Liverpool?(Did it visit France?)(Anything else off?)(Do you remember its route being different?)
Add-On: Do you remember Chewbacca looking different than he does now?(Do Luke and Han look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember killer whales not having a white patch by their fins?
5071.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember the Count's cape being different than it is now?(Does the pattern seem off?)
5072.(Music Lyrics change.)"When the broken hearted people living in the world agree."/"When the broken hearted living in the world agree."(Do you remember "Hearted" being a word?)
5073.(Famous Record Producer name change.)Bob SinclaiBob Sinclar
5074.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Demiurge not being a thing?
5075.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember vertical pinkhouses not being a thing?
5076.(Painting change.)Do you remember The Birth Of Venus being on a full clam shell instead of a half of one?
5077.(Video Game name change.)Call Of Duty: Black Ops IV/Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII
Add-On: Do you remember Alec Trebek instead of Alex Trebek?(Do you remember his first name not being George?)
Add-On: Do you remember Jewelry being spelled Jewlery, Jewellery or Jewelery?
5078.(Spelling change.)Religon/Religion(Regon/Region)
5079.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember water bridges not being a thing?
5080.(Spelling change.)Earing/Earring
Add-On: Do you remember John F. Kennedy being the only one that died in his 1963 assassination instead of J.D. Tippit as well?
Add-On: Do you remember not being able to see the scalp of Mona Lisa?
5081.(Famous Actress name change.)Diane West/Dianne West/Diane Wiest/Dianne Wiest(Weist?)
5082.(Famous Actor name change.)Alex Baldwin/Alec Baldwin
5083.(Company name change.)Quisinart/Cuisinart(Do any of the letters in the logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Coco Cola or Coke A Cola?(Do you remember Coca Puffs?(Were any other cereals like this for you?))
5084.(Cereal name change.)Count Chocola/Count Chocula(Does the Count look off now?)
5085.(Spelling change.)Consistant/Consistent
5086.(Rock Band name change.)Sister Of Mercy/Sisters Of Mercy/The Sister Of Mercy/The Sisters Of Mercy(Do any of their logos look off?)
5087.(Fictional Character name change.)Rolf The Dog/Rowlf The Dog
5088.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Stranger Things not being connected?(Do any of the other logos or things I've previously posted about such as Mary Poppins' umbrella seem off to you?)
5089.(State name change.)Arazona/Arizona
Add-On: Do you remember Lysterine instead of Listerine?
5090.(Plant name change.)Manukah/Manuka
5091.(Famous Entrepreneur name change.)Rob Dydrek/Rob Dyrdek(Other spellings?)
5092.(Spelling change.)EntreprenueEnterprenueEnterpreneuEntrepreneur
5093.(Spelling change.)Enviorment/Enviornment/Enviroment/Environment
5094.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Golden Crisp and Honey Smacks not existing?(Sugar Crisp/Golden Crisp)(Sugar Smacks/Honey Smacks)(Do any of the logos look off?)
5095.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Birdo not existing?
Add-On: Do you remember Franklin D. Roosevelt not being paralyzed while he was president?(Was he not paralyzed at all?)
Add-On: Do you remember "Raisin Bran" being "Raisin Brand"?(Do any of the logos look off?)
5096.(Date change.)Do you remember The Incredibles 2 already being released?(The Incredibles 2/Incredibles 2)
5097.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Cokeville Elementary School Hostage Crisis not existing?(Have you heard of Cokeville?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Tin Man not having a handle on his helmet?(Does his nose look off?)
5098.(Restaurant name change.)Rubio's Baja Grill/Rubio's Coastal Grill(Does the logo look off?)'s_Coastal_Grill
Add-On: Do you remember "Wiener" being spelled "Weiner"?(Was "Hot dog" originally "Hotdog"?)
5099.(Song Title change.)Don't Stop Believing/Don't Stop Believin'("Just a small town girl living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere."/"Just a small town girl living in a lonely world. He took the midnight train going anywhere.")(Was it just "Took the midnight train going anywhere"?)
5100.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember certain things about robots not existing such as movies?
Add-On: Do you remember Rod Stewart dying?
5101.(Geography change.)Do you remember the US and Canada not being so similar in size?
5102.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the 1939 Pontiac see-through car not existing?(Do you remember see-through cars not being around at the time at all?)
5103.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember WW2 gliders not existing?
5104.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember cars never having RCA 45 RPM record players?
5105.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the LA Fitness logo not having a line between "LA" and "Fitness"?(Were the letters red?)(Was it "L.A. Fitness"?)
5106.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Taj Mahal being much larger than it is now?(Anything else off about the look of the building or anything else?)
5107.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Pukao not existing?
5108.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember wooden submarines not being around in 1620?
5109.(Anatomy change.)Do you remember bone cells not being able to control diabetes?(Was it "Diabeties"?)(Were there not cranial features in the face?)
5110.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in UGG Australia not overlapping?(Do any of the letters look off?)
5111.(Store Logo change.)Do you remember the person in the Boot World logo not being there?(Was it a dash?)(Do the letters look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the star in Walmart being smaller?(Anything else seem off?)
Add-On: Do you remember "Cold Stone Creamery" being "Coldstone Creamery"?(Anything else off?)
5112.(Famous Journalist name change.)Pierce Morgan/Piers Morgan
Add-On: Do you remember "Manuka" or "Manukah" instead of "Mānuka" or "Mānukah" honey?
Add-On: Do you remember The Scream being only one painting instead of five?(Was it painted by Vincent Van Gogh?)
5113.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Split Screen sunsets not being a thing?
5114.(Company name change.)David's Sunflower Seeds/David Sunflower Seeds
5115.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bonobos not being able to make and handle fire?
5116.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember sumo wrestlers only being able to knock each other down and being able to push each other off the mat instead of being able to knock each other out?
5117.(Song name change.)Riding/Ridin'(Do any of his logos look off?)(Do you remember the song name being "Ridin' Dirty" or "Riding Dirty"?)
5118.(Famous Actor name change.)Joe Montegna/Joe Mantegna
5119.(Real Life Quote change.)"Show me the receipts."/"I wanna see the receipts."
5120.(Spelling change.)Cumberbund/Cummerbund
5121.(Real Life Quote change.)"And that's the way it happened."/"And that's the way it is."
5122.(Spelling change.)Exagerate/Exaggerate
5123.(Movie name change.)Walt Before Disney/Walt Before Mickey
Add-On: Do you remember the dash being full in Pur?
Add-On: Do you remember most "Epsom Salt" products saying "Epsom Salts"?(Do you remember "Dr Teal's" being "Dr. Teal's"?)
5124.(Mascot appearance change.)Do you remember the Pillsbury Doughboy having a blue neck tie instead of a white one?(Was he only known as the Pillsbury Doughboy and not "Poppin' Fresh"?)(Was it "Popping Fresh"?)
5125.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Audrey Hepburn having brown eyes?(Was it not a mystery on which eye color they were?)
5126.(Movie name change.)A Nun's Life/The Nun's Life/A Nun's Story/The Nun's Story
5127.(Fictional Character name change.)Lenny Small/Lennie Small(Do you remember the letters being normal in CliffsNotes?)
Add-On: Do you remember "Rold's Gold" or "Rolds Gold" instead of "Rold Gold"?
Add-On: Do you remember "Victoria Secrets" or "Victoria's Secrets" instead of "Victoria's Secret"?'s_Secret
Add-On: Do you remember "7-11", "711", or "7Eleven" instead of "7-Eleven"?(Was it not a Japanese company?)
5128.(Restaurant Logo change.)Do you remember the Yoshinoya logo being a Y inside a circle inside a spiral instead of being just a larger Y?(Does the logo change seem off to you?)
5129.(Supermarket Logo change.)Do you remember the people in the El Super logo being a sun instead?(Did you have to capitalize "Sun", "Earth" and "Moon" to be grammatically correct?)(Does the logo change seem off?)
Add-On: Do you remember "The Coneheads" instead of "Coneheads"?
5130.(Movie name change.)Goonies/The Goonies(Does the I in the logo look off?)
5131.(Animal Group name change.)Sabre-Tooth Cat/Saber-Tooth Cat/Sabre-Toothed Cat/Saber-Toothed Cat(Do you remember tigers being the only "Saber-Toothed" animal?)
5132.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Crepuscular rays not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember "Gangsta's Paradise" instead of "Gangster's Paradise" being said in the song?(Any of the other lyrics seem off?)
5133.(New species.)Have you heard of these species of animals?(Do these abilities seem off to you?)(Dobson fly, Plume moth, Assassin spider, Giant Cerbalus spider, Lobster moth, Mexican mole lizard, Greater Bilby, Red monster leech, Mohawk wasp, Honeypot ant, Wolf fish, Tunicate, King herring, Hammerhead salamander, White plume moth, Egyptian vulture, Gervais beaked whale, Puss caterpillaFlannel moth, Dolomedes "Brian" greenei, White sea otter, White-tailed deer, White peacock, White moose, White smiling gecko, White gargoyle gecko, White lichen katydid, White alligator, White humpback whale, White sea turtle, White bat, White stingray, White doberman pinscher, White echidna, White gorilla, White red-tailed hawk, White Madagascan hedgehog, White kangaroo, White kingfisher, White koala, White lobster, White penguin, White raccoon, White rhino, White skunk, White squirrel, White tiger, White king vulture, White wallaby, White non-albino elephant, White elephant, White marlin, White zebra, White California king snake, White catfish, White kiwi, White weaving spider, White frog, White raven, White arctic fox, White fox, White lynx, White Mandarin Drake, White mongoose, White chipmunk, White elk, White German Shepherd, White Crocodile, White orca, White mamba, White coati, White Dungeness crab, White porcupine, White harryplax severus crab, White Axoloti, White Kookaburra, White golden eagle, White turkey vulture, White dogfish, White American Robin, White king cobra, White armadillo, White screech owl, White ant, White black bear, White bear, White Sulcata tortoise, White Betta fish, White ladybug, White Bluejay, White camel, White blackbird, White ferret, White fly, White groundhog, White campbell hamster, White iguana, White jaguar, White jellyfish, White lemur, White leopard shark, White luna moth, White praying mantis, White hummingbird, White newt, White opossum, White seal, White trapdoor spider, White pelican, White prairie dog, White plume moth, White scorpion, White seahorse, White Rufous-Collared sparrow, White red fox, White magpie, White Scarab beetle, White buffalo?)(Do you remember animal species names such as "Nosed", and "Tailed" not ending in "ed"?)(Do you remember "Leach" instead of "Leech"?)(Do you remember "Shephard" instead of "Shepherd"?)(Do you remember "Dungeon crab" instead of "Dungeness crab"?)(Do you remember "Doberman Pitcher" instead of "Doberman Pinscher"?)
5134.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in GMC Yukon not being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
5135.(Anatomy change.)Do you remember the shoulder bones not having ridges and not being divided on both sides?
5136.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Fordson not existing?(Do you remember Ford not making tractors at all?)
5137.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Lee Harvey Oswald not having a cut on his forehead and swollen eye in his mugshot?(Did he not have them at all?)
5138.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Tibet being a country instead of a region in China?
5139.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Louis Pasteur inventing the first vaccination instead of Edward Jenner?(Was it not for smallpox?)(Are the dates off?)(Anything else off?)
5140.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Fred Rogers dying a few years ago instead of February 27, 2003?
5141.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember cows not having horns?(Did only bulls have horns?)
5142.(Real Life Quote change.)"I've never been to oovoo javer."/"I never been to oovoo javer."/"I never went to oovoo javer."/"I've never went to oovoo javer."
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2018.02.07 14:09 gazhere Second Album Updates & "Nothing"

-8 Oct 2017
"Fuck it, i might leak 'Nothing' tonight" [Tweet Deleted]
-30 Sept 2017
SR: "What can you tell me about your new song U-Turn?"
Lido: "That song is not even completed, not even close to completed"
"I'm very deep in the next album.." "..much more vocal heavy, I'll be singing a lot more"
-Stingray PausePlay Inteview
-10 Dec 2017
"It's not a country album.. I put out "Everything" about a year and a half ago and i've been toying with the idea of having a follow-up project called "Nothing", and I don't know exactly what it is, i've written a lot of music for it.. whether or not it will ever come out, i'm not sure." - Amplify Interview
-21 Aug 2018
Teal Magazine: "Are you going to release an album?"
Lido: "Yeah, I'm working on it. Who knows what it's going to be, but I am writing a lot of music and I will be releasing it very soon. We just started releasing some tiny bits of it. There will be a lot of music coming out very quickly."
-Teal Magazine Interview
"Thank you so much for helping me regain perspective on my album man, you’re amazing. This man is about to have a crazy year don’t sleep"
"Happy 808 Day. My album is done. It's coming out soon. It's called PEDER. Thank you for being part of this journey. Love u. Lido."
"This album is the best thing I’ve ever made. I can’t WAIT for you to hear it. #PEDER"
"Way better [than Everything] in my opinion"
"This Solange album is my shit wow. Experimentation/stylistically the closest thing I’ve heard to the one I’m working on, calming my nerves a little bit lol"
"Thank you so much for helping me regain perspective on my album man, you’re amazing. This man is about to have a crazy year don’t sleep"
“Album almost done.”
“This album I’m working on got a lot of that” [R&B]
"Oh yea I’m definitely finishing my album in this room"
[Album] "95%" [Done]
"I’m listening through the album with one of my favorite producers and wow I’m actually so proud of this"
On 8th August 2019 Peder announced online that his album was finished and that its title is PEDER.
PEDER Instagram Story
Col3trane features on a song on PEDER
PEDER - “Good Morning” Instagram Story
PEDER Insta Story - HEAVY MELLOW Vibes
peder CD (via peder instagram story)
"So ready to finally start this wave of new music"
First single and music video - How To Do Nothing
"If it was up to me you would already have PEDER."
Track list screencap on his Instagram story reveals the first track is "DYE"
[PEDER] "is tentatively scheduled to drop by year's end, perhaps even by this coming spring" via Billboard Interview.
Mixing and mastering completed, Peder cites other reasons for the album delay.
Background - Insta Live Stream 12/03/2020
"Lido on a big wave" Beat - Insta Live 15/03/2020
Lido - ID [Alone] (Lido Remix) - Insta Live 24/03/2020
Second single and music video - Postclubridehomemusic
Third single and music video - Rise
"PEDER" - Official Tracklist Reveal
"09.18.20" - Album Release Date Announcement - Unreleased/B-Sides Mix Free Download
Fourth single and animated video - Layaway

= Official Tracklist =

Yellow Bike
Please Fasten Your Seatbelt
5 Songs
Part Time
How To Do Nothing

= SpaceFM Uneleased/B-Sides (Unconfirmed Titles*) =

Layaway (Alternate Mix)
Waste My Time
About You
New Things
Running With The Wolves
Grouptext (Alternate Mix)
I O U 1 EP
I O U 2 EP
-23 Jan 2018
HeavyMellow posted a stream of Lido in the studio on titled "IOU Live Stream". HeavyMellow talks to Lido about the fact that he's releasing two EP's the first one in more of an electronic style and the second one in more of an R&B style. Lido confirms to him that the track that he was working on in the livestream should be on the first EP.
-1 July 2018
-4 July 2018
"O U"
-5 July 2018
"I O U"
-13 July 2018
-15 July 2018
-16 July 2018
"IOU1 9.28"
I O U 1 EP Trailer
"Finished I O U 2 last night."
"I O U 2 sent to mastering"
"been working on a film scored by I O U 2. Visual EP coming to a theater near you, next month."
"I know I’ve been really quiet about the meaning behind I O U 1 & 2, but it’ll all make sense soon. I’m coming to a few cities in North America to play the music for the first time with a visual experience in local theaters and talk to you guys about the story and the concept."
"I O U 2 . Nov 16."
"I O U 2 out tomorrow."
"I O U 2 out now!!!!!!"
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2018.01.07 06:00 iminterestingplease Part 26

4848.(New species.)Have you heard of the Melibe Nudibranch?
4849.(New species.)Have you heard of the King Cheetah?
4850.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Jerry Van Dyke dying a while back?(Do you remember Dick Van Dyke dying?)
4851.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember any of these myths being true?(Cheetah being the fastest animal in the world instead of peregrine falcon, turtles, tortoises, snails or slugs being the slowest animals in the world instead of sloths, elephants being the largest mammals in the world, camels storing water in their humps, rabbits liking carrots and mice liking only cheese?)
4852.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember any of these things being different?(Were they true and not false, did they mean different things?)(Did the Weasley actors actually have ginger hair? Did Carlton actually improvise the dance he did? Was the Powerball a ball? Did Pineapples grow on trees? Were Double Stuf Oreo cookies double stuffed? Is the I Before E Except After C rule off?(Efficient?) Was Toad from Mario not wearing a hat? Did "No tears" shampoo mean teardrops instead of tears in your hair? Was Hello Kitty a cat? Was Barry Scott a real person?(Does the logo of the product he sells look off?)Did Froot Loops all taste different? Were you not wearing earphones wrong? Did the Great Wall Of China go around China and not end? Were there not fast turtles and tortoises? Did Bear Grylls not eat good food off camera? Was Bae not originally a Danish word for poop and Icelandic word for bye? Did Michael Jackson not stage his forward leaning dance move? Did 2 never equal 1? Did the Information Desk Person emoji not actually mean "Look at all the fucks I give".? Was Hawaiian pizza invented in Hawaii? Were those C shaped pillows actually meant for sleeping? Were cotton swabs actually okay to go in your ears? Did Will Smith not have a son named Trey Smith? Did Zach Braff actually drink appletinis? Were Subway sandwiches one foot long instead of 11 and 1/2 inches?)*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto
4853.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or true and not false?(Did Einstein win the Nobel prize for the theory of relativity and not the explanation of the photoelectric effect? Were Freeway lines only a couple feet long and not 10 feet? Did Jerry Seinfeld do "What's the deal with" bits in his stand up acts?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things being different or true and not false?(Were you not wearing Bobby pins wrong? Were towels and jeans stacked normally on store shelves? Was Cap'n Crunch a captain and not technically a commander? Were you only suppose to take 1 One A Day gummy vitamin instead of 2? Were baby carrots a type of carrot and not just chopped carrots? Was the plural for octopus "octopi" or "octopuses" instead of octopodes? Did the 10 piece chicken nugget from McDonald's only show 10 nuggets instead of 11? Were green Haribo bears not strawberry? Was Arizona Iced Tea made in Arizona and not Canada? Was there no name for the name before Halloween? Did penguins not have knees? Were you able to use the popcorn button on a microwave safely? Did Dollar Tree never charge more than a dollar? Were alligators and crocodiles not able to walk around on their hind legs?(Were other reptiles not able to do this?)Were the numbers on the toaster degrees and not minutes? Was the emoji with the two hands together a praying emoji and not a high five emoji? Did the spider on Spider-Man's costume have 8 legs instead of six? Were you not peeling bananas wrong? Were Velociraptors not only 2 feet tall? Was fandom not fanatic domain shortened? Were oranges always orange and not sometimes green and yellow? Were the Disney princesses not as young as 14? Did Wile E. Coyote never catch the roadrunner? Were Very Berry Hibiscuses from Starbucks not just lightly flavored water? Did cat milk from the store come from actual mother cats? Did cats always land on their feet? Was Winnie The Pooh a boy and from England and not a girl and from Canada? Were mosquito eaters able to eat mosquitoes? Was Captain America never associated with Hydra? Did peanuts and other nuts not grow in the ground? Were cashews not the deformed growth of a fruit? Did Kelis actually know how to make milkshakes? Did Kellogg's red berries contain actual red berries? Did Victoria Beckham not lip sync when she was in the Spice Girls? Did 2 liter bottles not used to start off small? Does the pattern on the butt of a tiger seem off? Did the ampersand not go through changes? Did the bushes and clouds in Super Mario not look so similar? Does the pattern on the leg of an anteater look off? Did the face of Mufasa on the cover of The Lion King not look like a butt? Did Mario not hit bricks with his hand?
Add-On: Do you remember these things being different or true and not false?(Did gorillas not make nests? Were defibrillators able to restart stopped hearts? Was the place with the most pyramids Egypt instead of Sudan? Did an apple falling on the head of Isaac Newton help him discover gravity? Were Olympic solid gold medals still being given out? Was Oktoberfest still celebrated in September? Was thermoplastic not used for road markings? Was the viral image of the black and white cat really the world's smallest cat?)
4854.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Mitsubishi Galant being normal?
4855.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Airbus being normal?
4856.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in United Airlines not being connected?(Were the letters normal?)(Were they all capital letters?)(Any of the other logos look off?)
4857.(Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in The White House not being connected?(Do the Ws look off?)
4858.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember monkeys not having blue testicles?
4859.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember frogs not flying and gliding?
4860.(New species.)Have you heard of these species of animals or are they even more off than before?(Are the concepts off?)(Basking shark, peacock spider, hammer headed fruit bat, Mandarin fish, velvet bunny slug, mantis shrimp, ice worm, Celebes crested macaque, lobed comb jelly, mola mola, gelada monkey, Kakapo, Enypniastes Eximia, sarcastic fringe head fish, Schmidt's Guenon, black swallower, red lipped bat fish, blanket octopus, stingrays being able to fly, red edged giant lily pads, Photostomias, sage grouse, white buffalo, giant wombats?)
4861.(University Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in the University Of Miami?
4862.(University Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in North Texas Mean Green not being connected?
4863.(University Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Texas A&M not being connected?
4864.(University Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Troy University not being connected?(Do the letters look off?)
4865.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember alligators not being able to snick their snouts through ice to survive the cold?
Add-On: Do you remember Raven-Symoné bumping the letters in the That's So Raven theme song with her hips instead of pushing them with her hand?(Did she do both?)
4866.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"It's gonna take some time to realize."/"It's gonna take some time to realign."
Add-On: Do you remember the Fs in FedEx Office not being connected?
4867.(Famous Actor name change.)Jayden Smith/Jaden Smith(Do you remember the Rs in After Earth not being cut off?)
4868.(Movie name change.)Deer HunteThe Deer Hunter
4869.(Company name change.)Thomas/Thomas'
4870.(Company name change.)Entemann's/Entenmann's(Does the logo look off?)'s
4871.(Fictional Character name change.)Pee Wee Herman/Pee-Wee Herman(Paul Reuben/Paul Reubens)
4872.(Real Life Quote change.)"Walk quietly and carry a big stick."/"Speak softly and carry a big stick."(Other quotes?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Nintendo Gameboy being in Home Alone instead of Tiger Electronics?
4873.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Nintendo Wii Mini not existing?(Does the website logo look off?)
4874.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Donald Trump recently calling many countries "shitholes"?
4875.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the pink pineapple?(Were they not pink on the outside sometimes too?)
4876.(New species.)Have you heard of the Eriovixia Gryffindori?
4877.(New species.)Have you heard of the Camel Spider?
4878.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember chickens not being able to fly?(Were they only able to go very short distances and heights?)
4879.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember peacocks not being able to fly?
4880.(New species.)Have you heard of the Naked Raccoon?(Have you ever seen a raccoon without its hair before
4881.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember snakes not being able to fly or glide?
Add-On: Do you remember the liver only being one piece instead of two?
4882.(Can't think of a title.)Do you the Energizer bunny being the only mascot for Energizer instead of there also being a battery man?
Add-On: Do you remember C-3PO not having an antenna in his head?(Did he not also go by See-Threepio?)
Add-On: Do you remember there not being a crack around the nose on the skull?
4883.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Cristo Redentore not being a thing?(Does it seem off?)
4884.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Harry Potter's scar being in the middle of his forehead instead of the right?(Was it on the left?)
Add-On: Do you remember Neo from The Matrix taking the blue pill instead of the red pill?
4885.(Company name change.)LucasFilms/LucasFilm(Do any of the letters look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Star Wars: Revenge Of The Jedi toys and other things not being released?(Was it changed to "Return Of The Jedi" before they could release anything under the other name?)(Does the logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in All In The Family not being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Harry Potter not being connected?
4886.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Westinghouse not being connected?(Anything else off?)
4887.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the older Post Holdings logos not having connected letters?(Anything else off?)(Any of the other logos off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the beard of Colonel Sanders being different?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the mules going the other way in the Borax logo?
4888.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in La Costeña being normal?(Anything else off?)
4889.(New species.)Have you heard of the Broadley's Flat Lizard?
4890.(New plants.)Have you heard of Beehive Ginger?
4891.(New species.)Have you heard of rainbow iguanas?
4892.(New species.)Have you heard of the immortal jellyfish?
4893.(New plants.)Have you heard of the Strangler Fig?
4894.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of the Árbol Del Tule?
4895.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember people only being able to live to 100-110 years old instead of being able to live longer?
4896.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Jim Henson dying in the 2000's instead of 1990?
Add-On: Do you remember the myth being "Starve a cold, feed a fever" instead of "Starve a fever, feed a cold"?
4897.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being girls who gave birth at as young as 5 years old?
4898.(Anatomy change.)Do you remember the palm of the hand being more smooth than it is now?(Do the fingers look off?)
4899.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the T in THX not connecting to the top line?
4900.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Princess Leah/Princess Leia(Do you remember her not being also known as "Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan", "Senator Leia Organa", or "General Leia Organa"?)
4901.(Famous Football Player name change.)Tim Teebow/Tim Tebow
Add-On: Do you remember Hitler killing himself with only poison instead of shooting himself afterward?(Did he not marry his girlfriend two days before he died?)(Did he not ask to be cremated?)
4902.(Movie Quote change.)"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"/ "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"
Add-On: Do you remember the C in Cox Communications being different?
Add-On: Do you remember the E not being connected to the second T in Better Homes And Gardens?(Was it "Better Homes & Gardens"?)
4903.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember R2-D2 having only one beam instead of three?(Anything else off?)(Was it not acceptable to spell his name "Artoo-Detoo"?)
4904.(Fictional Species name change.)Wookie/Wookiee
4905.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Konica Minolta being normal?
4906.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Creative Technology being normal?(Anything else off?)
4907.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Rent A Wheel being normal?(Anything else off?)(Was it "Rent-A-Wheel"?)
4908.(New species.)Have you heard of the Golden Tiger?
4909.(Animal name change.)Dacshund/Dachshund(Other spellings?)
4910.(U.S. State name change.)Tennesee/Tenessee/Tennesse/Tennessee
4911.(Movie Cover change.)Do you remember the girl holding an ax on the "So I Married An Axe Murderer" cover?
4912.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember lungs not being able to produce blood?
4913.(Musical name change.)Singing In The Rain/Singin' In The Rain
4914.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things in history being true?(Did a female pope exist? Did the hanging gardens of Babylon not exist? Did the first end of the world scare happen? Did the house of Tudor exist?)
4915.(Song Title change.)Take Me Home Country Road/Take Me Home Country Roads
4916.(Music Lyrics change.)"In the arms of an angel."/"In the arms of the angel."(Was it "In the arms of the angels."?)
4917.(Play name change.)The Importance Of Being Ernest/The Importance Of Being Earnest
Add-On: Do you remember these things being different or true and not false?(Did butterflies only eat nectar from plants? Did astronauts eat astronaut ice cream and other things during the Apollo missions? Were palm trees actually trees and plants called palms actually palms? Did earwigs actually want to crawl in your ears? Did the dinosaurs not get killed by bad luck? Did Dracula not look different than he did in the movies? Was the red panda actually a panda? Was Christopher Columbus Italian? Did Christopher Columbus discover America?
4918.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these animal group names being different?(Was it not a murder of crows? Was it not a bloat or crash of hippos? Was it not a crash of rhinos? Was it not a mischief of mice? Was it not a mischief of rats? Was it not an unkindness, storytelling or conspiracy of ravens? Was it not a wisdom of wombats? Was it not a conspiracy of lemurs? Was it not a tower of giraffes? Was it not an embarrassment, bamboo or cupboard of pandas? Was it not a mutation of thrushes? Was it not an implausibility of gnus?)
4919.(Spelling change.)Cuckhold/Cuckold
4920.(Movie name change.)Up!/Up
4921.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the rediscovery of the Coelacanth being a different date than it is now?
4922.(Music Lyrics change.)"It ain't over baby til it's over."/"Baby, it ain't over til it's over."
4923.(Music Lyrics change.)"I walk these empty streets."/ "I walk this empty street."
Add-On: Do you remember the A in Arby's being normal?
4924.(Movie name change.)Studio 54/54(Now only "54" in North America.)
4925.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Steve Buscemi getting space madness instead of space dementia?
Add-On: Do you remember Sweet Home Alabama being a song about being happy instead of Neil Young?
4926.(Game Show Logo change.)Do you remember the Ts in The Price Is Right not being cut off on the left side?(Anything else off?)(Did The Price Is Right and Grand Theft Auto not have similar fonts?)(Was it never known as The New Price Is Right?)
4927.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the T in Brother not having the left side cut off?(Anything else off?)
4928.(Music Lyrics change.)"I couldn't be fonder of my big home."/"I couldn't be found of my big home."
4929.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Trane not being connected?
4930.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the noses of rabbits being different?
4931.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in United States Post Office not being connected?
4932.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember a part of California not wanting to become its own state?(Did this just come out of nowhere for you?)
4933.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember this sock puppet being in a cartoon you watched as a kid?(Was it a movie?)(Something else?)(Link below.)
4934.(Famous Actor name change.)Phil Lewis/Phill Lewis
4935.(Real Life Quote change.)"Ms. Kesha, Ms. Kesha! Oh my fucking God. She fucking dead."/"Ms. Kesha, Ms. Kesha, Ms. Kesha! Oh my fucking God. She fucking dead."
4936.(Real Life Quote change.)"You almost made me drop my croissant."/"I could've dropped my croissant."
4937.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Wednesday Addams having a plain black dress instead of a black dress with flower details?
4938.(Famous Playwright name change.)Tennesse Williams/Tennessee Williams
4939.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember killer whales not being able to talk?
4940.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Ron Jeremy dying?
Add-On: Do you remember Mary Poppins' hat not having flowers on it?
4941.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Janet Jackson having a star-like thing on her nipples when her breasts were exposed?(Anything else?)
4942.(Medicine name change.)Robotussin/Robitussin
4943.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember being able to see Squidward turn into a snail in I Was Teenage Gary?(Was Squidward a squid and not an octopus?)(Does the website logo look off?)
4944.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the population of the U.S. being 350000000 instead of 320000000?
4945.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Boston Strangler not getting thanked for his contribution to population control?
4946.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember $25 coins not existing?(Have you heard of Palladium?)
4947.(Spelling change.)Controlable/Controllable(Controled/Controlled)
4948.(Spelling change.)Comfty/Comfy
Add-On: Do you remember your heart not being able to beat so visibly?
Add-On: Do you remember not being able to dilate at will?(Do you remember not being able to have one pupil larger than the other at one time?)(Does the website logo look off?)
4949.(Real Life Quote change.)"We will fight them on the beaches. We will fight them on the landing grounds. We will fight them in the streets. We will fight them in the hills. We will never surrender."/"We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields and in the streets. We shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender."
4950.(Whisky name change.)McNaughton/MacNaughton
4951.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the iconic headband from The Karate Kid being different that it is now?(Was it red and white and instead of blue and white? Was it black and white? Was it a different pattern?)
4952.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the 1938 Orson Welles War Of The Worlds radio broadcast causing a larger panic than it did?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Aspirin not being connected?(Anything else off?)
4953.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Telectroscope not existing?
4954.(Book Quote change.)"Tune in. Turn on. Drop out."/"Turn on. Tune in. Drop out.",_tune_in,_drop_out
4955.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's just a greasy stove without you."/"It's just a greasy spoon without you."("I would trade it all the way."/"I would trade it all away.")
4956.(Music Lyrics change.)"Baby I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time."/"Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time."(Certain lyrics say "Maybe" and others say "Baby".)
4957.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember rainbow rivers not existing?
4958.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember giant wolves not being a thing?
4959.(New species.)Have you heard of the Maratus Volans?(Have you heard of the Peacock Fly?)
4960.(New species.)Have you heard of the Blue Mud Dauber?(Blue wasps in general?)
4961.(New species.)Have you heard of bioluminescent millipedes?(Have you heard of bioluminescent centipedes?)
4962.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember insects such as praying mantises not being able to become zombies to parasites such as horsehair worms or just come back to life in general?(Do you remember animals in general not being able to become zombies to parasites or just come back to life in general?)
4963.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember turkeys not being able to fly?
4964.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember chickens not being able to have really long tails?
4965.(New species.)Have you heard of the Tent Caterpillar?(Do you remember caterpillars not grouping up on trees to eat the tree?)
4967.(New species.)Have you heard of the Sunbeam Snake?
4968.(New species.)Have you heard of white giraffes?(Have you heard of white lions?)(Other white animals you've never seen?)
4969.(New fruits.)Have you heard of green coffee beans?
4970.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Benjamin Franklin not smiling or smirking on the $100 bill?
4971.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Illuminati card game not being a thing?(Do you remember it not consistently accurately predicting the future?)(DopplegangeDopplegängeDoppelgangeDoppelgänger)
Add-On: Do you remember "Slave in the magic mirror" not being said in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs?
4972.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember spiders not being able to fly?(Do you remember it not being able to rain spiders or other arachnids, insects or other animals?)
4973.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Mustang Ford Sedans not existing?
4974.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Miss Piggy having a mole or a beauty mark on her face?
Add-On: Do you remember the Statue Of Liberty not having foot shackles?
4975.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember submarines not existing or being used in combat since 1776?
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2017.12.02 06:33 misota What's happening in DECEMBER 2017

This is my first stab at this, please be gentle senpais. This month is all about end of year themed festivals and events! Let me know if you guys have something else to recommend.


The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

8 Dec 2017 15 Dec 2017 - 1 April 2018 Free admission, paid rides/food
With over 40 rides and game stalls across two locations, a thrilling good time await at The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. Afterall, it's Singapore's biggest carnival ever. Owned and operated by an international crew behind Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park and The Great European Carnival in Hong Kong, there are over 40 rides (yes, actual rides like rollercoasters, rotating towers with swinging chairs and even a pirate ship) and game stalls to play at. Admission is free, although ride and game credits can be purchased onsite or online.

Flashbang Singapore

9 - 30 Dec 2017 Free admission, paid rides/food
From the organisers of the wildly popular Artbox Singapore comes Flashbang, Singapore’s first and biggest creative retail playground. From December 9-30, the open-air car park at Grange Road will be transformed into a dynamic space with virtual reality installations and creative workshops. Go crazy feasting and doing some retail therapy with over 120 F&B and retail stores. Party it up with the neon light art installations and live music after the sun sets. Don't miss the Glow-Up area with glow sticks, body paint and glitter!

Christmas/New Year Parties

Siloso Beach Party

31 Dec Paid
Head down to Singapore's premier island resort getaway and welcome the New Year with non-stop music and captivating fireworks at Singapore's only beach countdown party. From dusk to dawn, party-goers will enjoy 12 consecutive hours of celebrations!

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown

31 Dec Free entry to festival grounds, paid entry to ticketed area
Soak in the fun of welcoming the New Year alongside revellers from around the world at Singapore’s largest countdown event, the Marina BaySingapore Countdown. Set against the city’s spectacular skyline, this fiesta features four experiential activity hubs at The Promontory, Bayfront, the Civic District and The [email protected] Bay, with pop-up food stalls, photo installations, movie screenings, water rides and rollercoasters. Best of all, you can enter the festival grounds for free!


A Place to Bury Strangers Live

20 Dec Paid
New York City-based noise rock band A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS makes their return to Singapore on 20th December 2017. It’s almost become a cliché now: “the loudest band in New York.” So renowned is the reputation of A Place to Bury Strangers’ wall-of-sound assault that the Brooklyn trio even sell their own branded earplugs on tour. But if you’ve ever found yourself enveloped in the synesthetic chaos that is their live show, you’ll find they more than live up to the moniker. And if you haven’t, well, you’re in for a treat.

Kitaro: Kojiki & The Universe

22 Dec Paid
The gig merges Grammy and Golden Globe award-winning recording artist Kitaro's music from his album Kojiki with space-age. Kitaro will also perform his greatest hits at the Grand Theatre, Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

139 Strings For Christmas

23 Dec Paid
This concert features Fontane Liang (harp) and Beatrice Lin (piano). Liang has performed with the London Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, Liverpool Philharmonic, London Concert Orchestra, Bath Philharmonia, Southbank Sinfonia and Germany's MusikFabrik. Lin was awarded the Adolphe Neuman prize from the canton of Geneva in 2010 and has performed in Switzerland. At the The Armenian Church of St Gregory the Illuminator.


23 Dec Paid
Roll deep, hit hard, move fast. SUB CITY returns in December with its distinctive curation of syncopated, bass-heavy beats from across the 160-170 bpm spectrum. Bassheads & Junglists, this is your home.Revision Music are seeing out 2017 with a special treat as they host BLOCKS & ESCHER [UK]. Strongly backed by Metalheadz & label chief Goldie, they first made waves in the industry with ‘Shadow Play’ on ShyFX’s Digital Soundboy in 2011 [Listen:]. The following year saw them launch their own imprint Narratives Music, as an outlet for their emotive and forward thinking take on the 170BPM genre. The label name itself is derived from the images and stories perceived from their music and the way the audience may cast their own interpretation, and form their own subjective narrative.


Treasures of the natural world

25 Nov - 29 Apr 2018
Embark on an adventure of discovery as treasures of the natural world from the prestigious Natural History Museum London come alive at the ArtScience Museum to take you back in time on expeditions that broke scientific grounds and made history. Hand-picked from over 80 million specimens, over 200 of the museum’s star objects will travel to Southeast Asia for the very first time. Selected for their historical and scientific importance, each prized treasure is a marvel that reveals a story of adventure and exploration defined by curiosity and discovery.

Dune: A Sci-fi Art Show

1 Dec - 30 Dec Free?
Immerse yourself in Frank Herbet’s spellbinding sci-fi world and travel to the land of Arrakis as Kult Gallery comes to live with paintings, prints and virtual reality installations inspired by his best-selling novel Dune. The month-long exhibition showcases more than 15 art pieces by participating artists from across the globe, including Indonesia, Singapore and New Zealand. Come on December 2 (Sat) and geek out with other sci-fi lovers over pizza and beer for an in-depth discussion of the genre or catch a documentary screening (Dec 9) of a director's attempt at adapting the masterpiece to film.

Ancient Religions

From 12 Dec - Feb 2018 Free
The Ancient Religions collection at the Ancient Civilisations Museum traces the development of the ancient Indian religions and their rapid spread through Asia. The art that gave expression to the ideas of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism is presented. The shifting images of deities can be witnessed in the art of Gandhara, China, and Southeast Asia displayed here.


Boys Brigade Charity Drive

Till Dec 23, 26 - 29
The Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift at Boys' Brigade Headquarters, BB Campus, in its 30th year, aims to bring festive cheer to more than 42,000 beneficiaries. Members of the public are urged to help deliver food hampers to the beneficiaries. Volunteers can drive their own vehicle or borrow/rent one for a few hours to help with the deliveries.

Adopt Alfred for Straits Times Pocket Money Fund

Till 31 Dec Paid?
Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR) has launched a charity drive called Adopt Alfred (guardsman bear) & Friends (limited-edition animal plushies - elephant, tiger, giraffe, panda, lion, monkey), with proceeds going to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. Various locations (Orchard Hotel, Grand Copthorne Waterfront, M Hotel, Copthorne King's, M Social )


World of Warcraft Winter Veil Party

19 Dec Free? Preregistration required
The Feast of Winter Veil is here! 'Tis the season to be jolly, and everyone is invited. No matter if you are Horde or Alliance, you are sure to find a few treats, not to mention a few tasks to take on at the coolest party of the year! The space is limited, so be sure to register early!



15-24 Dec Free admission
Bookworms, listen up – the annual fair by Popular bookstore returns with more literary goods to fill up your bookshelves. So be sure to make some extra space! Spread over 10 days, this year’s book fest sees autograph and sharing sessions with regional and local authors and comic writers. Everyone’s favourite comic book from their salad days Mr Kiasu makes its comeback with Mr Kiasu: Everything Also Like Real – you even get to meet Johnny Lau, the man behind the popular series too.

Christmas Themed Attractions

Universal Studios - A Universal Christmas

1-31 Dec Paid
Experience one of Singapore’s largest Christmas celebrations as Universal Studios Singapore™ transforms for the festive season. Meet and greet your favourite characters, catch snowfall, watch multimedia lights after dark and see special Christmas-inspired performances. Enjoy festive dining treats and bring home exclusive merchandise. Even better, selected rides and attractions will be available till late.

Gardens by the Bay - Christmas Wonderland

1-26 Dec Paid (from $4 - $ 10 depending on date of entry)
Dreaming of a white Christmas? Gardens by the Bay's annual Yuletide affair ups the ante with a slew of family-friendly activities. Visit Santa at his workshop, skate under the stars at the outdoor skating rink and sample wine and food whipped up by gourmet chefs from Monti, Shoukouwa and Saint Pierre. Expect ‘snowfall’ and more than 70 light art installations, including a 13m-tall Christmas ‘tree’.

SEA Aquarium - Merry Fishmas

1-31 Dec Paid
The SEA Aquarium celebrates the festive season with its annual Merry Fishmas. This year it presents the ornate eagle ray, a rare and endangered stingray species that's making its debut at the aquarium. Come see the sea creature up close alongside other new residents including the Argentine humphead and honeycomb cowfish. Also see santa feed fish.

Orchard Road - Christmas on A Great Street

Dec- Early Jan 2017 Free
Otherwise known as the great Orchard Road Christmas Light UP, Immerse in the spirit of Christmas along Orchard Road as Singapore’s premier lifestyle and shopping destination transforms into a magical wonderland for the holidays.

Expired Events

Epigram Books Christmas Pop-Up Store
EOY J-Culture 2017
Santa’s Little Helper
The Saddest Landscape Live
ZoukOut 2017
Publicgarden Christmas Market
Urban Ventures Street Party X House of Noise 2017
Do You Remember The First Time? 12 Years of Eatmepoptart
Madam White Snake
"Yuri" on Piano
Vainglory World Finals
MPH Book Sale
edit: removed mayday because sold out, added vainglory finals,
edit2: added EOY
edit3: added WOW party, Public Garden christmas market, epigrams book pop up store
edit4: added MPH book sale, SPW wrestling
edit5: updated PMBC time. added anime piano and other concerts.
edit6: cleaned up expired events
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2017.07.06 04:37 TheKingOfCurtopia X-Day Bourbon Fueled Rant ( After Not Drinking 7 years ) Because This Slack's Important!

Excuse me for a moment while I gather my thoughts, ponder an enormous cigar dubbed a Cuban Reject, snuffle the bits of cheesy crackers from my emaciated gums. SO! The day is upon us once again and I HAVE A TALE. It is tenuous and long. It starts at the beginning ... so don't read any more if you don't have time. just go away. FUCK YOU! I'd rather be playing Fallout or something too!
As a nerd-kind who was introduced to things like astronomy, physics, wargaming and aeronautics at age 8ish (isn't it always about that in everyone's mind?) I tended towards the weird and explosive. BUT BEFORE THAT I had been taken to Poza Rica, Mexico, where I encountered such wonders I have yet to explain. With my grandfather he dragged me on insane business trips to 'Frisco, L.A. and San Diego where I always flew AS A CHILD WITH NO ONE (Suck it helicopter parents I'm fucking alive you pansies).
OH let me go off the fucking rails here. YOU DON'T REMEMBER THIS DO YOU! OUR Conspiracy world is so bad no one remembers there was a time an 8-12 yr old kid could travel alone on airlines, walk into the cockpit, PUSH BUTTONS THEY TELL YOU TO PUSH ( "don't worry kid, it's just a test alarm button and you helped our flight check!" ). They took this away from you.
Here's the thing about Poza Rica. I was a "God Prince". I could stand on crates and yell 4-year-old gibberish, half-Spanish, half-English and command an army of kids to do whatever it was I said (apparently it was a lot of lets play futbal). I watched stingrays cavort amongst black metal pipes jutting from the sea venting FLAMING natural gas. A paved road ran right into the ocean at high tide straight to those things. Little old ladies would run out to rub my head at my constant terror. Dude! Little old ladies runnig at you shouting "yeeyeeyeee" while trying to pat your head! AIGH! WHY!? Vultures on the back fence were on a first-name basis. Because I had blonde hair I was considered Jesus. That's not a lie. PEOPLE BROUGHT US GIFTS! It's why the old ladies chased me.
After a year we moved back to the USA. Everything seemed wrong somehow. Why was one place brick and stucco then another this chemical-smelling fake whats-it-stuff mounted on wood beams? One place was REAL. One place was fake. WHY!?
I never realized it. I grew up slowly Normalizing. Private schools. Montavani. Real Estate. Rotary Clubs. I WAS A KID! What the hell?
But somehow "Bob" knew for he was also into the same thing my grandfather Cliff. Grandpa Cliff is legend among my friends and despised by my family, a good guy with massive faults who was a Subgenius at heart -- he didn't mean to do bad things but his own selfishness caused the eventual outcomes that destroyed the wealth he had obtained. BUT IT WAS A HELL OF A RIDE! So I got caught in the destruction, it brought me to the Next Phase.
This period of time certain things happened that warped me forever from the path of Norman Rockwell Nixoniasm that permeated my household. Wargames and D&D were introduced to me by my great uncle -- who was a physicist that worked with Leo oh and by the way I have FAMILY PHOTOS OF THE H-BOMB at Bikini Island. Family. Fucking. Photos. Yes, Uncle Jack was there. He was the driving force in my Normalization unbeknownst to me.
The COUNTER FORCE to this was my idiot (I'll get to it) parents who took me to the Great Wilds Of North America (aka Montana). My dad and I were sitting having a dad and son moment when he sparked up his old worn deer-antler peace pipe, broke out some horrible by today's standards weed, puffed a few and handed me the pipe. I was 12. I wouldn't say that's great parenting, yet with my odd mix of wargaming, science and, by then already science fiction I rolled with it. They would stray though as idiots do -- they succumbed to Jesusitis within a year.
The CONSPIRACY was not amused, particularly Dr. Hydrogen Bomb who cut us off. Grandpa had to make do by being the con artist real estate master he was. I went on these bizarre trips where he helped broker selling off chunks of America to foreigners. It's SO MUCH WORSE NOW but anyway ...
Things got weird.
I Went on some of these trips with grandpa. I somehow met the 1977 Oakland Raiders -- all of them, including FUCKING MADDEN. Another time at a party at the long Beach Grand Prix I was at, as a kid, in the bedroom, MAKING D&D DUNGEONS and CHARACTERS (NERD!), in walks Marty Feldman and Buddy Hacket because ... real estate?
THE BEST AND MOST FAMOUS is when I was in LA Intl Airport and I heard, "Mr Savales please pick up the white courtesy phone." I tracked him down at the pool. A 1970s Telly Savalas in a speedo is not something you forget. He was MAD too! That call was bad. I got backhanded when I asked for an autograph, then he profusely apologized and became the coolest guy. But yeah, I've been backhanded by Kojak. WHO'S A FUCKING SNOWFLAKE, PINKBOYS!? But I meander again ... rant rant rant .... you know this is an important document as I digress into touching bourbon the first time in 7 years. I DeVolve. I DEVO!! (They were so much better than I remember -- what the hell?)
Then 18. I'M 18 AND I KNOW WHAT I WANT! Which was a) weed, b) beer, c) the ladies (cue copious giggling sound effect) d) rock 'n' roll and e) oddly nerd things. Having achieved all these things I set out for college but there was a slight problem -- Uncle Hydrogen Bomb sold our house, we had to move, they took in Grandma, Grandpa had vanished (Duh) and I was, well, weird. TO THE STREETS WITH YOU! So I missed my college matriculation and other nonsense bureaucratic papers. I showed up at college with just clothes on my back. I had no idea where to go. After weeks, WEEKS, they FINALLY managed to wade through the mess that my non-standard situation caused their system of Normal to finally give me a room to sleep in! Classes? What? They gave me what was left available, so bad I don't even remember. I DO REMEMBER THE DATE though as I had to go buy books for these bullshit classes. And on that date I saw it. The Face.
One of my early bass mentors was a teacher you was an odd dude who turned me on to Frank Zappa and The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. This guy also taught me how to fly a plane (really). Well OK I've forgotten most of that. So I bought these odd underground comics none of the oddly similar, Normal kids liked. In fact, none of them liked ANYTHING I liked. And I feel uncomfortable around them. There's this excerpt in "High Times" magazine, Bad Things, fascinating. It ... speaks to me ... why does that guy have a Pipe?
Enter 19-fucking-84, the 2016 of my 1980s ( Don't lie 2016 was SHIT we were LUCKY to live through that ). Getting books for classes that I don't want at a college that didn't expect me at a place I don't belong. I walk into the book store and I can see at the extreme back end of the store, down two aisles .. is that a face? What IS that? I've SEEN THAT! I beelined straight to The Book. $15. SOLD! OK how much left of my $60 book fund do I have for school books? The Calculus one is $200 (1984 money). WHAT!? Fuck that. PRAISE BOB! I'm Slacking off! I'VE FOUND IT!
I read The Book, late nights, alone, in a hallway, the only place that had light. I could not let them know! I had FOUND SOMETHING! Shortly after that I got kicked out of college for being "too loud" in a VIP area because my roomate and I, tripping on LSD, were laughing our asses off at late night TV talk shows discussing film.
I could never hold a 'job' or 'career' or 'church' or 'band' or ANYTHING from that point on. No matter what, someone or some thing or I in a SubGenius way would come along and FUCK IT ALL UP! I tried. I worked hard. I studied hard. I did what I was told and NOTHING! I had lost all of those insane rich people contacts from the Grandpa days. It's not what you know ... you know? I could play a mean bass but I wasn't the best, I wasn't Les Claypool or Geddy Lee and I was never going to be. So I ran with it, let's just play music, and even THAT failed because -- Conspiracy. One band fired me because I didn't grok with the singer who them fired the drummer who didn't grok with the new bassists who then fired the guitarists and etc etc. My other more SubGenius band where I managed to get people to play my songs fell apart due to tragedy and stupidity. I had two shots, good shots, but I KNEW NO ONE. THAT is the Conspiracy! I used to know THEM! But THEY never KNEW ME!!!
Oh the Con has its grips on me now. X-Day 20. Trumpageddon. For us Subgenius oBo isn't so much shocking as too soon. Or too late? maybe it's too late. We were expecting the Anti-"Bob" but really as a fat New York real estate guy? I USED TO HANG WITH GUYS LIKE TRUMP! They're impressed by having people like Marty Feldman and Buddy Hackett show up at their weird parties.
I'm not supposed to drink booze. That's what they tell me. But you know what?
Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.
To all you SubGenius that made it THIS FUCKING FAR I (make SubGenius salute noise). It doesn't spell well.
And to my OWN particularlar one-man Kingdom, Hail Curtopia, Hail the Shrine of Boboglitchian Obscurity, That Which Shall Not Be Named Because We Can't Find It.
Salute you fucking maniacs and here's to another 20 years. I may not have another tomorrow. Then you might not either!
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Subreddit Title Brand
movies Movie Trivia! What movie was filmed at this location in Winston Oregon area? I drive by it often when I go fishing 🎣. Winston
worldnews Fired Trump aide Michael Flynn 'has a story to tell' - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Have you, or do you know anyone who has, ever won at the McDonald's Monopoly? McDonald's
Jokes TIL Subway employees will be fired if they give a person the wrong sandwich Subway
Jokes A CNN reporter, a BBC reporter, and an Israeli commando are captured by ISIS in Iraq. BBC
mildlyinteresting Prostitutes In Nashville, Tennessee, 🇺🇸 - In September of 1864, The US Army licensed 460 prostitutes in the city after trying to stop the practice. Total population in the US Census of 1860 was 16,988 - 37:1 ratio. Picture is from 1860 via Google Images. Google
mildlyinteresting Prostitutes In Nashville, Tennessee, 🇺🇸 - In September of 1864, The US Army licensed 460 prostitutes in the city after trying to stop the practice. Total population in the US Census of 1860 was 16,988 - 37:1 ratio. Picture is from 1860 via Google Images. Total
OldSchoolCool New York City Beer Parade, 1932 - A large beer keg makes its way down the street during Mayor Jimmie Walker's Beer Parade in 1932. New Yorkers turned out by the thousands to support the legalization of beer in the United States. United
pics A Gizmodo article sleuths out what might be James Comey's secret Twitter profile; their first post is this. Twitter
AskReddit People who've flown Delta first class on a domestic US flight, any tips for a first timer? Delta
gaming Medieval Total War Simplified Total
personalfinance Limiting EE savings bond tax take? EE
mildlyinteresting This Audible Ad Specifically Uses Apple EarPods Apple
pics I'm a single dad and I recently hired a nanny. This is how I'm spending my first free night in a long time. Eating Thai take out in my truck in a Kohl's parking lot. Pandora on, a light rain fall... I'm in heaven. Kohl's
news FBI Agents Visit Office of Saipan Casino Run by Trump Protege Casino
videos Wrinkles the Clown: The Best Clown in Southwest Florida Southwest
Documentaries Launch of Worlds Largest Rocket Delta IV Heavy with NROL 37 2016 Delta
gaming Game suggestions for Xbox One Xbox
news An American Airlines Pilot Died During a Landing American Airlines
worldnews FBI Agents Visit Office of Saipan Casino Run by Trump Protege Casino
worldnews Russia 'tried to hijack US election', says US senator - BBC News BBC
movies Official Discussion: Ghost in the Shell SPOILERS Shell
Showerthoughts Todays Benedict Arnold is the Verizon guy switching to Sprint. Verizon
worldnews The United States' diplomatic policy on Syria for now is no longer focused on making the war-torn country's president, Bashar al-Assad, leave power, the US ambassador to the United Nations has said, in a departure from the Obama administration's stance on Assad's fate. United
LifeProTips To find any product in a store, Google the image first. Google
personalfinance Anyone having issues with Mint updating your PNC accounts? PNC
todayilearned TIL FBI director James Comey most likely has a secretive Twitter account with which he follows The Onion Twitter
aww My dog's Linkedin profile pic Linkedin
Showerthoughts If you live in the United States, your driveway is connected to mine. United
worldnews FBI Visits Office of Saipan Casino Run by Trump Protege Casino
mildlyinteresting My iPhone show Verizon Wireless instead of Verizon nowjust changed out of nowhere Verizon
videos Live Youtube Space 1 Million Subscribers! Youtube
AskReddit If Youporn and Pornhub write your Linkedin profile summary based on your viewing history, what would it read like? Linkedin
pics Wendy's Twitter Burns McDonalds Twitter
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What's the difference between Google having my browsing history/private information versus my ISP having that same info? Google
news Final Apple Park drone footage before April opening Apple
pics An 8,000 lb. piece of glass ready to be installed at the new Apple store in Chicago. Apple
UpliftingNews Portraits of the Great War: Searching for descendants through art - BBC News BBC
funny This guy at the Woolworths checkout in Gladstone after Cyclone Debbie floods store. Zero f*cks given. Woolworths
funny The battle for burger superiority started when Wendy's trolled McDonald's on Twitter McDonald's
Showerthoughts Google, Yahoo and Bing should interchange logos for April Fools Yahoo
movies With Ghost in the Shell releasing this weekend, I thought I'd share a trailer for not only a successful manga adaptation, but some of my favorite films, "the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy" 2012-2014 Shell
AskReddit Why does Pfizer Xanax say "retard" on the box ? Pfizer
mildlyinteresting Perfect Blood Orange Ombre Orange
videos Alien: Covenant - Lego Trailer Lego
worldnews Cyclone Debbie: Deaths feared in Australia flood emergency - BBC News BBC
movies Tom Ford as a director? Ford
AskReddit What is your favourite McDonald's story, hungover,drunk, bad or good? McDonald's
dataisbeautiful Stats about fatal college campus fires in the United States 2000-2015 United
worldnews The Farc rebel rapping for peace - BBC News BBC
pics Dear FedEx driver FedEx
Music The best remix of the Ghost in the Shell Theme? Shell
food Homemade Apple Pie Apple
gaming The future of Playstation Now Playstation
EarthPorn During a quiet New England sunset, the Sky greets the lake...OC 1136 x 640 Sky
videos What's The Future of Playstation Now? Playstation
pics I went to the Newport aquarium in Oregon and say the worlds biggest crab Newport
worldnews China’s Alibaba Pictures Reports $139M Loss for 2016 Alibaba
gaming The future for Playstation Now Playstation
news Aramco Hires JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, HSBC for IPO Roles HSBC
worldnews Teacher suspended over provocative Facebook picture. Facebook
Jokes My friend told me that he was going to buy a bunch of Intel CPUs. Intel
movies Spring Breakers - Drive by with Gucci Mane Gucci
gaming The future of Playstation Now Playstation
movies Seagal Fights Tyson In ‘The China Salesman’! TRAILER Tyson
WritingPrompts WP A middle aged man uses eBay reviews to flirt with sellers in a desperate bid for love. However, he has a very poor grasp of what flirting actually is. eBay
gaming The Future of Playstation Now Playstation
Showerthoughts With three cameras behind the counter and only one on the floor Starbucks clearly trust their customers more than their staff Starbucks
pics Guy gives zero fucks at Woolworths checkout after Cyclone Debbie floods town. Woolworths
nosleep My friend went missing, but she left a Google Doc - Part 3 Google
Showerthoughts If Google wasn't invented, would we just have a Yellow Pages style directory filled with URLs? Google
gaming What's The Future of Playstation Now? Playstation
Documentaries Gravity And Me The Force That Shapes Our Lives 2017 – Amazing BBC Four Documentary With Professor Jim Al-Khalili BBC
funny A visit to Taco Bell is far more purgative than shopping for hardware. Bell
television In a surprise announcement, BBC announces return of The Detectorists starring Mackenzie Crook from The Office BBC
news Great-grandma survives five days in Colorado wilderness - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What are the "Is Pepsi okay" equivalents of other moments in life? Pepsi
gaming What is the future of Playstation Now? Playstation
videos Is it Over? Youtube is LOSING ADVERTISERS. Youtube
funny Crazy promo of Burger King celebrates April Fool's Day with the Whopper Toothpaste "The first toothpaste with active Whopper extracts" Burger King
Documentaries Casino Jack and the United States of Money 2010 The incredible true story of powerful lobbyist Jack Abramoff. And as the documentary goes on, you realize, with increasing horror, just how corrupt Congress is. United
videos Crazy promo of Burger King celebrates April Fool's Day with the Whopper Toothpaste "The first toothpaste with active Whopper extracts" Burger King
movies Ghost In The Shell film might be the most disappointing live-action reboot ever Shell
funny Brazilian Burger King antecipating april fools.. Burger King
worldnews Brexit: EU wants 'divorce bill' settled first - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting One of my McDonald's French Fries looks like a stingray McDonald's
mildlyinteresting This Street Lamp Outside Walmart is Green Walmart
Showerthoughts Does the BMW make a terrible driver or are the worst drivers drawn to a BMW? BMW
pics Different view of the CN Tower in Toronto CN
AskReddit People that use Google Plus on daily basis: why? Google
pics Just found out that if you Google "Best Short Film of 2016", my film is number one. Thanks, Google! Google
videos Introducing Google Wind Google
Music Does anyone remember the Chanel V Top 10,000 done in 2010? Chanel
pics Photographed the SpaceX launch with my Canon 800mm f/5.6. These shots were taken from about 3 miles away Canon
AskReddit Have you ever been talking to someone on an online dating site while you're using a pseudonym, but somehow they find your Facebook and tell you that if you're going to catfish that you should use pictures of someone that's actually attractive, but it's actually just you? Facebook
Showerthoughts Xbox and PS4 exclusives is the gaming equivalent of segregation, just because you have a white PS4, you get Destiny 2 for a year before black Xbox one owners Xbox
funny The annoying Orange strikes again! Orange
explainlikeimfive ELI5: If Microsoft has the most info on Malware/Viruses/Spyware - why is Windows Defender not the best at its job? Microsoft
funny On Google Maps today Google
worldnews Why Russian attacks work, explained to US Sentate Intel Panel. This is important. Watch it. Don't let the trolls down vote it. Intel
WritingPrompts EUEU The Fast and Furious franchise is running out of ideas. Cue a poster with Van Diesel and Dwayne Johnson riding unicorns entitled: Fast and Furious 12: Chase the Rainbow. Chase
funny Wendy's Twitter Still on Top of Their Game Twitter
funny Every third post on Facebook now... Facebook
news Cancer death rates in the United States are continuing to fall and the five-year survival rates of those diagnosed with the disease have risen, research shows. United
UpliftingNews Cancer death rates in the United States are continuing to fall and the five-year survival rates of those diagnosed with the disease have risen, research shows. United
WritingPrompts EUEU The Fast and Furious franchise is running out of ideas. Cue a poster with Van Diesel and Dwayne Johnson racing unicorns entitled: Fast and Furious 12: Chase the Rainbow. Chase
personalfinance 20F wanting to build credit with Capital One credit card Capital One
sports Maya Dodson throws one down in the McDonald's All-American dunk contest. Only girl in this year's competition! McDonald's
AskReddit What's something evil that Google could do to you and doesn't? Google
todayilearned TIL if Uttar Pradesh, a state in India, were a separate country, it would be the fifth most populated country after China, India, the United States and Indonesia. United
sports Future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez leaving CBS as it tries to land Tony Romo CBS
videos Infinite Looping Siri, Alexa and Google Home Google
gaming Ms. Pacman is available on Google maps, possibly an April fool's joke early. Google
DIY I didn't have a matching belt for a pair of my dress shoes so I made my own! Three-piece Machine Stitched Belt in Horween Color 4 Shell Cordovan. Shell
worldnews Spain could veto Brexit deal applying to Gibraltar, say EU negotiation draft guidelines - ‘After the United Kingdom leaves the Union, no agreement between the EU and the UK may apply to the territory of Gibraltar without the agreement between the kingdom of Spain and the UK’ United
movies Ghost in the Shell brought in $1.8 million from Thursday night previews, the same as Edge of Tomorrow. Shell
movies 'Donnie Darko,' The Inside Story: Director Richard Kelly Reveals Francis Ford Coppola's Hidden Hand in Shaping the Movie Ford
funny A friend posted a broody selfie on Facebook a while back, so I Batman'd it up and use it to comment on all his stuff along with a reference to "my dead parents." Facebook
personalfinance What is the minimum cost of living in the United States not the average cost? United
worldnews Undocumented Filipino migrants in the US anxious as deportation looms -- Facing deportation, hundreds of thousands of undocumented Filipino immigrants in the United States are caught between Donald Trump's rhetoric and Rodrigo Duterte's indifference United
food Homemade Lego Batman cake Lego
gaming You can now play pacman In Google maps Google
Showerthoughts Never thought we'd get to this stage: "LPT: Use PornHub instead of Google to search for your depraved shit" Google
todayilearned TIL Vichy French diplomats in the United States were interned at Hershey, Pennsylvania in 1943 United
mildlyinteresting Taco Bell Sauce without a caption. Bell
movies Ghost in the Shell Racism Explained: Whitewashing Japan Shell
WritingPrompts WP A longstanding tradition in the United Planets is for a new species to give one free resource to the rest of the galaxy. The Greys gave FTL, the Reptoids gave warp gates, and Humans...gave the internet. United
AskReddit Serious If libelous information is being posted about you on your company’s Facebook page, would you want your org to let you know; how would you want them to handle it? Facebook
AskReddit Our government says it's illegal and dangerous for us to fill our prescriptions at foreign pharmacies, so, why does the packet of meds I picked up at Walmart pharmacy say made in India? Walmart
gaming 'Got a new Xbox 360 after my other one broke. How do I sign into my old Xbox Live account? Xbox
news Michael Flynn's request for immunity has been rejected by the Senate Intel Committee Intel
personalfinance Vanguard Target Date fund with TD Ameritrade or Vanguard Target
personalfinance Vanguard Target Date fund with TD Ameritrade or Vanguard TD
Futurology [Agriculture and Computer Science – A Growing Collaboration Discover Monsanto](
news Jewellery and cars seized as Dutch trigger multi-country tax raids - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: If drinks such as Pepsi Max, Coke Zero, Fanta Zero, etc. have 0 calories, fat, and sugar. Can they still be considered unhealthy? What are their harmful effects? Pepsi
explainlikeimfive ELI5: If drinks such as Pepsi Max, Coke Zero, Fanta Zero, etc. have 0 calories, fat, and sugar. Can they still be considered unhealthy? What are their harmful effects? Fanta
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Neil deGrasse Tyson said that time "stops" for something moving in the speed of light. What does it mean when he said that a the emission and the time it reaches Earth is the same instant? Tyson
gaming Complete list of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games March 30 Xbox
funny Generally, a visit to Taco Bell is more explosively purgative than a visit to Harbor Freight. Generally. Bell
personalfinance Question about Wells Fargo and NSF return fees. Wells Fargo
worldnews 'You may as well kill us': Human cost of India's meat 'ban' - BBC News BBC
Documentaries Dogfight - The Mystery of the Red Baron 2002 - Using CGI re-enactment and real time flying footage, Dogfight enables the viewer to get behind the controls of the first true 'dogfighters' - the Fokker DR1 Triplane and the Sopwith Camel of the Royal Flying Corps. 48.42 Camel
Futurology EE Times's expert analyzes the Uber crash -- "It is totally careless and stupid to proceed at 38 mph through a blind intersection. Any human would know better." Uber
gaming What do the Xbox 360 Memory Units actually do? Xbox
todayilearned TIL the AOL "You've got mail" guy is now an Uber driver. Uber
videos Introducing Google Wind Google
Showerthoughts I hate the Spring Apple commercial. Every time it comes on, I check my phone to see if I have a new SMS. Noooo, it's the commercial. Apple
gaming 'Having difficulty opening the disc tray of an Xbox 360 fat model Xbox
movies Scarlett Johansson Lost in Translation 2003 - Ghost in the Shell 2017 Shell
news Fayetteville Uber driver suffers brain damage in beating Uber
UpliftingNews Doodle 4 Google winner draws a future of peace and diversity Google
AskReddit Doctors in the United Kingdom, how does revalidation and continuing medical education work there? United
funny Playing in the snow! Jeep sledding! Jeep
gaming Open Google Maps on your phone. Do it now. Google
gaming Best Xbox backwards compatible games? Xbox
funny Google added Mrs. Pac-Man to web and mobile version of Google Maps Google
WritingPrompts WP In an alternate universe, instead of sending their best and brightest citizens to the United Nations, countries send their most stereotypical citizens. United
mildlyinteresting This pile of clay left on my desk resembles the United States United
videos [Is it Weird when People You Know In Real Life IRL Watch Your Youtube Videos YES IT IS](
Documentaries The Sunshine Makers 2017 NETFLIX. Follows the stories of the creators of Orange Sunshine LSD, and the law enforcement agents that pursued them. Best documentary I have seen in years. Orange
gaming Go on Google Maps now for a surprise! Google
books Why i can't use Adobe fonts to my E Ink Android reader? Adobe
movies Treasury secretary: It was wrong to plug Lego Batman movie Lego
personalfinance Other banks have the checking and credit under the same user account. Why is Discover different? Discover
funny When even Facebook doesn't like your business. Facebook
AskReddit What's the best Xbox One/Backwards Compatible game for under $20? Xbox
personalfinance A question for those of you with a Chase Slate card... Chase
news Comcast and AT&T say they will not sell customer browsing histories AT&T
Showerthoughts The little person icon on the top right of Google Chrome looks like a lower-case e Google
funny Never trust a McDonald's with a "very satisfied" rating. McDonald's
listentothis SUBVERT BLAZE -- Butterfly Psychedelic Rock / Japanoise / Progressive Rock / Experimental 1990 Progressive
Showerthoughts Why does Flo from Progressive need to have an apron on to sell insurance. Is there something dirty about insurance we should know about? Progressive
gaming If the Xbox Scoprio is going to be the equivalent of the PS4pro, then what is the xbox one s? Xbox
gaming Sooooo you can preorder Destiny 2 for the PS5. I think Sony has some explaining to do. Sony
gaming Used Google Maps, Found Ms Pacman Google
videos Introducing Google Gnome Google
gaming You can now play Ms. Pac Man on Google Maps using your own street/neighborhood or other places you go frequently! Google
videos Introducing Google Gnome Google
aww Was wondering what a bald Raccoon looks like. Google search did not disappoint. Google
worldnews Samsung close with CGI and the Rothschilds, leader of Samsung Group taken down in Park GeunHye Scandal. Park Geun-hye has also been very close to Merkel. Samsung Group
funny The New Google Doodle Google
funny New Google Title is EVIL !! Google
Jokes How old is the Walmart cashier? Walmart
worldnews Germany rejects US pressure for Nato spending rise - BBC News BBC
funny Not sure if I should see Ghost in the Shell or not.. Shell
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2017.01.11 15:54 TiRoDa [WTS] Music Man Stingray SR4 Natural Gloss Bass With OHSC

Serial dates it to 2005. Is a 3EQ model. Has lived a gentle life and is in near mint condition with only very light signs of use. Includes the original Music Man hard case. $1150 shipped in the lower 48. Also for sale locally in the Charleston, SC area.
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2016.11.17 23:36 MsBluffy What's Going on in Columbia? November 17-20

ALMOST CHRISTMAS – A widower asks his family -- which includes his sassy sister-in-law and four adult children as well as the latter's spouses and kids -- to join him for their first Christmas since his wife passed away. However, having all of them under one roof leads to a number of personal confrontations as secrets are revealed and marriages are tested.
ARRIVAL - Denis Villeneuve directed this science-fiction suspense film about Earth's response to a possible alien invasion. After extraterrestrial spacecraft plant themselves at various locations around the globe, a linguist and a theoretical physicist must find a way to communicate with the mysterious visitors in order to learn what they want and whether they pose a threat to humanity.
BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN - Madea (Tyler Perry) fends off killers, poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls and zombies on Halloween.
DOCTOR STRANGE - After his career is destroyed, a brilliant but arrogant surgeon gets a new lease on life when a sorcerer takes him under his wing and trains him to defend the world against evil.
THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN - A precocious, narcissistic high schooler named Nadine is horrified when her best friend starts dating her impossibly perfect brother. Soon, she falls into a downward spiral that forces her to reflect on her cruel, self-centered behavior.
FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM - This spin-off of the Harry Potter franchise jumps back in time to explore the wizarding world of 1926 New York, which is being threatened by both mystical acts of destruction and a group of extremist No-Majs (the American term for Muggles, i.e. those unable to use magic). Author Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) arrives in the city as part of a global study of fantastic beasts, but he gets caught up in this conflict when some of the magical creatures in his care are accidentally released.
THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN - A recent divorcee (Emily Blunt) fantasizes about a couple that she passes each day on her commuter train ride. Soon, she becomes entangled in a mystery involving the couple, as well as her former husband and his new family in this adaptation of the 2015 bestseller by Paula Hawkins.
HACKSAW RIDGE - A conscientious objector who refused to take a life or even carry a weapon, Doss was eventually awarded the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of 75 soldiers on the battlefields of Okinawa.
THE HANDMAIDEN - The Handmaiden marks the return of Park Chan-wook, director of Old Boy. In this gorgeous and thrilling crime film, Park transplants Sarah Waters' Victorian novel Fingersmith to 1930s Korea. Lady Hideko (Min-hee Kim), a Japanese aristocrat, lives a secluded life in a fancy manor alongside her tyrannical uncle. A Korean woman named Sookee (Kim Tae-ri) is hired to serve as her handmaiden, but Sookee is hiding somethinG.
HARRY & SNOWMAN - Dutch immigrant Harry deLayer immigrated to the States after World War II. One snowy day, he visited a Pennsylvania horse auction, hoping to purchase a cheap lesson horse. By the time he arrived, the auction was over, and the only remaining horses were loaded on a slaughter truck. One, a gray plow horse, caught Harry's eye. He bought the horse for $80 and named him Snowman. In less than two years, Harry & Snowman went on to win the triple crown of show jumping, beating the nation's blue bloods. They were famous for their day and traveled around the world together. Their chance meeting at a Pennsylvania horse auction saved them both and crafted a friendship that lasted a lifetime. Eighty-six year old Harry tells their Cinderella love story firsthand, as he continues to train on today's show jumping circuit.
INFERNO - Tom Hanks reprises his role as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in director Ron Howard and screenwriter David Koepp's adaptation of author Dan Brown's bestselling novel Inferno, which finds Langdon teaming up with Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) in a race against time to foil a devastating global pandemic plot by using Dante's The Divine Comedy as their tool to prevent a cataclysmic event..
A MAN CALLED OVE - Ove (Rolf Lassgård) is a lonely, curmudgeonly Swede who spends his retirement enforcing block association rules. One day, a young family moves in next door and, in the process, accidentally flatten Ove's mailbox. Although Ove is initially irate, he soon forms an unlikely friendship with the family. This irresistible film is an adaptation of a best-selling novel by Fredrik Backman.
MOONLIGHT - Moonlight is a tender, breathtaking portrait of a young, gay black man coming of age in 1980s Miami. Told with great ambition and verve, the film unfolds in three vividly imagined chapters, with different actors portraying the protagonist, Chiron, at various points of his life. With his mother (Naomie Harris) battling drug addiction, young Chiron forms a close bond with a compassionate dealer (Mahershala Ali) and his partner (Janelle Monáe). In the following chapters, we see how Chiron's relationships with these figures, as well as his relationship with a close childhood friend, shape who he becomes. The long-awaited sophomore feature from Barry Jenkins (Medicine for Melancholy), Moonlight is an adaptation of Tarell Alvin McCraney's semi-autobiographical play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue.
SHUT IN - In this icy drama, a widowed child psychologist (Naomi Watts) holed up in New England with her disabled son learns that one of her clients, a young boy (Jacob Tremblay), has disappeared. When the search for the child proves fruitless, she becomes consumed with the thought that his ghost is haunting her.
TROLLS - After a forest tribe of cotton-candy colored, shockheaded Trolls discover they're the new favorite gourmet treat for King Gristle (John Cleese), the unlikely duo of bubbly Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and worrywart Branch (Justin Timberlake) must rescue their friends from the Chef (Christine Baranski) in this animated fantasy inspired by Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam's collectible dolls.
RAGTAG CINEMA – 10 Hitt Street 573-443-4359
REGAL STADIUM 14 THEATER – 2800 Goodwin Pointe Drive 573-817-0770
GOODRICH FORUM 8 – 1209 Forum Katy Parkway 573-445-7469
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2016.03.27 07:20 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I work at a small Mexican Tv Station AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2016-03-26
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Thank you for doing this! Here are my questions. First, do you show movies? Do you have a library of old movies to show? What format do you use, as in DVD or video? What type of movies are popular with your viewers? Second, are you broadcasting 24/7-all day, every day? Third, do you have any cool ideas for new shows for the station. Fourth, have you ever seen the film UHF, starring Weird Al Yankovic-which is all about programming at a small station-and do you like it? Fifth, about how many viewers do you have? And sixth, how big is your market in Campeche? >* Do you show movies?
We don't show movies, only theatre plays or any interesting cultural event, music videos, live shows, and their reruns.
>* Are you broadcasting 24/7-all day, every day?
We do broadcast 24/7, when it's 00:00 A.M. we put everything we played throughout the day on loop.
>* Have you ever seen the film UHF, starring Weird Al Yankovic-which is all about programming at a small station-and do you like it?
I've read about the movie and no, i haven't seen it yet. But i'm looking forward to see it, so no spoilers please :) BTW i love Weird Al's music parodies, specially "Amish Paradise"
>* About how many viewers do you have?
I actually don't know, and i may sound rude but we don't even care lol.
>* How big is your market in Campeche?
It will sound stupid but our tv station doesn't sell publicity, which is the main income of a Tv station. So our market is pretty small, but some of my co workers an myself are opening a marketing and publicity department because our admins are some big lazyasses and to make extra bucks. We just got "greenlit" from our boss (wealthy old man) so, well see.
Thank you for your questions, have a good one :)
Has the violence from the cartels affected you or your work? What do you think should be done to help the issues? I'm glad that you ask this. Definitely no, our state has almost none of that cartel bullshit. It's a pretty safe place to live. We do have crime, but just small thefts here and there and the ocassional murder, but believe me, we're pretty laid back people. And anwsering you're other question: I think we should legalize everything and establish some help centers against addiction and safe use.
Hay una presencia indigena en tu provincia? Me interesa mucho la cultura mexicano y la influencia de los nativos. Of course, and we're proud of it. The most prominent indigenous culture in our city is the mayan. There are small towns around the state that still speak the mayan language, some people still retain their mayan surnames. We even use mayan slang when we speak. Our cuisine. Little fact about my city's name: Campeche used to be called Ah Kim Pech, which means "Land of Serpents and Ticks"
What is the worst part of your job? Down time and weekends. Sometimes we have a lot of down time, it gets worst on the weekends were you can get bored pretty quickly. I have the coolest co workers, on weekdays when we don't have nothing to do we spend our time, playing jokes or bullying eachother, eating junk food or smoking until we have work to do. We're pretty efficient :)
How many people does it take to run a TV station like yours and what are your responsibilities there? Since it's a small station it only takes about 15 people to get this running. It's a very do-whatever-you-like place. You want to learn editing or do camera stuff, you can do it. Most of the people here knows how to do everything. My main responsability is Broadcasting. To put it simple: I put our shows live and "switch" or mix camera shots on live programs.
What telenovelas do you show? Do you show any classic shows? (Descanse en paz, Roberto Gómez Bolaños.) Is Chabelo still dressing up like a creep? We don't show telenovelas, Televisa and TV Azteca (Big tv empires) are in charge of those things and No, no classic shows.
(I lived in Sinaloa as a kid from 1985-88.) Chabelo stop dressing like a creep about three or four months ago when his show got canceled (48 years, that's a long run if you ask me), but maybe he still does it for the Narcos. Who knows ;)
Favorite candy? Is there a regional alcohol there that no one has hard of? I don't eat to much candies but i love chocolate covered raisins and milky ways and anything with chilli powder.
There's this one called Xtabentun, it's a mayan liqueur made of fermented honey from bees fed with xtabentun flower and anise.
Do you guys make original content or do you mostly play syndicated stuff? We have our live shows, some are about culture, we have a hip hop/rap music one, others about our city's "personalities" and we even have a local news show but most of the time we're playing music, theatre plays, monologues, etc. Mostly cultural stuff :)
Esta buena la paga en ese trabajo? Tuviste que estudiar algo especial en la universidad para conseguir ese trabajo? Ni siquiera he terminado el bachillerato, Como en casi todo Mexico o al menos aqui, conocer a la persona correcta te puede ayudar. 850 pesos a la semana te parece bueno haha? En otros lugares la paga es muchisimo mejor, pero no hay vacantes.
Hola. Un hermano q viajo hace unos 20 años a Yucatan nos contó que hay mucha discriminación hacia las personas indígenas, que las mujeres caminan abajo de las banquetas??! Wtf! Que nos puedes comentar sobre eso? Hablando de otra cosa, que sistema operativo, que computadoras usan en tu trabajo? Ahora que estas haciendo televisión estas viendo algún show en especial? Pues honestamente no he estado mucho tiempo en Yucatan para afirmarte, pero de ser cierto es una pena que discriminen a los indigenas, y jamas habia escuchado que las mujeres caminaran por debajo las banquetas. La mayoria de nuestras computadoras son Mac y por el momento no veo nada, solo escucho el nuevo disco de Faith No More :) Saludos!
Is there really a TV station for small Mexicans? What do they show? Do small Mexicans have their own radio stations as well? Gracias. Yes there is, we mostly show the injustices of living in a big peoples world. And they definitely have their own radio station. They talk about pretty much the same as our Small Mexicans TV Station. :)
[Mexican Radio] (Link to is the best! I know i have heard this song before, but i can't remember where.
¿Hola cómo estás? Mi nombre es Swingawaymarell , ¿cuál es tu nombre ? Muy bien, disfrutando sus preguntas mientras pretendo trabajar. Mi verdadero nombre es Alejandro. Dime swingawaymarell, el español es tu idioma nativo?
Hello from Brazil! Are you guys already generating content in HD? What cameras are you using (actual professional cameras or SLRs)? How's editing these days, is it all non-linear or you still use tapes? We're still making the conversion to HD and we use professional studio cameras. Editing is made entirely on Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier. We stop using tapes a long ago, we have a digital video library, all packed into a server.
Puedo arreglar las cosas demasiado Do you mean that you can fix things too?
How does a power outage affect you and the station? Usually our electricity supplier notify us when there's going to be power outages and then we notify our viewers so it's all cool. But luckily, it rarely happens :)
Can you tell us about any funny/unexpected things happening during your live broadcasts? There was this time when one of our hosts fell asleep live. He's 90+ years old and he is also a pioneer on the radio industry of my city. Pretty fun guy, curses and smokes a lot.
Woah, I guess that guy really appreciates having a good nap! Even live on TV :) Yeah, and he's sane enough for his age. He can remember everything, i have mad respect for him.
Can you explain some cultural differences that exist between Northern Mexico and Southern Mexico? I've only been to the Northern part but know people from Southern Mexico and it seems like they have really different culture. At least in my city we're laid back friendly people. We treat anyone as our friend. I've visited others states of the peninsula and the country and they're also cool people But to me, culturally speaking, Mexico stays the same everywhere.
Hola amigo. Where in the world would you like to visit? I would love to visit Mongolia, they have an awesome culture and beautiful landscapes. I also love their "throat singing" techniques.
Mongolian food... Link to Hahah I used to watch bizarre foods. Some bizarre food you can get here is stingray, their skin can make any sharp knife into a blunt knife.
What genre of television is popular with small Mexicans? We'll southern mexicans are pretty small in stature so, small people isn't really small people. They like our religious show.
How hot is the weather girl? Pics? Links? We dont have a weather girl... i know, it's sad.
How about a girl? This station is a sausage fest, we also don't let women vote or drive.
Have you ever eaten barbequed iguana, or is that more of a radio thing? That's more of a newspaper guys thing... radio guys love warthog tho.
¿Oye como va? Mi ritmo, bueno pa' gozar... mulata.
How would you solve the underlying social issues present in the Middle East? I honestly don't know my friend, it's a pretty delicate situation :(
Do you think humans will invest in the terraforming of Mars, despite it requiring so many generations before seeing results? Of course we'll invest, we will also invest in a Martian Rover with a Wifi hot spot so we can send martians our dankest memes... and probably some dickpics.
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2015.07.21 00:11 darrellspivey The HTC Vive was everything I hoped it would be (Also: The HTC Vive Live Tour team are saints)

My wife was freaking SICK of hearing me talk about VR. Every time I talked about it, she was like "Shut up it's not that cool," BUT YOU KNOW WHAT! Now she understands!!
First, I want to explain why the HTC guys are my best friends now. If you just want to read about the demo I'll put a "**" where that starts.
This past Friday we were trying to figure out something to do for a date. All the movies at the Cinemax suck right now... 'Hey, that HTC Vive Tour is in Louisville this weekend. Let's just skip the movie and go tomorrow!' It was a 6-hour drive and she wasn't excited about it. It took some convincing, but just the road trip was pretty appealing to her. ANYWAY, I looked up the event and realized that it was located at some Forecastle music festival. I could hardly afford to drive there, but there's no way I could buy two of those $90 festival tickets! So, my optimism had me hoping that the HTC trailer would be parked outside of the event gates for anyone to try. I tweeted HTC/Vive and asked what the situation was-- did I need tickets or what? @HTCVive tweeted me back and said to send them a PM on their FB page, which.. I did. AND I GOT THIS BACK! They got us free tickets man! When we got there in the morning, we went to the box office, told them my name and that I was with HTC. They told me I was "on the list" and handed me two tickets. HTC escorted us into the gates two hours before the gates opened, slapped some neon bracelets on us and gave us a quick tour of the trailer. The bracelets gave us clearance to take the stairs to the VIP seating area on top of the demo trailer (and get their free drinks). The staff was all really nice and we ended up just chilling with them the whole festival. We waited about 20 minutes for them to finish setting up the demo rooms, and when they had one ready, I went down before my wife (and EVERYONE else) to take the first demo of the day.
**First thing was to fill out a waiver, which was pulled up appropriately on an HTC One M9. I met a young woman who was going to administer my demo, asked me my name, and said "Darrell, I'm gonna take you to a new world." "...Alrighty then." The demo room was a dark black box with a PC and monitor (where they could view what you were seeing) in the corner. The lady told me a bunch of oversimplified info about the Vive and VR and helped me strap on the headset.
As soon as you put on the Vive, you're in a white abyss room, kind of like the Matrix's training room, with a grey grid on the ground that sort of fades off into the distance. Now, maybe I'm just a baby, but this part somehow made me feel a little sick. I think it was something about the way the grid faded off. Like that doesn't really happen in real life with anything, and my best bet is that my brain thought I was hallucinating on something and needed to reject the hallucinogenic substance. I'm no doctor though... The screen door effect was pretty evident in the white room, but it wasn't too bad and I forgot about it pretty quickly. She asked me if I was in the white room. I said yes and she was like 'cool, I'll start you up.' The screen went black.
Then I was in another white room. The woman picked up and held the Vive controllers in front of my HMD-covered face. I reach off to grab them, and they were right where I expected them to be in space. She instructed me to walk around and pointed out the blue grid-walls that came up to represent where the actual real-world walls were. I could blow balloons out of my virtual controllers and choose different balloon colors from a color wheel on the touch pad. If you knock the balloons around the room, the velocity that you hit them affected the velocity that they traveled-- real life style. All around me there are about 10 or 15 different game title covers. It looks like I could touch the titles and open up different games, but she told me to turn around and press the yellow "play" button instead. Black screen again.
An ocean opened up. I'm on a sunken pirate ship. Fish and stingrays are swimming around and I can walk around a good radius of the poop deck. The field of view was actually much better than I had thought it would be. I really had to make myself LOOK for the edge of the screen. It definitely wasn't noticeable at all. Nearly all my peripheral vision was filled. You couldn't really interact with the ocean demo other than shewing some schools of fish away. Everything was just out of reach as a huge whale swam by me and stared into my soul. I felt pretty darn small next to the guy! After the whale almost slapped me to the ground with his tail fin, the demo faded off to black.
Then the kitchen demo! This is where it got good. I picked up my controllers and they were HANDS! Floating hands with no arms but they felt like MY HANDS! I actually pretty instantly forgot I was holding anything, tried to clap, and hit the bulky controllers together.. I had to apologize. "I'm not trying to break your controllers.." The kitchen was full of.. kitchen stuff: food, utensils, pots, cutting boards, etc. There was a white board in front of me with a soup recipe on it. I didn't really pay any attention to the instructions unfortunately. I saw a picture of a tomato on the board. "Ok. Here's a tomato. Do I have a knife?" I look behind me, grab a chef's knife, take a chop at the tomato and... the knife shatters like sugar-glass-- tomato completely unscathed. "Wha? ..Ok. They think they're being funny. Where's another knife?" I find ONE MORE knife behind me, look at it-- it's kind of a whitish color. "Oookay. This is a ceramic knife, that's why it broke. Just gotta be more careful." So, I ever so carefully tried to slice the tomato and IT FREAKING SHATTERED! “What am I supposed to do!” I tried using my hands to karate chop the tomato like that episode of Spongebob. Didn’t work, but the tomato looked like it enjoyed it. "Forget it. I don't care about this soup." I opened the fridge, grabbed a couple of mushrooms and tested my old juggling skills. I suck. One of the mushrooms landed in the soup pot. I notice that the mushroom ingredient is checked off on the white board. "OH! I just put all the ingredients in there whole!" Just like real life... I pickup a tomato, drop it, and time's up. Black screen. Crap. I'm an idiot. My wife said she actually followed the instructions and made the soup. When you're done, there's a can of tomato soup in the pot. You put the can on a plate, and the plate flys away..... just. like. real. life. She moved on to making a sandwich before her demo ended.
The art demo. It was a sleek 3D Microsoft Paint, and I could draw in there for days. It took place in a black abyss. My right controller had a pen on the end of it, while the left had a cool hologram cube with different icons on each side for brush stroke types, thickness, a color wheel, and a bunch of other options. I drew a straight line. Took a step back. Walked around it… I just drew a floating pool noodle.. Holy tits. I started drawing this really terrible looking 3D person. Gave him a big booty. Why not. I chose the rainbow stroke brush, and gave him a rainbow heart. It looked like it was pumping. IDK if the game could recognize that I drew a heart and made it pump, or if the rainbow brush just always does that. I drew a floating circle and jumped into it like it was a hoola hoop. Then I had time to play with the snow tool that sprayed gravity-affected snow flakes where ever you aimed. My demo administer lady told me that she had an actual 3D artist come in and draw a crazy spiderman model in like 3 minutes. She also said that an architect drew out a huge blueprint for a room and walked inside of it. All sounds pretty cool, and I think if I had the time, I could have done some really cool things in there.
The last demo was the one I had been waiting for: the Aperture Science demo. Everything is so detailed. It was beautiful. I wanted to live in this demo. Starts you off in a laboratory room, when a robot voice (not GLADOS) comes on and tells you to charge your power tools (your controllers). He has you do a few things like open some drawers, insulting you with the trademarked Portal sarcasm throughout. (I found the cake in the second drawer.) The voice tells you to find a red lever to open the door. After you pull it, the door lifts up and you see Peabody sitting in a waiting room reading a magazine. Then the clanky, malfunctioning, sparky robot, Atlas comes around the corner and towards you… Ok. This guy is HUGE in person. I always thought of him being about three or four feet tall, but he was about my height (I’m 5ft, 11in / 1.8m). My wife is about 6 inches shorter than me and she said Atlas was MUCH taller than her. When he was walking toward me, flailing his metal arms, it was intimidating. It felt like the ground was shaking under his weight. I wanted to stand still but my body didn’t let me. I stepped back and got out of his way. After he stopped moving though, I thought I’d try to walk into his body. What’s that like? When I tried, my body felt uncomfortable. My brain was asking me “Why are you getting so close to that thing?” When I phased through him… it was the weirdest feeling ever! My brain didn’t know how to handle it. I looked down and couldn’t see my legs (of course I didn’t have a body in the game at all, but I guess I forgot about that). I don’t know how to explain it, but it was kind of like when you see an optical illusion that doesn’t make any sense to your brain and it just quickly draws a conclusion of what’s happening— it kind of makes sense, but it kind of looks like something is wrong. It was kind of like that, but it was just the hardest thing for my brain to reason through. My senses drew like 10 different conclusions until it stopped on “Ok. Your legs are somehow painlessly missing and your torso is sitting on top of this robot. I can accept that I guess.” It was a feud uncomfortable feeling the whole time— but a cool one. It made me really want a game where you could phase through walls like a ghost. (Also, I was told that you can actually look inside of his body and see his mechanical components inside of him. It’s not just like a holo Tony Hawk Pro Skater model. The insides are actually detailed.) The voice told me to find a switch on the robot and open him up. I pulled his face open and all his components came out like Tony Stark’s hologram computer system. I could spin it all around and each piece would pop out so I could see it a little better. There were hologram instructions that told you all the extensive things you had to do to fix him and the voice told you that you had 60 seconds to finish before the robot exploded. There’s literally no way you could finish in time. The timer runs out and Atlas collapses— all his components spread across the floor. “At least he didn’t explode,” says the voice. The floor panels start to come down and swallow the robot components. Again, my brain isn’t handling this well. I look down the 7-story hole in the floor and… I want to see what it’s like to walk onto the hole. My body is like “DON’T DO IT!!” My legs feel stiff as I try to walk off of the floor. I step onto the nothingness. It takes a second. My heart rate slows a little. My brain stops screaming and says “Ok.. You’re standing on glass. Like in the Space Needle. But you’re still 7 stories up on some glass. This is still uncomfortable. Lets get back on the ground.” So I drag my feet gently back to the floor. The wall drops down and GLADOS comes out. Talking crap about how I can’t do a simple fix on a robot. Whatever mom. She leaves and all fours walls drop behind me, revealing the massive Aperture facility that I’m in. Even though I’m in this tiny room in real life, it suddenly feels like the whole world is around me. It gives me plenty of time to look at all the cool Aperture Labs surroundings while a new room is built around me with the familiar white panels from the Portal games. A companion cube flies out in front of me and I thing “Am I going to be able to shoot portals and stuff?” …Nope. The spiked ceiling comes down and crushes me. End of demo. You suck GLADOS.
The lady took off my headset, and I was genuinely bummed about being back. The world looked so dull. Granted I was in a dark black cube. But I wanted to go back so bad. My wife and I talked about the experience all day. And she’s totally on board now. Everyone says you can’t understand VR until you try it yourself, and they’re totally right. I need a VR headset now.
P.S. If you go to the Vive tour, and want to ask questions, you should know that most people there don’t work for HTC. Most are there with them only for that particular weekend. Only 3 people are traveling with the entire tour. If you have technical questions, ask for JD. But the guy didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know. I asked him if they were doing anything to fix glasses fogging in the headset. He said they’re working on something to fix it, but when I asked if it would be like a fan or something, he just said “can’t talk about that.” I asked what kind of CPU, GPU & whatnot they were using in their PC setups because I’m building a PC for VR right now. “Can’t tell you that. It would give you an idea of what our system requires, and we don’t want you to know that yet.” BUT he and everyone else were very nice and helpful. A great experience over all.
P.P.S. We got a demo before anyone else, but apparently the actual line was 4 hours long. Holy bananas.
I hope all of you can try this soon.
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2014.05.26 18:25 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I was born missing, 9 bones in my hands, both Fibulas and a short left leg (which was slightly amputated), and 4 bones in my left foot. I have yet to find something that I want to do but can't!! AMA

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Date: 2014-05-26
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Being so able bodied do you get unneeded or unwarranted sympathy and if so is it annoying? Sympathy, not so much, but I do get a lot of praise for doing what other people do normally. I wouldn't say it's annoying, maybe a little embarrassing, but it's just people expressing how they feel. I'm grateful for it, even if it is a bit uncomfortable.
I've known people with similar "disabilities" some are very gracious and work their asses off and would be mad when I offer assistance. Others feel the world owes them something. For me, just go ahead and offer. If I don't need the help, I'll politely decline and not think anything of it.
When interacting with someone who I don't know I typically wait a little and try to feel them out. If I met you out in public and saw you doing something I wouldn't expect to be easy for you what's the best course of action to offer help? Or should I not? However, that's mostly because of where I was born and raised. Offering to help people, even strangers, is a very common occurrence, so it's not abnormal to see it happen regardless of the situation.
Yeah, people often make the assumption that people with disabilities can't do things people without disabilities can. I mean once saw a blind man with 3 fingers on his hand ride a motorcycle on the back wheel. I understand how he did it, you don't need to see to have balance, but holy shit.
Small question here staycheesy says "disabilities" but OP you say there is nothing you want to do that you cant. Would then the term deformity be better? I guess, to me, it doesn't matter much. I've used both terms in the past, and neither one really gets the point across to others, until I explain it.
I'm curious because we always seem to lump so much under the term disability but what you have is not disabling. As far as medical professionals are concerned, it's a disability. Without the aid of a prosthetic limb, I wouldn't be able to walk. A deformity wouldn't necessarily need the aid of a medical device.
How did they find you? Define they.
I was making a joke actually. Your title says "I was born missing" and then further down "As the title states, I was born missing somewhere" Aahh. Then the answer is simple. They found me falling out of my mother's vagina.
Is your mother Elastigirl?! No.
Have you ever dressed up as a Ninja Turtle for Halloween? If so, which one? Donatello was my favorite, but I never dressed up as one for Halloween. I never had 3 other friends that wanted to get turtle costumes, and one lone turtle would just be ridiculous.
I hate to be a dick, but how are your shadow puppets? When I was much much younger, they were good. People could tell what they were, they could tell who's they were too. Now, they probably suck, since I'm very out of practice.
Have you ever read "We're Not Here for Your Inspiration" before? What do you think? I only got to read a small portion of it, but as far as I can tell both sides suck.
If someone isn't willing to help someone else out, especially if it's something as simple as a picture, then they can just go and sit by themselves.
At the same time, trying to make someone else feel bad because they don't want to, or don't have the means to, do something isn't cool.
Right now, in this AMA, I'm not here to tell people to do something that they think they can't, it's not my place. If anyone wants to read this and be "inspired" by it, go ahead. That wasn't my goal, but I'm not going to forbid it.
The picture themselves are just a way to make money, as with all inspirational posters. A great business venture, but I'd never buy one.
My apologies, did you make these as shadow puppets? I went around stabbing all the other kids bunnies with it too.
What's something you can't do but don't want to do anyways? Cut my left foot open and bleed by stepping on a nail.
cut your left foot open and bleed out by stepping on a Glass Cup someone left in your floor at 3 in the morning then having to pull out a 3 inch shard of glass with a pair of pliers... You really don't know what you're missing out on. I can live vicariously through others, and I'm ok with that.
You say you've yet to find something you want to do but can't, but can you see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? It's cinnamon AND sugar!!!
How did you handle any type of bullying or the like when growing up? Not anymore than the other kids in school, although they could be a little more specific to me.
One time, a kid grabbed my leg and it slipped off. He thought he pulled my leg off. He almost died, he was so scared. I thought it was hilarious. I'm even laughing about it right now...
Wow, I am laughing too. That kid must of assumed his (and your) life was over. Of that, I have no doubt.
Visualizing that made me chuckle. Edit: So.. this happened.. Pretty close, but he was as white as that background.
I have yet to find something that I want to do but can't. Three from one had, two from the other. It doesn't look cool, but it's adds up.
What about high-fiving two people at once? Did I just un-checkmate myself and checkmate you instead? I think I did. What if I don't want to? A menage a trio of high fives sounds very unsanitary.
Hello, fellow weird-armed brethren, I'm missing a limb, too! How do you play video games with three fingers, and how do you hold things? Console games, or PC games that use a controller, aren't that bad. I've been able to adapt with each new controller type that comes out (besides the blisters the first Nintendo controller was really easy to use), so I never had to jump into anything. A lot of times, I'll plan ahead. If I know I'm going to have to use a certain combination of buttons, I'll get my hands in position, if I need to. It's mostly just drawing from past experience.
Games that use a mouse & keyboard are a little different. I often use a lot of alternate keybinds for games. I also have a foot switch for those extra special occasions, mostly voice chat.
Holding things isn't bad, I normally use my fingers. But seriously, it depends on the size. Pencils, pens, and other writing utensils are very similar to everyone else. Cups, glasses, mugs depend on the size and/or handle, sometimes I just hold it by the bottom. Swords, sticks, knives are a different monster. I have a decent amount of strength in my last finger on my right hand, which is enough to hold an control all of those things. If it's too big, I just use two hands.
Follow up question. What is your preferred platform? I'm guessing PC since you have a huge variety of options for controllers on PC, but I'm curious. PC. It's more convenient to have everything in one place, and I don't have to worry about scratching a DVD, or having someone borrow it and not return it.
Can't help but ask... are you better or worse at fingering a girl? I never really asked for a comparison, but they seemed to enjoy it, so...
You should check out /bass if you don't already. They (myself included) would love to hear about your playing. What kind of bass do you play? I have an Ibanez EDB 600, an Epiphone Gothic Explorer, a crappy can't-keep-it-in-tune acoustic bass, and an old Rogue bass (my first bass).
I converted the Rogue to work with the lower 4 of a 5 string set. The nut broke when I was in college, so I went in to the machine shop and made a brass one.
My favorite is the Ibanez though. My hands are smaller, so I really enjoy the skinnier necks.
That's pretty awesome. I'm actually headed out today to get an Ibanez SR706, I like their stuff. I currently have a Yamaha RBX170. Holy hell that's a big boy, the Ibanez.
I have small hands too. Try a geddy Lee or my fave a stingray :) I've never really seen a Geddy Lee before, the bass at least.
I didn't much like the look of the Stingrays, sorry, so I never went that route. They're nice, I just didn't like the shape of the pick guard. Also, I liked having the dual pickups, so I could change the sound when I wanted.
Did you have to have a lot of surgeries? If you had any were you old enough to remember them? 5 surgeries, depending on how you count them. The first 4 happened before I can remember, and all happened relatively close together. The last one happened when I was older, and was in response to scar tissue from one of the surgeries that was causing problems.
How do you feel about Wisconsin? I find myself wondering if they know what a blinker is. Other than that, I have family and friends over there, but they like the Packers, so they're not family and friends during football season.
How are you at thumb wrestling? Sounds stupid, but I would guess that your thumbs would be stronger than an average thumb, since you don't have the other extra fingers to help out. Or am I way off? My thumb strength is the same as everyone else's. I do have a bit more leverage as my other fingers are shorter, so I can use more of my thumb to wrestle with.
BORN MISSING, THAT'S TERRIBLE, HOW DID THEY FIND YOU? They followed the scent of awesome.
What's the most difficult thing for you to do, that people who aren't missing any limbs or digits don't think twice about? Uumm, that's had to say. I've never not been this way, so I'm not entirely sure what's it's like doing any of those things from the other side.
Why not get a shower chair? I'm lazy and cheap. Seriously, I just don't want to spend the time and money to go and buy one. It would still be a pain in the ass to get in and out though. Not difficult, just a pain.
When you're typing, do you use the typical home row, or do you place your three fingers elsewhere? Home row, yes, I keep my fingers on a/s, k/l, and the space bar. Everything after that breaks the rules. My hands will cross over to the other side frequently and I usually use Shift other the opposite hand.
For baseball, what position did you play? Did you try pitching at all? I played all over the place. I was pretty young, but I do remember playing 1st Base a bit. I was never dedicated enough at practice to pitch.
Follow up to the first one: do you know what your typing speed is? Not fast enough to keep up with reddit. 5 hours and my mail box just keeps getting bigger.
Other than that, I'm not sure.
What encouraging words do you have for say to people without disabilities that have given up hope or are trying to achieve something and have failed? I am probably the worst motivational speaker in the world, but let's give it a try.
The combination of the human body and mind is limitless. There is nothing that a person can't do, or figure out a way to do, with time, patience, and practice.
Hey, I'm a Cell & Molecular Biology major and I had a couple questions more on the medical side of things. Hhmm, I can't really answer any of those, but I'll try. I'm not sure if the doctors even know. If they do, they didn't tell my parents, but would probably tell me if I asked nicely.
1) Were you born missing bones due to a heritable genetic condition? If so, what was it? There is no history in my family of any sort of genetic disorder, excluding hair loss and heart disease, as far as we know, and my grand father was able to trace his side of the family back a few generations. Other than that, the only other abnormality in my extended family is a cousin with hearing problems.
3) Are your red and white blood cell counts normal? Probably not. I've had blood tests, donated plasma, and no one has ever said anything about red or white blood cell counts. I'd hope that if they were low, some one would have mentioned it to me, but you never know.
What kind of music do you play? Rock, metal, alternative rock, 80's rock. My tastes in music, at least the stuff I play, start a bit beyond pop, and end just before death metal.
Do you listen to Arctic Monkeys? I haven't, but I'll look them up.
what about Dylan? Bob? Amazing song writer, but can't sing to save his life. I can listen to his stuff, but not for very long.
Do you know if there's a genetic/hereditary cause for why you were born missing so many bones? Was it just an error while you were developing in-utero? Happy birthday dude :) It's not hereditary, no one else in my family has anything similar. It was probably just something that happened during the pregnancy.
Who's your favorite X-Men character? Ya, toss up between him and Wolverine. Teleporting ninja vs. near immortal with claws... It's a tough one.
What is your favorite meal? It's a toss up. If I'm not making the meal, Pizza. If I am, Chicken Fajitas.
You said you play video games. What is your favorite game? And do you have special controllers, or do you use normal store bought ones? Favorite game of all time is a toss up between Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3 (the American version), now they call it Final Fantasy 6. Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends all suck(ed) up a lot of my time.
I just have normal store bought ones. I find that mice are the most difficult things to find that fit my hand correctly. I really want to try out a Razer Ouroboros, but after past disappointments I'm not willing to drop that much money on something that may not work right.
Someday, I'm going to gut my old Microsoft Intillimouse, which was the best fitting mouse I've ever used, and cram in some higher end electronics. The shape was perfect for my hand, but it was so slow.
It's expensive, but have you tried this mouse? Link to It can be adjusted to fit your hand. I have a RAT 7. I got it because it was so adjustable, and it's almost a perfect fit. It just keeps on breaking. I'm not a fan of MadCatz products anymore.
Edit: Oh they're the same almost. My boyfriend has the Mad Catz one and really likes it. It's very customizable. The first time it broke, the scroll wheel would go in random directions when I used it. The second time, it would slowly drift down and right. Now, it will randomly dart across the screen, and/or stop working until I unplug it.
I was gunna ask about league. Favorite characters? Are any of them easier for you than others? I enjoy assassins and tanks. Rengar is probably my favorite, but so hard to play in a winning fashion.
Anything with a targeted ability is always easier, but practice should help with the skill shots.
Still play WoW? What do you think about the new upcoming expansion and the 90 boosts? I'll probably play when the new expansion comes out. 90 boosts don't both me much, but some of the changes are...disappointing, some of the reasoning behind them are even more disappointing, but, I'm going to wait to pass judgement until I get to play.
What is your favorite book ? The Dark Tower series. I can't really say I have a single favorite book.
Wow, thats great. I also love Dark Tower and what your favorite or inspirational quote, especially for your life ? I can't really say that I have one. Although, I can say Duct Tape fixes everything, even a broken foot.
Aren't you often posting on /b/ (or on some board related to gaming for disabled people) ? I'm ashamed to admit, but I didn't even know those existed...
Congratulations anyway for living your life the way you do. Well, that's not entirely true. I assumed they existed, but I just don't know where.
So you don't want to have a normal skeleton? Too much work. 20% more bones to worry about? No thanks.
With the Muay Thai, isn't it almost unfair to whichever poor sod throws a leg kick that gets checked by you? Joking of course, but I am curious as to whether that issue ever comes up for you. Yup. I usually warn them before hand, but sometimes they don't listen. I very rarely throw a kick hard enough to hurt someone with that leg.
Just curious, is there a reason you chose mostly Filipino weapons arts? The Filipino arts were what my teacher knew. It was a club in college, so it was free, which helped my decision as well. Since then, our access to the Filipino arts has been wide open, so we've stuck with them.
Keep on keepin' on dude. You are an inspiration and a reminder that I need to get off my lazy able bodied ass. I wouldn't be against trying out other weapon arts, but the availability of them is the biggest hindrance.
I Take it you got bullied? if so how severely? No more than others, just more specifically.
One time, a kid grabbed my leg and it slipped off. He thought he pulled my leg off. He almost died, he was so scared. I thought it was hilarious. I'm even laughing about it right now...
That sounds pretty awesome to be honest. I really hope you played along. Oh yes. It was glorious.
How do you "slightly amputate"? Just the foot, not the whole leg.
Since you mentioned video games, does your disability in your hands aid or impair you from doing well at them? Also, I would love to play with you sometime, I love all those games! It just takes longer to learn, sometimes. my keybindings for CS were far beyond normal. No one else used them when I played.
My World of Warcraft bindings were less complex, but I had a lot of them. I use the key board for everything. I just always had to know the shortest path out of the fire so I could turn and run sideways.
League of Legends has fairly minor changes. Ctrl instead of Alt and some other small adjustments to item slots.
I probably won't play WoW again until the new expansion, but if you want to add me on League my summoner name is Thuch (NA servers).
How do you buy shoes? With money.
If 15 missing bones equals 14.8%, and now you have a total of 40 bones removed, you should have just under 40%, but you said you had 19.4%. Did you grow more bones to account for this discrepancy as you grew older? The foot came off after I was born, and as the human body grows bones fuse together.
I'm late to the party, but I hope you can reply to my comment. I used to use a pistol grip, but it turns out that wasn't working as well as I thought it was. I use my last finger to hold the sword in my hand and control it with my thumb and "middle" finger. I also use the heel of my hand for additional control.
You said that you do Italian fencing. Which grips do you use? Italian? I do modern fencing, and use a pistol grip, but I have used a French grip before. From what I understand, the way the French grip is held is comparable to that of the Italian. How do you effectively use your blade with only three fingers? Normally, you use your forefinger and thumb to grip the blade, and control it, and the other fingers to stabilize, but I don't understand how you could do that. I read once that the pistol grip was first developed to allow a man who had lost several fingers to continue fencing. So, what is your experience with this? As a fencer, I would love to know. My hand strength is still lacking, so my control goes out the window after about 30 mins.
Have you ever consider taking up brazilian jui jitzu or anything of that nature? At the school where I train/teach, we have Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, but I don't go to those classes. Part of it is because I teach another class during those classes, and part of it is because I don't like it that much. I'll jump in every-so-often, just to see if anything has changed, but it's never as enjoyable to me as other arts.
So you said you played baseball...what position? If you were a pitcher how did you change your grips? Did you use a normal mitt? No pitching. I didn't practice enough to be good at it.
I have a normal glove, but I wear a batting glove as well to make it fit better.
Hi. Fellow martial artist here. What part of your hand do you use as the striking surface? Does your anatomy put you at risk for fractures above that of a anatomically normal person? Depending on the art, and how much I want the other person to feel it, I'll either use my knuckles or palm.
I recently got a "Boxers' Fracture" due to a sloppily-thrown punch (it was the end of our fight night and, hey, I was tired -- oops!), and it occurs to me that with less bone structure to absorb/transmit the shock... Are your existing bones misshapen, or are they the same as those of a baseline human? The bones are the same, but the surrounding tissue, and their placement, are different.
Bass playing?? That's SICK. None of the above. I had horrible social anxiety when I first started playing, but that was a different issue. After forcing myself to play in public a few times, it went away.
Did you ever feel discouraged, depressed, or hopeless? If so, how did you break out of that? There is the occasional song that just doesn't want to work, so I have to spend a lot of time working on it.
Do you often pretend to be a T-Rex? i'm sorry but it's just what i would have done. Unfortunately, my arms are too long for that.
But how can they make two digits from one? Do both of the resulting digits work? I assume that there was all the components for two, and they just split it down the middle, mostly. Yes they all work.
Do you have any radiographs of your hands? I'd love to see them. (That's not supposed to sound as creepy as it does). I don't have any. My medical records probably do, but I haven't had an x-ray since I crushed my finger with a log when I was 10. They had no idea if it was broken or not.
Do you remember any adaptations being made in your physical education program that helped you a lot? If so, which ones? Thanks (from a soon to be adapted P.E. teacher)! Nope. I just avoided swimming class. I hated it, but due to not being able to use the shower facilities to wash off the chlorine, I was able to weasel my way out of that class.
I just wasn't great at some of the things we did in class. Jump rope was one of them. I could still do it, it just took a lot more practice to get better than others, which isn't all that different from other kids.
How important were your parents in your adapting to/overcoming your disabilities, developing your positive attitude, motivation to pursue your dreams, etc.? While they never really pushed me to do anything, other than playing catch (and baseball when I was young) and some outdoor activities, they never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do, unless they couldn't afford it. Which was a very rare occurrence. If we ran into something that was problematic, they'd call up the doctors and figure out a solution.
One leg was shorter than the other, so they amputated your foot? Sounds counter-intuitive compared to fixing the leg. Was your orthopedic surgeon late for a golf game? 2 inches is too much to compensate for with just orthopedics.
Seeing as a lot of people are asking about Halloween costumes, how about throwing on a horned helmet and going as Ivar the Boneless? First I've heard of him, but maybe next year.
So whats your pick up lines for the ladies?... "be nice to the hand, and the hand will be nice to you" (i used that one when i had a terrible hand injury) All I need to do is wink.
And they run away.
Damn! Bass guitar? That must be difficult with less fingers. I imagine you do things slightly differently while playing? I bet the piano would be tough... Practice, lots of practice.
I never really liked playing the piano much, so I'm not sure.
Here you mentioned having a firearm safety endorsement. What type of guns do you shoot and how do you adapt to be able to handle them? Also do you think that your situation makes it any more challenging for you to be able to safely handle a loaded firearm if one was just handed to you? Mostly rifles. No adaption needed to shoot them, or shotguns.
Due to my hands, it's harder for my to get to the trigger, so it's difficult for me to accidentally pull it.
As I do both of these, how do you find playing LoL and how do you find martial arts? Do you have a problem making a fist, and are you able to kick things full force? LoL is fine. Mainly I'm held back by not knowing how to play the champions well enough, or knowing the match-ups. (Except Teemo/Rengar, I hate Teemo)
Making a fist is fine, and my knuckles actually stick out more than normal, so it hurts others more. I do have to watch my thumb, as I can hit with it if I'm not careful.
I can kick things full force, but I tend to hold back a lot on people because I could very well chip, or fracture, a bone with it.
How did you feel about Oscar Pistorius being able to compete in both the paralympics as well as the summer olympics? Do you think he had an unfair advantage? I think he should probably pick one and go with it, just not both.
I don't know if I'd call it an unfair advantage, more like double dipping. Kind of like playing baseball in two different leagues at the same time, just without the paycheck.
Can you use chop sticks? Yes. It took some practice though.
How's your skiing? We have an awesome adaptive program at my mountain, not that I'm sure you need it or anything, but know you would enjoy it. I was good when I was younger. Black Diamond was the worst we had locally, and I could handle it just fine. Moguls never happened, tried them twice, failed twice, never went back.
My S/O's brother was born with his knees fused (he can't bend his legs at the knee), his hands backwards (he had surgery to correct this), and has two fingers and a thumb on each hand like yourself and 4 toes on each foot. He just turned 11 but is the size of a 4/5 year old. He was adopted as a baby and l don't think much is known about his biological family. He's at the age where kids can be cruel about his differences but luckily he hasn't experienced any bullying yet. Any advice for how we can help him cope/deal with such a circumstance if it ever comes about? Everyone says this, and it's the most difficult thing to do, but ignore it because it really doesn't matter. To a kid in grade school and/or high school, that doesn't seem like much of an option, but once that time is passed, it doesn't mean much of anything.
The absolute best advice I can really give is to make some good friends with people that you trust.
There's always going to be someone that feels the need to be mean because they can, but why should the one person who's being an ass be the one who's opinion matters? No one realizes that as a kid, neither did I. It took me until I was an adult to understand that.
Getting through that awkward time in life is difficult, but if you're around people you know and trust, it makes it easier.
Did you go to school in Eau Claire, WI? You look strikingly similar to a kid I went to school with who also had a "claw" type hand. I do not, but I do have a cousin that lives there. He's much older than I am though, and has all of his fingers.
So why did they amputate your foot? You said it was because of the difference in length. Would a shoe insert not have been a better option? Legitimately curious here. Thanks. It was a difference of a couple of inches.
In terms of MMA do the missing bones cause your gripe to be weaker or strong then a person with a full skeletal structure? Also rock on not letting stuff hold you back! I've adjusted my grip so that it end up being as strong as anyone else, or at least, as effective.
Was everything healthy during your mothers pregnancy? As far as I know, yes.
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